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Mr. J. Monroe Gray

Paulding New Era
28 Feb 1884
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Mr. Monroe Gray, Justice of the Peace of Humphrys district, in this county, died of typhoid fever Thursday evening about two o’clock.  Mr. Gray leaves a wife and three children, and numerous friends and relatives, to mourn his loss. 

The New Era, in common with the entire community, extends its sympathies to the bereaved family.


15 May 1884

J.M. Gray, Esq., who departed this life February 28th, 1884, was faithfully attended by his physician, Dr. Foster.  But it pleased God to take his own to himself, to which he was perfectly reconciled while he was expiring on soft and downy pillows.  He called to his loving wife, who was trying to hide her inward anguish, and said: “Weep not for me, follow my footsteps; raise my children right; pay my just debts and may we all meet in heaven where we’ll be able to sing the song of Moses and the lamb.”  His father was present though he was burdened with a load of years and grief.  He talked to him some questioning him to look after the welfare of his wife and children.  He bid his neighbors and friends farewell who were present; returned his thanks to them for waiting on him so faithfully, and said he wanted Bro. Moon to exercise at the grave.  We heard him say he wanted case, but God’s will be done and not mine.  We have been acquainted with J.M. Gray from his youth.  He was about 34 years of age, six of which was spent in following the footsteps of Jesus.  He indeed adorned the profession he made by a God like walk and a pious conversation.  We believe he was one that fought the good fight, that kept the faith; was ready to be delivered up and receive the crown God gives to all who loves His appearing.  He appeared to welcome death, which is the gate to endless joy.  The widow is living with her only brother, who is cheerfully looking after her interest as he was requested to do by the deceased.  Mr. Charley Baggett is certainly complying with his request.  –A Friend.



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