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Cemeteries of Turner County Georgia

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This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.
Mary E. Ross 
Mrs. J. I. Clements 
Mary Jane Fletcher 
William J. Fletcher 
James Walton Fletcher Rebecca Fletcher (child) 
Elbert Fletcher (child) 
Mary J. Clements 
Walter Lee Fountain (child) 
Charlotte E. Dyess 
Mary E. Rouse 
Catherine Ross (child) 

Mrs. Emma Farmer 
James Woodruff 
Louisa Woodruff 
   (name given as Mrs. Woodruff)

Mrs. Laura Coker 
Mr. Roscoe Gentry 
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arrington 
Mrs. Dora Farmer 
Mrs. Cora Farmer 
Mrs. L. I. Waller 
Mr. and Mrs. Dilmos Maddox 
Mr. Parham 
Mrs. Rebecca Fletcher 
Mrs. Powell 
Mr. Charlie Wynn 
Mrs. Flossie Harris 
Audrey Lucile Harris (child) 
Mrs. Ola Bruton (Mrs. Bruton) 
Mr. John Nelson  Mrs. Mary Nelson}Mr. & Mrs. J. C. Nelson
Mr. Charley Crow 
Mr. George Day 
Miss Maude Ross 
Mrs. Mamie Arnold 
Mr. Fraser 
Mrs. Hudgens 
Miss Opal Thompson 
These are those stones that were marked J. C. C. and A. M. C. 
J. C. Clyatt 
Mrs. J. C. Clyatt 
Mrs. Kelly 
Mr. Johnson (known as Hog eye) 

Elizabeth, wife of W. M. Massey, born Sept. 28, 1841, married July 20,1862, died Sept. 10, 1911. 
Charles Napoleon Massey, born Sept. 12, 1877, died March 12, 1894, son of Eliz. 
Aaron Massey, son of W. H. and M. Massey, born June 24, 1896, died Aug. 19, 1896. 
William Abbott, born Jan. 5, 1902, died June 2, 1902. 
Mary Lizzie Massey, born Dec. 2, 1898, died Feb. 19, 1905. 
Four graves near Massey lot, one in front, three on side of Massey lot, and three graves between Massey and Law. 
Lillie Ethel Law, born Apr. 15, 1895, died April 7, 1898. 
Georgia Susanne Law, born March 28, 1894, died March 28, 1894. Children of R. D. Law. 
I. F. Ward, born Feb. 25,1827, died March 4,1896. 
Another grave by his side; think it is his wife's. 
W. J. Story, born Oct. 28, 1887, died Jan. 24, 1898. 
Adeline Story, wife of W. J. Story, died May 4, 1889, 57 years old. 
Liddy Royal, born 1810, died March 1, 1881. 
Miller Story, son of W. A. and Susie Story. 
A child's grave near there 1885. 
John R. Zorn, born Nov. 25, 1864, died July 25, 1905. 
Five graves nearby, ask S. C. Zorn or Mann Zorn. 
Marchman family, four graves. 
Isaac A. Dunn, son of I. L. and E. S. Dunn, born Nov. 19, 1878, died May 15, 1889. 
Manasseh Henderson, born Jan. 1, 1814, died June 18, 1878. 
Mary Henderson, born July 8, 1819, died Jan. 4, 1910. 
Charlie , soldier returning from Civil War, 21 years' old, taken ill near home of Manasseh and Mary E. Henderson, cared for at their home, died and was first person buried in this cemetery. 
G. W. Haman, born Feb. 12, 1837, died June 8, 1884. 
Son of A. B. and Mary Wells, born May, 1890, died June 18, 1890. 
Mary J. Haman, daughter of George W. and Mary J. Haman, born Feb. 26, 1872, died Jan. 31, 1878. 
Rebecca Jane Taylor, born Mar. 16, 1875, died June 9, 1876. 
Annie Bell Newton, daughter of E. J. and M. T. Newton, born July 2, 1892, died August 28, 1893. 
Jefferson Newton, born March 4,1867, died Dec. 9,1897. 
James Homer, son of E. J. and E. T. Newton, born Aug. 8, 1891, died Aug. 24, 1891. 
Lieu Ellen, daughter of E. J. and M. T. Newton, born Jan. 25, 1889, died Sept. 18, 1889. 
Son of J. A. and I. J. Barry, born Oct. 25, 1901, died Nov. 15, 1901. 
Joel C. Newton, son of D. J. and R. A. Newton, born July 20, 1877, died Aug. 29, 1897. 
Perry Davie, son of E. J. and M. T. Newton, born May 29, 1894, died Sept. 15,1898. 
Annie, daughter of J. A. and I. J. Barry, born Sept. 8,1900, died Dec. 8,1900. 
Infant of J. A. and I. J. Barry, born Dec. 3,1896, died Dec. 4,1896. 
Elizabeth Newton, born Aug. 6, 1871, died Oct. 30, 1898. 
Next two children's grave. 
Lucius Narbey, son of W. M. and M. D. Barbee, born Nov. 18, 1894, died Feb. 15, 1895. 
Infant twin sons of M. T. and M. E. Nipper, born and died Jan. 19, 1881. 
Plez, son of M. E. and M. T. Nipper, born July 27, 1884, died Dec. 22, 1887. 
Infant daughter of J. R. and A. B. Pailey, born and died Jan. 27, 1886. 
Susan Williamson, born Nov. 30, 1824, died April 14, 1890, weight 297 pounds. 
Lucinda A. Weaver, born July 2, 1840, died May 25, 1882. 
Joe Hardin, grave mother, father and child. 
Annie Laura, wife of J. B. Harden, born June 25, 1875, died Mar. 10, 1895. 
Three graves off to one side, infant, no mark, three graves near Boles. 
Josephine Boles, born July 5, 1836, died Sept. 20, 1903. 
Benajmaine Boles, born Aug. 5, 1884, died Feb. 8, 1910. 

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