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Family Records of Turner County Georgia

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This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.


G. W. Harrell (about 1840) died when his reputed age was one hundred and eleven years. Children: George W., Jr., James, Joe, John, and several daughters. 

HAMANS: William Hamans came from South Carolina in 1850, married Susie Miller. Children: James, Arch, George W., Alvin Pinkney, Mrs. Ernest Courtoy, Mrs. Mahala Brooks, and Mrs. Florean Suggs. 

G. W. Hamans married Polly Pate, in 1866. Children: Lige, Kindrick, Mrs. Univan Halliman, and Miss Ella Hamans. 

D. K. Hamans married Vava McCard. Children: Emmett, Lamar, James, Mary, and .John. 
J. F. Hamans married Clifford Rouse. Children: Lucile, A. P., Jr., George, Mary Fannie, Opal, Myrtle, and Dorothy. 

J. M. Hamans married Jane Pate. Children: Bennett Pate, Evelyn, and Jane. 

Perry Hamans married Estell Zorn. Children: Falcon, Mil- dred, Ruby, and Mrs. L. B. Sheeley.

A. P. (Pink) Hamans married Mary Rooks. Children: Joe F. Peny, J. Monroe, David, Mrs. Susie Sellars, Mrs. Carrie Mitchum, Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Ethel Wheeler, Mr's. Pitts, and Mrs. Thelma Harris. 

HOGAN: William Hogan (about 1830) veteran of Indian and Mexican wars. Children: Jeff, James, William Samuel, John, Chesley, Jesse, Mrs. John Dixon, Mrs. William Coon, Mrs. Celia Troup, Mrs. Elefair Cheney, Mrs. J. T. Marshall, Mrs. Lindy Bell, Mrs. Lessie Paul, and Mrs. Lydia Wood.

Daniel Henderson (1821-5) married Sallie McBride. Children: Daniel, Manassee, Rev. John, Mrs. Jake (Kate) Paulk, Mrs. James Nobles, and Mrs. Micajab Tucker.

Manassee Henderson married Mary Whiddon. No children. Manassee Henderson was the first Ordinary of Irwin County in 1839.

Daniel Henderson married Fareby Whiddon in 1841. Children: Manassee, Jr., William, Daniel, Robert, Albert S. J. (Babe), James, A. J., John, Green, Mrs. Wiley (Kate) Whitley, Mrs. E. J. (Margarett) Young, and Mrs. Martha Whitley. 

John Henderson had among other children, three sons: J. J., Robert, John (died in the Civil War), and Mrs. Rich Roberts. 

J. J. Henderson married Susan Whiddon in 1852. Children: James, George, Mrs. James J. (Sarah) Clements, Mrs. H. S. Story, and Mrs. W. A. Story, Sr. 

James W. Henderson married Miss Young. Children: Abe and Alf.H. 

Alex Hobby, an early settler from Randolph County. Children: Alex, Jesse, Duke, and Andy. 

Andy Hobby was father of Jesse Hobby who married a Miss Dorminy. 

Duke Hobby. Sons: Bill, Duke and Rube. Duke Hobby was father of Lawson Hobby. 

Bill Hobby. Children: Rev. George W., James, and Mrs. T. D. Mashburn. 

Rev. George W. Hobby married Miss Smith. Children: John, James, and Mrs. John Salter.

Lawson Hobby married Tempty Smith. Children: Henry, Lewis, Rev. Isaac R., Mrs. G. T. (Lillian) Roberts, Mrs. Viola Moore and Mrs. M. J. (Mary Jane) Harvey.

Jesse Hobby who married Miss Dorminy had several sons: J. L. D., James, A. L., and Burr. 

Robert Joiner was here in the early days. (probably in 1840). Children: Joe W., and Mrs. T. (Lenora) Tipton. 

Jasper Luke married Nancy Tomberlin. Children: James C., Jesse, and Mrs. Samuel Young.

James C. Luke married Caroline Covington. Children: Mar- cus, John F., Mrs. W. D. Ross, Mrs. J. J. Lee, and Mrs. F. H. Taylor. 

Marcus Luke married Mrs. Lee. Children: Dr. John, Jesse, and others. 

John F. Luke married Miss Hancock. Children: William, Dr. Joe, and others. 

M. D. Luke, son of Jesse Luke and grandson of Jasper Luke, married Ellen Paulk. Children: Daniel J., William Z., Warren J., Dr. G. Richard, Dr. J. David, Dr. David P., D. E., J. B., Mrs. Mary E. Monk, Mrs. Lucy J. Smith, Mrs. Lizzie Ellen Cravey, and Mrs. Nora Francis Hasty.

