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Johny Pool

Paulding New Era

10 Apr 1884

Transcribed by: 

Johny Pool. 

Death has invaded another happy home and selected as a victim Johny Pool, son of Squire C.A. Pool, of California district.  This visit by the enemy was quite sudden, and did its work quickly.  On the evening of April 7th, 8 p.m., Johny breathed his last.  I stood over him and watched death do its work.  It seemed to me that I could almost hear the rustling of the wings of angels as they pressed in taking Johny quickly off to God.  In an earthly view of the case, it would seem a sad thing for one giving such promise of a happy, useful life, to die so soon; but He who gave has taken away, and He doeth all things well.  I have known Johny from a boy – lived in three hundred yards of him eleven or twelve years ago.  He was a good boy.  I left the district, but watched Johny.  He continued good to manhood and to death; and I can now say, when all is over, his path had as few crooked ways as any, and I believe he is today with God.  God often taketh his own to himself early.  We too must die. –A Friend.

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