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Floyd Hagin

Paulding New Era

1 Aug 1884

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In Memoriam. 

It becomes my sad duty to record the death of little Floyd Hagin, son of Mr. G. W. and Mrs. June(?) Hagin, who live almost one mile from Huntsville, P.O. Paulding county, Ga.  Floyd died on the 27th of this month.  He was five years old. 

He was the first born, kind and loved by all who knew him.  I was his literary instructor a week before he was taken sick. 

He was a child of bright ideas, and an intelligent mind.  He was loved by all his schoolmates.  But alas He was taken from our midst for some purpose, we know not what. Yes!  Heaven hath __ its own.  There is a sudden change from this world of care unto the great white throne.

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