Tragedy in the Canaday Family

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The Atlanta Constitution
10 July 1912:

45 are Poisoned at Big Reunion;
4 Victims are Dead

Seasoning Mixed in Zinc Tub Causes Tragedy in the Canaday Family

Twenty-Five Others are in a Critical Condition

Tillman Canady, Henry Covona, Mrs. Faircloth and Her Child Dead -- Other
Deaths May Follow -- Dinner Held at Mac Canady's Home, Near Garfield, Ga.

Augusta, Ga. July 9 -- Four persons are dead and forty-one others are ill
as a result of being poisoned at a dinner at the home of Mac Canady, near
Garfield, Ga, on the fourth of July, according to information that reached
here tonight.

The poisoning resulted from mixing a seasoning containing black pepper and
vinegar in a zinc tub, and used on barbecued meat at a reunion of the
Canady family.

The Canady family and connections are among the most prominent and well-to-
do people of Emanuel county.

Appeal has been made to the city hospital in Augusta for assistance, the
appeal stating that twenty-five members of the Canady family are in a
critical condition. Four trained nurses, all the hospital could spare at
the time for emergency calls, were rushed to Summertown, and will be taken
through the country to the Canady home.

A long-distance phone message from Garfield tonight says the total number
poisoned is forty-five, of whom the dead to date are H. Tillman Canady,
Henry Covona, of Wesley, Ga; Mrs. Faircloth, a daughter of Mac Canady, and
her child. Seven others can't recover, according to the physicians' statements.

All of the victims are members of the Canady family.

Tillman Canady died Saturday, and Mrs. Faircloth and her child died
yesterday. Thirteen members of the family of Mac Canady are seriously ill,
while Ben Canady is in a critical condition. Every member of the latter's
family is sick.

Every person who partook of the dinner is suffering from taking poisoned
food and some of them are said to have but slight chance of recovery.
Others, while ill, are not considered to be desperately sick.

So far no legal investigation has been started, due to the fact that
practically every member of the Canady family is now concerned with saving
the lives of those critically ill.

None of the help around the Canady home has been suspected and, so far as
has been ascertained, none has left the community.

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