Dr. G. R. Luke married Miss McGough. Children: Edna Merle, George P ., Felton, Elizabeth, and some smaller children. 

MITCHELL: Dr. Thomas C. Mitchell, son of Stephen Mitchell, and grand- son of Stephen Mitchell, Revolutionary soldier, came from Pulaski County, in 1880, and married Patsy Adams.

Stephen N. Mitchell, son of Dr. T. C. Mitchell, married Emmer Fuller. Children: Mrs. D. W. Paulk, Mrs. J. B. Pate, Mrs. 

W. E. Willis, T. D. Mitchell, and E. F. Mitchell. 

John and Daniel McLeod were brothers, and early pioneers. 

Owen Minshew (about 1840). Children: James R., Green, Lewis, J. G., W. S., R. W., Mrs. William Gibbs, Mrs. B. L. William- son, Mrs. Amos Johnson, and Mrs. Britt McElmore. 

MCCALL: N. B. McCall was an early pioneer and his children were: Chas. S. McCall, William, James, Mrs. Sallie Statham, and Mrs. John McDuffie. 

Chas. S. McCall, Sr. Children: C. S. McCall, Jr., William, Thomas, James, Mrs. Manning (Bertie) Wilson, Mrs. George Wilson, Mrs. Phil Brown, Mrs. Jim Barnes, Mrs. John (Julia) Swain, Mrs. Arthur Nasworthy, Mrs. J. T. (Matt) Warren, and Mrs. John Griffin. 

C. S. McCall, Jr., married Mary Swain. Children: James W., Chas. S. III., John A., F. H., Mrs. T. B. (Minnie) Wideman, Mrs. C. E. (Anna) McElmurray, and Mrs. Ida Hansard. 

James McCall married Gussie Pittman. Children: James, Jr., Elizabeth, and Charlaton. 

T. T. Maulding. Children: R. F., J. P., Tucker, W. M., Mrs. S. E. Ross, Mrs. Rachel Hamilton, and Mrs. Hannah Rogers. Rufus T. Maulding married Sarah Ross; several children. Tucker Maulding married Fannie Ross; several cbildren.

Was her in the 30's and 40's.  Children: Alex, James, and others.

Micajah Owens married a Miss Story, sister to Samuel Story, and came about 1821. Children: Joshua, James, Alfred, Richard, and Bird. 

Bird Owens. Children: Among other children, two sons, John A. and Allen. 

Allen Owens married Betsy Pate. Children: Mrs. J. W. (Mary Ellen) Pate, Mrs. Ella Southwell, Mrs. Rosa Frederick, Samuel Bennett, James D., John, and Rev. Charles C. Owens. 

Rev. C. C. Owens married Ethel Adams: Children: Charles, Allen, John, Laura, and Mary Ethel.

ODOM: John B. Odom (about 1850). Children: Doss, Willis, Joe, Lee, Jack, John H., Mrs. Off (Sallie) Houston, and Miss Versie Odom. 

Josh Odom (about 1850). Cbildren: James, Shep W., Joshua, Adam, Mrs. Joe (Mattie) Jones, Mrs. Mollie Gay, Mrs. Jane Conger, and Mrs. David (Emma) Odom.

John B. Odom (about 1850). Children: Willis, J., John C., George W., Mrs. Henry (Lizzie) Shrouder, Mrs. T. J. (Fannie) Perry, Mrs. J. E. (Cattie) Bass, and Mrs. Doss (Lula) Collins. 

W. W. Odom married Lucy Cravey. Children: Eloise, Louise, and W. W. 

J. H. Odom married Lessie Maddox. Children: Corrie, Maud, Esteen, Cathem, Ruis, Genevia, Joe, and Christine

James Paul came about 1840. Children: Hansel, Perry, Jumbo, Mrs. John Taylor, and Mrs. Jesse Hogan. 

Micajah Paulk (about 182.6) married Mary Young. Children: Jabob, Elijah, James, John, Thomas, Henry, Mrs. John Dorminey, Mrs. Richard Tucker, and Mrs. Rebecca Vickers. 

James Paulk married Faithie Akridge. Among other children, two sons, Elbert and Zarah.

Zarah Paulk married Rachel Bobby and after her death, married Polly Whiddon. His children were: Jesse, George F., Elias D., Jacob Z., Elbert Y., Mrs. W. D. Luke, Mrs. Jack Sumner, Mrs. William Roberts, Mrs. J. J. Story, Mrs. John Royal, and Mrs. B. K. Reeves. 

