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Cuma Hitchcock

Paulding New Era
13 Mar 1885
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A Shocking Accident.  One of the most heart wrenching accidents which we were ever called upon to chronicle, occurred on the plantation of Squire Jesse Hitchcock, in Pumpkinvine district, last  Monday evening.  A new ground was being burned off, and the family were watching the fire to keep it from doing any mischief.  At one point it followed up the dry leaves and sedge till it reached the fence.  Cuma, the fourteen year old daughter of Squire Hitchcock, observed it and started to climb over the fence to arrest its progress.  When she was on the fence the flames leaped up and caught her skirts.  When she realized that her clothing was on fire she became panic stricken and ran screaming towards the house. 

Her mother and sister Lee, aged sixteen, ran to her assistance, and succeeded in stripping the burning garments from her, but in doing so had their hands and arms badly burned.  She was taken to the house and Dr. W.C. Connally sent for.  When the doctor arrived he found that the condition of Cuma was very critical, at least two-thirds of the surface of her whole body being burned to a crisp, and that the right hand of Lee was so badly burned that it would be deformed if not entirely lost, while Mrs. Hitchcock’s hands were painfully burned.  He dressed the burns, and administered all the known remedies to relieve the pain.  Cuma lingered in great pain till Wednesday evening, when death came to her relief.  The others are doing as well as could be expected.

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