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Family Records of Turner County Georgia

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This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.


Hiram Ashley (about 1830). Children: Rev. William C., John R., Mrs. Chas. (Elizabeth) McCall, Mrs. Nick (Teresa) Wilson, Mrs. S. K. (Jane) Wilson, Mrs. Perry Fitzgerald, Mrs. Jesse Mixon, Mrs. Elias (Susan) Clark, and Mrs. Penelope White. 

John R. Ashley's children: Steve and John. 

Steve Ashley's children: S. T., C. C., George, Zack, and Mrs. S. T. Gorday.

John Ashley's children: Emmett, Mrs. Ransome, and Mrs. Faircloth. 

Rev. William C. Ashley has a son, John Ashley, in Turner County. 

William Barbee (about 1850). Children: James, Benjamin, William, Arch, Mrs. Make Watson, Mrs. D. W. Watson, Mrs. James Watson, and Mrs. James Fillyaw. 

James Brown who killed an Indian in 1837. Among other children: Two sons, James and Dan. 
James Brown married a Miss Bedgood. Children: William, Charles, John, and James; one daughter, Mrs. Sappington. 

A Mr. Barrett came very early in the pioneer days. Children: Henry, John, Mary, Martha, and Mrs. Lizzie Brown. 

A Mr. Bussell came also in the early pioneer days. Children: William, Zack, Isaac, James and Mrs. Cobb. 

Sid Bailey was here in the early days. Children: William, Hardy, Seborn, and Riley. 
William Bailey (in 1858-9) married Ann Zadie Barbee. Two children: James Bailey and Mrs. W. H. (Jane) Wheeler. 

Seborn Bailey married Bytha Walls in 1859. Children: Rev. William J., James, John, Sebe, Mrs. Pate Van Zant, Mrs. Jake Young, Mrs. A. J. Pitts, and Mrs. T. J. (Jane) Berry. 

David and James Branch were brothers and came here in the early days. 

David Branch's sons were, William, David, and Andy. 

James Branch's sons were, William, James, Cooch, Lee, Abe, Joseph, Meke, and Tom. 

Mr. Bedgood was here in the early 40's. Some of the children were Rev. Inesome, Richmond A., and Mrs. James Brown. 

Richmond A. Bedgood, first married a Mrs. Pitts (nee Brown); second, a Mrs. King (nee Clements). Children: John (Boy) and Mrs. James Greer. 

Mrs. Bedgood, by a former marriage, had two children: Nelson King and Mrs. Clark Pitts. 

BROCK: Reuben Brock, one of the early pioneers, married Lizzie Wat- son. Children: WiJliam, J. Robert, Make, Jesse, Nancy, and Mrs. Kate Welding. 

William Brock married Bettie Rainey. Children: Mark (Boy), William, Lock, Benjamin, Reuben, J. Robert, Dallie, Susie, and Mrs. Sarah Taylor. 

Malcomb (Make) Brock married Beckie Pitts. Children: Robert, Mrs. J. D. Pitts, and Mrs. Arthur Morris. 

J. R. Brock, Sr., married Cora Bass. Children: Henry, David, Hubbert, Dora, Eva, Edna, and Ida.

J. Robert Brock, son of William Brock, married Julia May. Children: Ossie B., James, Edwin, George, Emmett, Clifford, Annie May, and Erline. 

William M. Brock married Ellie Southwell. One child, Edna. Ben Brock married Lizzie Williford. One child, Mary Lizzie. 

Reuben Brock married Lilian Harris. Children: Bell, Meyers, and Grady.

Joe Covington was among the early pioneers. Children: Lewis C., J. J., and Mrs. J. C. Luke. 

J. J. Covington married Miss Paulk. Children: George, Lewis, Mrs. Bryant Atkinson, and others. 

Willis, Joe and Dave Cason came in the early pioneer days and reared large families. 

