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Green, Jim

The Daily Constitution
Atlanta, GA
January 12, 1895
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Green, Jim

Wanted for Murder. Emma Hale, a young mulatto woman, who is wanted in Paulding county for murder, was brought to Atlanta last night by Deputy Sheriff Furr, who captured her yesterday morning in Jonesboro. She will be taken to Dallas this morning, where she will be tried with her husband for the murder of Jim Green.

The killing of Green was one of the most mysterious crimes ever committed in the mountains of north Georgia. He was a well known and highly respectable negro farmer, who lived several miles from Dallas. In politics he was known to have much influence among his race.

About the middle of September last he suddenly disappeared. It was supposed by his family that he had gone to another county to visit relatives, but weeks passed and he failed to return.

Then his friends suspected foul play and every effort was made to secure some clue as to what had become of him. He was last seen the man said that he was going over to see Hamp Hale, an old negro man who lived a few miles from his farm. since that night nothing has been seen of him, but Hale and his wife, who was much younger than her husband, declared that he had not been there and said that they had not seem him that night. Nothing was ever heard of King, but the negroes suspected Hale and his wife, as it was known that they had had dealings with the missing man which had caused bad feeling.

About December 1st a discovery was made that threw the whole neighborhood into a frenzy of excitement. A small colored boy while crossing an old field not far from the house where hale lived found the remains of a man who seemed to have been dead several months in a deep gully. the news spread and the negroes from miles around flocked to the place to see what had been identified from the clothes as the skeleton of Jim Green.

When examined by the coroner’s jury it was found that the skull had been crushed in seemingly with an ax or some blunt weapon. Hale and his wife were arrested at once, but the jury ordered the woman released, as there was nothing to show that she was connected with the murder. Immediately after her acquittal she left the county and it was not known in what direction she had fled.

This flight confirmed the suspicions of those who thought that she had helped kill Green and the sheriff was ordered to located and rearrest her. Deputy Sheriff Furr got on her track, and learning that she was staying near Jonesboro, left for that place. He found her yesterday.

The woman is far above the ordinary darky, both in her appearance and her manner. She denies that she had anything to do with the killing, but her account will criminate her husband and put his neck in peril. “I didn’t kill Green,” she said last night. “My husband might have done it, but I didn’t know anything about it. Green was at our house that night and I heard my husband cuss him and tell him to leave. That was all I heard. My husband left the house that night after Green had left, but I can’t say where he went. “The next day he said he had done a thing that he was sorry for, but I didn’t ask him any questions. It must have been that murder that he was talking about. It couldn’t have been anything else. That woman said that Green had been living at their house and her husband had driven him away because of jealousy.” She will be carried back to Paulding this morning.

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