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Mr. John Story’s only son

Paulding New Era
24 May 1883
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A Sad Accident.  Last Sabbath evening, after Sabbath school closed at County Line church, near the line of Cobb and Paulding, Mr. John Story’s only son, aged about 13 years, was drowned in Story & Lewis’s gin pond.  It ___that  Charley Brooks went home with Mr. Story’s son from Sabbath school, and they agreed to go down to the pond where they found other boys, none of whom could swim, neither could Story’s.  Story’s son waded in till all at once he came to a place where the water was over his head, there he drowned.  All the boys except Charley Brooks ran home at once, he conveyed the sad news to the drowned boy’s aged mother, who was at home sick; it is feared that the shock will cause her death.  The body remained under water about an hour before being taken out. 

Little boys, do not venture into deep water, lest you might meet the said fate of young Story.  He is dead – so more is embrace a kind and loving father and mother here on earth.  We extend our kind condolence to the bereaved family.

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