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Andrew E. McBrayer

Carroll Free Press November 8, 1889

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The Late Andrew E. McBrayer

Mr. Andrew Erwin McBrayer, one of the oldest citizens of this section, died at his home near Draketown, Ga., Ocotober 29, 1889.

He settled on Sweetwater Creek, near Villa Rica, more than sixty years ago. He raised a large family, of whom six sons and two daughters are living in this community.

Through all his long life he was respected and honored by all who knew him. A self-reliant man who set no traps to catch success but went straight on in his plain duty; his whole life characterized by a remarkable fidelity to principle.

When about to die he called his children around him and advised them to live in this life for a better life in eternity. Only a few minutes before he died he said: "Boys, I can help you no more. Do right."

It was fitting that the last words of "Andy" McBrayer shoud be "do right." The watch words of his life, the "key note" of a character upon which no stain of dishonesty rests. His life was a rebuke to the evil, an inspiration to the upright. Though gone from earth we cannot say he is dead. Such men never die. He assisted all his children in getting comfortable homes and left an estate to be divided among them; but the inheritance left to them of which they have reason to be proud, prouder than all else, is the inheritance of a good name. "As honest as Andy McBrayer," was considered in the community in which he lived as the highest attainment of integrity and to be His friend was a recommendation to any man.

Though not a member of the church and never a professing christian---this, perhaps, the only serious mistake of his life; for his life, useful as it was, might have been infinitely more so, had he openly and before man acknowledged his God. Yet, it seems impossible that he could have lived as he did had he not been influenced by the grace of God, and those who knew him best, and loved him most, can but believe that he whose rule of action through life was "DO RIGHT" not for policy's sake but because it was right; is safe--resting in a country inhabited by those who in this life "walked uprightly, worked righteousness and spoke the truth in their hearts." He loved his own southern land and native state with a devotion which only a true patriot can love.

Living as he did near the lines of Carroll, Paulding and Haralson counties each claimed him as her citizen and they all mourn together over their loss.

His life and character are the heritage alike of his children, his community, his county, his state, and his country--and they are poorer when he is gone. Sleep on, thou pure patriot, upright man.

When those who knew him, respected him and honored him, pass the grave of his sleeping they will say: "Here lies a man who never wronged his fellow man." W.B.C.

Villa Rica, Ga., Nov. 4th, 1889

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