Abe P. Clements married Sallie Branch. Children: Wm. J., R. Walton, Jacob, Abe, James, Mrs. Mary Ross, Mrs. Elbert (Rachel) Paulk, Mrs. William Warren, and Mrs. Sabe Smith.

Wm. J. Clements married Missouri Smith. Children: R. Walton, Mrs. J. H. (Missouri) Gorday, Mrs. Wm. Taylor, Mrs. Samuel Purvis, Mrs. George Paulk, Mrs. E. B. (Mary) Hamans, and Mrs. Wilson. 

R. W. Clements married Annie Wynne. Children: R. W. Jr., Osborn, Miles Theron, Carrol, Marlyon, Mrs. Dorothy Addison. Mrs. Grace Crozier, and Mrs. Hazel Searcy. 

Seaborn Cone (about 1850). Several children, one son, William. William Cone married Mary Ann Pate. Children: Mary 

Davis, Elijah, Frank, Joseph, Mrs. Cathern Ward, Mrs. John (Sarah) Bullington, and Mrs. Clare M. Goff. 

CRAVEY: William Cravey married Elizabeth Rainey (came here about 1850). Children: Mitchell, Mark, Ben, David, James, William, Mrs. Polly Rodgers, and Mrs. Levi (Bettie) Williford.

Ben Cravey married Miss Lizzie Sumner. Children: Tom W., Billie J., Mrs. Rufus Parks, Mrs. Bert (Bede) Shepherd, Mrs. George (Mary) Brooks, Mrs. W. W. (Lucy) Odom, Mrs. Henry (Frankie) Griffin, Mrs. Clint (Pricilla) McMurrian, and Beulah. 

James Cravey married Dicey Gorday. Children: Elsie, Ben, Dave, Billie, Jack, Mrs. Minnie Sumner, Mrs. Doc (May- belle) Ray, Mrs. Roy (Pearl) Land, and Ola. 

Dave Cravey married Mrs. Minnie Luke. Children: James William, Myrtle, and two step children, Mrs. Madie White, and Mrs. Rubie Wynne. 

Aaron Chandler (1845). Children: Francis, Virgil, John, Aaron, Mrs. H. A. J. (Jane) Gorday, Mrs. Steve (Frances) Key, and Mrs. Mary Ann Bailey. 

Francis Chandler married Cathern Rainey. One son, James B. Chandler.

James Beauregard Chandler married Honora Barrett in 1899. No children.

James Clements kept a relay of horses for the Columbus and St. Mary's stage coach in the early 40's and very probably an inn. Among other children: Nelson, Mrs. R. A. Bedgood, Mrs. J. S. Pate, Mrs. E. A. Pate, and Mrs. Bennefield. 

Alfred Davis married Polly Ann Story. Children: Samuel, Rev. Joseph J., William A., John, and Daniel H. 

Daniel, Appolis, (Mrs.) Alice Story, Mrs. Lena Wilson, Mrs. Billie Kerce, Mrs. Della Moore, and Mrs. Pauline Cone. 

Children: Alfred, Col. Andrew, J., Samuel, Bryant, John Dan, Mrs. Polly Ann Jeter, Mrs. Beulah Pitts, Mrs. Hardy (Bettie) Raines, and Mary Joe. 

One daughter, Mrs. Ola Davis Aultman. 

JOSEPH DAVIS, brother to Alfred Davis. 
Was here in the early days and an elder in the Primitive Baptist Church. Children: James, John, Mrs. Henry (Mary Ann) Smith, Mrs. Jacob (Sarah) Smith, and Mrs. Daniel (Nancy) Smith.

Stephen Doster and his son, Philetus, came here in the early days. Philetus Doster had several children, one son, Andrew Doster. 

Andrew Doster has two children in Turner County: Charles Doster and Mrs. Abner (Nannie) Faircloth.


John Dennard came as an early pioneer. Many descendants. 


William Eldridge moved here before the Civil War. Children: James, John, Henry, Mrs. Greenberry Blanchard, and several others. 

