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Mr. James Hogan

Paulding New Era
May 28, 1886
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Mr. James Hogan, an old and highly respected citizen of Paulding county, died from cancer on the 25th inst. He was interred at New Hope on Wednesday with Masonic honors.

June 25, 1886

Dallas Lodge, No 182. F.A.M. June 12, 1886.  To the W. Master and Brothers of the craft.  Your committee appointed on the 25th of May last to prepare a suitable memorial on the life and character of our deceased brother James Hogan, who departed this life on the 26th ult., of our Lodge, beg leave to present the following reports.  Another one of our Brotherhood is dead.  Once more the Masonic robes have given place to the winding sheet and the pale habiliments of the grave.  From this vigilant and active earthly Lodge, one more brother's body has gone down to the dismal confines of the narrow house, and his spirit from rendering service in this our earthly Lodge has gone to the celestial Lodge above to receive his reward from the great master of the universe.  Brother James Hogan is no more, yet in our memories he still has an abiding place, and in this Lodge where all of his active labors were performed we come to offer to his memory the sincere tribute of brotherly love and esteem, and let it go down to the craft who may come after us along with the  record he has made form himself and our order.  

He was born in Union county, S.C., and made this county his home by adoption several years before the late war, and many years ago was here made a mason.  He had two wives to precede him to that land from whence no traveler has ever returned.  His last wife survives him, together with several children, to mourn his loss.  He was near seventy-three years of age at the time of his death and was also a consistent member of the M.E. church, where he was a devoted member and brother.  In his death we are reminded that the individual members of our craft may die, but that the tenets of our order still live.  Many who witnessed his first work as a Mason have gone like him to the celestial Lodge above, but still the principles he and they loved so well are practiced by us and a host of our fellow men all over the inhabited globe; and we hope will be as long as one worthy man can be found in search of light.

 Our brother was laid to rest with Masonic honors at New Hope church, on the 26th day of May, 1886, at his own desire and request; and , in conclusion, we can only point to him with pride as a model for the imitation of the younger members of the craft.  Resolved, that in the death of Brother James Hogan this lodge has lost a shining mark, the church a devoted Christian, and our state and county an honest citizen.  Resolved further, that this report be entered upon the minutes of this lodge.  Respectfully Submitted, J.M. Spinks, J.R. Moon, W.I. Fain.

June 26, 1886

(L.L. Vernon to probate the will of James Hogan)

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