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Upson County, in west central Georgia, was established by an act of the state legislature on December 15, 1824. The Treaty of Indian Springs (1821) between the United States and the Creek Indians gave the government the land that extended from the Ocmulgee River to the Flint River through middle Georgia. Upson County was created from Pike and Crawford counties. Many settlers were drawn to the area by the lottery system used to settle the acquired lands. The state's fifty-ninth county was named in honor of the noted Georgia lawyer Stephen Upson (1784/5-1824) just four months after his death. It is also the birthplace of John B. Gordon (1832-1904), a major general in the Confederate army and a governor of Georgia.

The Old Alabama Stagecoach Road, a well-traveled stagecoach and wagon-freight line between Augusta and Columbus, ran from the northeastern section of Upson County, crossing the Flint River at Double Bridges in the southwest. Double Bridges is the site where two bridges spanned either side of Owen's Island in the middle of the Flint River; a brief Civil War cavalry skirmish took place there. On April 18, 1865, Union raiders began three days of devastation in Upson County. Major General James Harrison Wilson's cavalry was headed toward Macon; its task was to destroy the agricultural and industrial facilities in the South. Fifty men of the First Battalion Georgia Cavalry Reserves stood to defend the bridges. The defenders fired a few scattered shots at the larger Union forces before fleeing. Homes were pillaged and burned, and several factories were destroyed, including the Waymanville cotton mill.

Source: CVIOG



Cities and towns

  • Hannahs Mill
  • Lincoln Park
  • Salem
  • Sunset Village
  • Thomaston  (County Seat)
  • Yatesville

County Courthouse
P.O. Box 889
Thomaston, GA 30286-0012
Phone: (706)647-7012

Probate Office
P.O. Box 906
Thomaston, GA 30286-0012
Telephone: (706) 647-7015


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