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Mr. John C. Pool

Paulding New Era

10 Apr 1884

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Mr. John C. Pool died on the 7th instant, after a short illness.  He was a good citizen.  If he had an enemy we don’t know it.  He leaves a wife and two children, and many friends and relatives to mourn his loss.  Silas Stubb [or Stubs].


17 Apr 1884

Tribute of Respect to the Memory of Mr. John C. Pool.  John C. Pool was the son of Squire C.A., and Rachel Pool, (a daughter of Dr. Charles Bookout(?)).  He was born Oct, 30th, 1860 and raised in Paulding county, Georgia.  His parents say when a child he was obedient, industrious and kind; at all times doing their bidding with delight.  In school he was an untiring worker, and knew no such word as fail; confided in his teacher, respected his class-mates and they in turn respected him.  He was strictly speaking, moral, drank no spirits of any kind, used tobacco in no way, never swore an oath nor used a ___ word, kept good company, went to church regularly, and rarely engaged in any of the frivolities common with young men.  While young he realized two important facts.  First, I can be a man; second, life is what we make it.  At the age of 20 years he married Miss M.J.S. Vaughn, daughter of Mr. Randolph Vaughn, ex-Tax Collector of Paulding county, and began life as a farmer.  He joined the Baptist church at New Canaan in August 1880, was baptized by Rev. J.S. Reynolds and soon made church clerk by acclamation, which position he held at his death.  He was taken sick Tuesday, April the first, and grew worse rapidly until Monday, April 7th, 8 o’clock, P.M., when he breathed his last.  His suffering was very great, yet he bore it with Christian fortitude.  Amid them all he said to his father: “All is well with me pa.”  Thus passed away the obedient child; the untiring student; the moral youth; the God fearing man.  The affectionate father and faithful husband, at the age of twenty-four years, passed away leaving a wife and two small children.  The writer has known him a long while, and all things considered, but few men have lived a life so more and unsullied as John C. Pool.  He was buried at New Canaan church Tuesday, the 8th inst. at 3 o’clock p.m. after short services by Z. Land, in the presence of a large congregation of relatives and special friends.  In conclusion I tender my kindest sympathies to the stricken wife, bereaved parent and friends.  W.A. Ragsdale.

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