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Dooly County Georgia
Marriages of Dooly County Georgia 


This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.

Married by:
J.P.-- Justice of the Peace
M. G.-- Minister of the Gospel
J. I. C.-- Justice of the Inferior Court

Underlined names are linked to an image of the marriage document.


Dooly County was obtained by a treaty with the Indians in 1821. It was surveyed by William Oliver.

The first court was in a place where Vienna is now located but was soon moved to Drayton, but was again moved to the original site and the town was named Vienna. 

The court-house was burned in 1850 and but few records were preserved. 

Prominent among other citizens of Dooly in civil and political affairs are found the names of early citizens of our territory: Fords, Fillyaws, Collins, Grahams, Rev. William Pate, Elijah B. Pate, Jas. D. Pate, Rev. Warren Dykes, Rev. Isaac Hobby, William Eldridge, and others 


Some information of old pioneer citizens of what is now Turner County, but was then Dooly: 

Elijah B. Pate and James D. Pate were the sons of Rev. William Pate, Revolutionary soldier, whose grave was marked by the Knox Conway Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution. Both Elijah and James Pate were men of wealth and wisdom for that day. Their advice on all matters was freely sought and as a rule, carefully followed. Elijah B. Pate was a noted Bible student. Hon. John S. Pate, son of Elijah B. Pate, late of Cordele, was a successful business man of sterling character. 

James D. Pate died at the age of forty-seven and his son Bennett Pate, a life long citizen of this territory, was considered by a great host of citizens to have been the best informed man in Wilcox County.

Col. J. H. Pate, of Ashburn, son of the late B. S. Pate and grandson of James D. Pate, is a prominent lawyer and stockman. 

S. E. Pate and Arthur Pate. prominent business men of the Amboy district, are the sons of Bennett Pate. Rev. John Ben Pate, writer of this history, is also a son of Bennett Pate. 

Polly Ann Story, who married Alfred Davis, was a daughter of Samuel Story and a granddaughter of Rev. William Pate. She was the mother of two of Turner County's most prominent citizens, D. H. Davis, a man noted for intelligence as well as wealth, and Rev. J. J. Davis, who has done a remarkable work in the ministry and scores of churches are the monuments to his zeal. She was also the grandmother of Col. A. J. Davis, business man and fanner. 

Samuel Story, about 1855, moved to Worth County and his progeny is numerous, filling various offices of trust, among whom are Dr. W. L. Story, H. L. Story, Alex Story, Sr., Alex Story, Jr., Sheriff of Turner County, and John J. Story, prominent attorney and City Clerk for a number of years. 

Rev. William Pate married Tempty Parkerson. 
Elijah Bennett Pate married Mary Smith. 
James D. Pate married Jency Moore. 
Maxie Pate married Miss Katie Holt. 
Josiah Fillyaw married a Miss Register. 

The Dooly County records were all burned in 1847 and the following dates of marriages are approximated: 
1835-Richard Story - Sarah Willis; Joe Wheeles - Jane Lambert. 
1845-Mr. Dixon - Nancy Story. 
1846-Alfred Davis - Polly Ann Story; Mr. Potts - Polly Dykes; Elijah Pate - Nancy Nipper. 
1860-Alf Newell- Lucenda Pate. 
Rev. Warren Dykes married a Mrs. Simpson who had three daughters, who married as follows: 
1851-Rev. Isaac Hobby - Harriet Simpson, Warren Dykes, M. G. 
1857-Jesse Hobby - Liza Simpson, William King, J. P. 
1860-William Hobby - Miss Simpson. 

Rev. Isaac Hobby moved to Worth County, lived to a ripe old age, and was a successful pastor of country churches. 


