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Mrs. Betsy Hudson

Paulding New Era
21 Feb 1884
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Mrs. Wesley Hudson fell dead from her chair last Saturday night.  It is not known what was the cause.


A Sudden Death.  Written for the New Era. 

Old Aunt Betsy Hudson, the wife of old Uncle Wesley Hudson, on the 16th of this inst.

After eating her supper as heartily as usual, went into the other room and took her seat by the fire and struck her feet out to warm them, and told some of the family to hand her the camphor.  The old man reached on the mantle and gave her the camphor bottle.  She swallowed a little of it and it seemed to strangle her.  The old man turned off to weaken the camphor a little, and she was dead in five minutes. 

She was an old mother that everybody liked that was acquainted with her.  She had been a consistent and orderly member of the church to something like fifty years, and was a devoted Christian, and while she is dead here and taken from our midst we believe that she is alive spiritually, though we all sympathize with old Uncle Wesley and all the bereaved family.

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