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Mr. John Worthan

Paulding New Era

1 May 1884

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His many friends were sorry to learn of the death of Mr. John Worthan, youngest son of Rev. Duncan Worthan, of Nebo P.O., this county.  He died this (Thursday) morning.  Mr. Worthan was about twenty-two years of age, of good character, and beloved by his many acquaintances.  His death resulted from pneumonia.


8 May 1884

John Worthan, of this place, youngest son of Rev.D. and Malinda Worthan, departed this life on the 30th day of April, 1884 in the 22nd year of his age, and was interred at Bethany church cemetery on May the 1st.  The funeral services were conducted by Rev. J.B. Reynolds in a solemn and impressive manner.  It is with feelings of unfeigned sadness that we note, one by one, the silent passage of those with whom we have mingled in the associations of life, from earth to their long home.  We today hold communion with those we love and cherish; tomorrow we miss them.  We ask for them and the answer comes that they are dead.  Yes, they are gone.  The heart that once pulsated with the loftiest emotions that throbbed responsive to the cords of affection of love and friendship is now forever still.  How true that death rides upon every passing breeze and lurks in every hidden flower.  None can escape its withering breath; none elude its blighting power.  The fist has gone forth that all must die.  We know not the day, the month, the hour.  “Be ye also ready.”  Yes, Johny Worthan is gone; his cheerful voice will be no more heard amongst us.  He may have had his faults (and who has not?) but it is certain that he possessed many noble traits of character which endeared him to his many friends and acquaintances.  He was dutiful and affectionate to his parents and kind and obliging to his brothers and sisters.  During his severe illness he had every attention that devoted parents and fond relatives and many friends could give, but the Lord, whose ways to us are mysterious, called him hence.  May the good Lord of His infinite goodness and mercy comfort, console and sustain the aged parents in this, their sad bereavement is the sincere prayer of the writer.  Nebo, Ga May 6, ’84, W.R.O.

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