1848--Rev. J. R. Fields - Nancy Jordan; Accus Bass - Milanda Houston. 
1848--Isaac Ward - Martha Simmons, J. G. Oliver, J.P. 
1848--Richard Musselwhite - Sarah A. Story, J. Brown. J. P. 
1849--William Mercer - Nancy Story, Jas. Brown, J. P. 
1849--Alex Story - Nancy Watson, J. Brown. J. P. 
1849--Simon Royal - Ann Musselwhite. Eli Fenn. J. P. 
1849--John B. Royal- Jincy Story. Eli R. Fenn, J. P. 
1849--Thos. Musselwhite - Caroline Fulghum. J. Brown. J. P. 
1849--William Jackson Story - Adeline Royal, J. Brown, J. P. 
1850--Jas. C. Fillyaw - Anna Horn, James G. Oliver. 
1850--Isaac M. Young - Mary Ann Blanchard, James Young, J. P. 
1852--Ashley Thos. Wade - Atha Catolone Royal, William Greer, J. P. 
1852--James Eldridge - Annie Musselwhite, J. L. Thompson, J. P. 
1852--Jesse Taylor - Eliza Jane King, John Nipper, J. P. 
1853--Hardy Tippett - Nancy Holt, Larken Joiner, M. G. 
1853--Whitehurst Cason - Sarah Ann Taylor, Thos. Musselwhite, J. P. 
1854--William Woodward - Tabitha Walls, Alex Story, J. P. 
1854--Rev. J. W. Mashburn - Nancy Wilcox, Thos Aldridge, M.G. 
1854--R. Bullington - Eliza Joiner, Larkin Joiner, M. G. 
1856--Wm. Green Blanchard - Nancy Eldridge, J. L. Warren, J.P. 
1857--Ben Pitts - Jane Brown, B. B. Hamilton, J. I.C. 
1857--William Weldon - Cathern Warren, N. S. Dorough. 
1858--Allen D. Smith - Mussouri Flynn, J. G. Sentell, M. G. 
1859--Seaborn Bailey - Bytha Walls, J. G. Sentell, M. G. 
1860--Samuel Story - Mary C. Matthews, Alex Story, J. P. 
1865--Daniel W. Watson - Mrs. Ann Zada Bailey, Jas. Brown, J. P. 
1865--Hardy Bowman - Nancy Pitts, I. Johnson, J. P. 
1865--Mitchell Pitts - Lizzie Barbee, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1866--John Eldridge - Nancy Atkinson, Teesa Musselwhite, J. P. 
1866--Bart Pitts - Lena Nipper, J. W. Cox, J. P. 
1866--Robert Lambert - Mary Morgan, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1867--Ben Pitts - Jane Nipper, J. W. Cox, J. P. 
1867--H. T. Hawkins - L. A. Story, J. W. Cox, J. P. 
1867--Richard Bedgood - Eliza J. Pitts. 
1866--Jesse Clements - Martha Whiddon, David Nolan, J. P. 
1866--Freeman Self - Martha Pitts, Jas. Brown, J. P. 
1865--William Whiddon - Nancy Graham, Jas. Brown, J. P. 
1870--Horton Pitts - Jane Eldridge, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1871--Marida T. Nipper - Mary Williamson, R. A. Bedgood, J. P. 
1872--T. A. Royal- Anna D. Story, Wm. Greer, J. P. 
1872--John S. Pate - Jimmie Clements, William C. Greer, J. P. 
1873--Reecy Eldridge - Ann Nipper, G. W. McRaney, M. G.
1870--Wm. Cone - Mary Jane Pate, Thos. Musselwhite, J. P. 
1873--Wm. Dan Eldridge - Nancy Jane Warren, R. A. Bedgood, J.P. 
1876--Joseph L. Pate - Jane Davis, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1877--AlIen Owens - Betsy Pate, D. E. Hunter, M. G. 
1878--William Brock - Bettie Rainey, R. A. Bedgood, J. P. 
1879--E. A. Pate - Sallie Clements, G. W. McRanie, M. G. 
1881--Benjamin Samuel Pate - Nancy Pitts, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1882--E. J. Story - Mary A. Pate, Z. Harden, J. P. 
1883--Joe. C. Hamilton - Sarah Pate, Z. Harden, J. P. 
1883--D. W. Spires - Syntha Jane Pate, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1884--Mark Rainey - Dovie Pitts, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1885--Jas. D. Pate - Laura McDonald, Z. Harden, J. P. 
1886--A. C. Bullington - Clara Taylor, J. T. Carlisle, J. P. 
1887--A. J. Story - Nancy Paulk, Z. Harden, J. P. 
1892--T. J. Barry - Jane Bailey, W. A. Greer, J. P. 
1892--W. B. Pate - Victoria Love, D. W. Taylor, M. G. 
1892--M. Powell- Mrs. Bettie Paulk, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1892--M. L. Dowdy - Polly Raines, W. A. Greer, J. P. 
1895--W. J. Bailey - Alma Ward, W. A. Greer, J. P


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