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Mr. John Shirah

Paulding New Era

13 June 1884

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One of the most horrible accidents which we have ever been called upon to chronicle, occurred at Mr. John Wood’s residence, about three-and a half miles from Dallas, last Saturday evening. 

Mr. John Shirah, a young man about twenty-one years of age and son of Mr. Michael Shirah, went over to Mr. Wood’s that evening to see a young many that lived there on business.  He had a musket loaded with shot with him.  He called at the yard fence and Mr. and Mrs. Wood came to the door.  He placed his gun in front of him with the but resting on the ground and put his foot in the crack of the fence and stood in that position and talked to Mr. and Mrs. Wood. 

When he was ready to start, he took his foot from the crack of the fence, and in bringing it to the ground it struck the hammer of the gun and raised it sufficiently to cause it to be discharged.  The charge entered the upper part of his mouth, and tore off his lip, nose, and the whole of the front portion of his head.  He fell and was taken up and carried to his home, where he lingered for several hours and died. 

He was buried in the Barry Gann cemetery, near Pumpkinvine church.  The sad accident has shocked and cast a gloom over the whole community.

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