Descendant of Samuel Fuller, who came over in the Mayflower, came here in the early pioneer days. Children: Benjamin F., Wade H., Samuel Day, Thomas, Pinkney, and Mrs. Clark (Jane) Wilcox. 

Wade Fuller married a distant cousin, Miss Fuller. Children: Rev. Samuel, Rev. Otis V., Rev. Andrew J., Rev. Thomas B. (Tiney) , Mrs. Shepherd, Mrs. S. N. (Emma) Mitchell, Mrs. Robert (Alice) Stubbs. 

Samuel D. Fuller. Child: Mrs. J. R. (Fannie) Monroe. 

Robin and Fred Faircloth were brothers and came from Laurens County in the early pioneer days. 

Robin Faircloth. Children: Henry, John, Ben and Dave. 

Fred Faircloth. Children: Bennett, Warren, William T. Robin, Mrs. Thomas Warren, Mrs. Polly Parkerson, and Mrs. Angeline Ray. 

Mr. Fitzgerald (about 1825). Children: David, Miles, Perry, Jack, Irwin, and Mrs. Nat Statham. 

Among other children were Thos. J., and Perry.

Thos. J. Fitzgerald married Nancy Pate in 1869. Children: James, Wright, John, Elijah, Mrs. A. J. (Sarah) Pitts, Mrs. Liza Slappy, Mrs. Robert (Nancy) Ross, Mrs. (Mary) Story, and Mrs. Jincy Van Luke. 

Mark Flanders (1845). Several children, one daughter, Mrs. Mark (Sarah) Rainey, settled here. 

Joseph Fletcher came from Telfair County (about 1835) married Jane (Jincy) Hendly, first cousin to Jincy Pate, wife of James Pate. Children: Jehu, Elbert, Wiley, and James.

Mitchell Fortner married Martha Smith. Several children. 

Thomas Gibbs, Sr., an early pioneer with hundreds of descendants over Wilcox and Turner Counties. 

Thomas Gibbs, Jr., married Sarah Pate in 1872. Children: J. Mitchell, Bennett, Samuel, Mrs. Narcissa, Vinson, Mrs. Emily Waters, Emily, and Orphelia. 

H. A. J. Gorday (about 1850) married Jane Chandler. Children: J. J., J. H., G. B., S. T., Mrs. W. G. Griffin, Mrs. J. E. (Jane) Wilson, Mrs. James (Dicey) Cravey, Mrs. John (Nancy) Rainey, Mrs. William (Samantha) Posey, and Mrs. William (Ella) King.

J. J. Gorday married Catherine Smith. Children: Ruel, Mrs. Addis (Una) Ashley, and Mrs. J. C. (Leecy) McElroy.

J. H. Gorday married Missouri Clements. 

G. B. Gorday married Martha Holmes. Children: Herbert and Holmes.

Holmes Gorday married Miss Daniels. S. T. Gorday married Miss Ashley. 

Elder Joseph J. Hancock married Sarah Watson and moved here from Pulaski County in 1862. Children: Jas. G. B., E. Lewis, William J., Joe Mc., Mrs. Marcus (Martha) Luke, Mrs. Owen (Elizabeth) Minchew, Mrs. Isaac (Amanda) Gibbs, Mrs. Lester (Cathern) Harrell, Mrs. John F. (Jane) Luke, and Mrs. Joe (Eva) Walker.

Joe Mc. Hancock married, first, Mary W. McCall. Children: John, Dave, Charles, Samuel Y., and Domer. By his second marriage to Miss Pearl Morgan, children: Albert, Lawrence, and Virginia. 

James G. B. Hancock married Mary Ann Willis. Children: J. Lewis, Fred, Sallie, Mrs. Ed (Dora) Vinson, Mrs. Susie Cribb, and Mrs. Viola Cribb. 

William J. Hancock married Jane Walker. Children: Joseph J., John C., May, James, and Mrs. Dock (Sarah) Perry. 


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