Elbert Paulk married Rachel Clements. Children: William D., Dr. James, Reason, Warren, Duncan, Mrs. J. J. Covington, Mrs. T. Y. Fletcher, Mrs. Marion Young, and Mrs. Cordelia Ennis.

Eston Paulk, great-grandson of Micajah Paulk, married Beulah Taylor. Children: Myrtle and others. 

E. Y. Paulk married Willie Bowen; several children. 

C. W. Paulk married Mary Standford. One child, Warren. 

*PATE: Maj. Thomas Pate was Justice for Gloucester County, Va., in 1686, and he and his wife, Elizabeth, had issue, and among other children, one son, named Matthew, who was baptized February 20, 1686 (according to Abingdon Parish Register). 

Matthew Pate was married to Miss Anne Reade, daughter of Francis Reade, the son of George Reade, Secretary of State; and reared a large family, as follows: Jacob Pate, the eldest son, was born about 1710, and married Miss Zilla Broach and reared a large family. Among a family great in numbers one son, Jacob, will be mentioned. 

Jacob Pate moved to North Carolina, probably about 1760, and was an Indian fighter of note. It is said that with the aid of his wife in reloading his guns for him, that he killed seven Indians, after which they withdrew the seige of his home. 

Jacob Pate lived to a happy old age and was buried doubtless in the upper part of Georgia, as he followed the best cattle range. 

Rev. William Pate was born in Gloucester County, Virginia, but moved in early manhood to North Carolina, where he was married to Miss Weathersby, about 1774, but she died soon, leaving an only daughter, named Phoebe. She was given to her mother's people to care for and while he was in the war they moved away and he was never able to find her. 

*Copied from American Genealogy Pate family. 

On the 29th day of January, 1777, he volunteered in the Revolution for a term of three years. He served in Capt. Robert Fenner's company, Second North Carolina Battalion, commanded by Col. John Patton. He was stationed at Camp White Plains, N. C., September 9, 1778 (Adj. Genl.'s Office). The old powder horn then used is in the possession of A. and S. E. Pate, Amboy, Ga. 

Thomas Pate, uncle to William Pate; Richard, Anthony, Matthew, first cousin to William Pate, served in the Revolutionary War from Virginia. 

William Pate married again about 1785 and by this marriage the following children were born:

Samuel Pate, born in 1786 and died in Washington or Wilkinson County, Georgia, in 1849, aged 63 years. 

Betsy Pate was born in North Carolina in 1789, and died in Worth County, Georgia, in 1871, at the age of 82. She was married to Samuel Story. 

After the death of his second wife, he seems to have remained single for quite a while, but in 1811 he met and won the heart and hand of Miss Tempty Parkerson, daughter of Rev. Jacob Parkerson, who was also a Revolutionary soldier, and was born in Sweden, but came to this country in early manhood. Rev. William Pate's third wife, Tempty Parkerson Pate, was born August 30, 1782, and died August 9, 1865, aged 83. She bore him the following children: 

Nancy Pate was born January 8, 1812, and was married to Reuben Blanchard, and died in 1912

Mary Pate was born in 1814, and was married to James Holt. 

Elijah Bennett Pate was born April 15, 1815, and was married to Miss Mary Smith. 

James Pate was born in Pulaski County, Georgia, January 29, 1817, and was married in 1841 to Miss Jane Moore, who was first cousin to Jane Hendly, who married Joe Fletcher, who was born in Gwinnett County, Georgia, on October 12, 1825.

The following children were born unto them: 

Bennett Pate, October 2, 1842; Elijah M. Pate, January 24, 1845; John T. Pate, January 22, 1847; Mary Jane Wells, nee Pate, November 12, 1848; Nancy Fitzgerald, nee Pate, May 14, 1851; Sarah Gibbs, nee Pate, April 2O, 1854; Narcissa Moore Clements, nee Pate, August 2, 1858; Elizabeth Taylor, nee Pate, February 29, 1856; James H. Pate, 1862; Benjamin Samuel Pate, April 23, 1864. Bennett Pate married Mrs. Cathern Chandler, nee Rainey.

Bennett Pate's children are as follows: Elizavan, 1870; Rev. John Benjamin Pate, July 10, 1874; Samuel Elijah Pate, September 21, 1878; Arthur Pate, August 2, 1884; Jane Hamans, nee Pate, July 25, 1886.

John Thomas Pate's children are as follows: Mrs. D. W. Spires, 1868; W. Bennett Pate, December 2, 1872; James B. Pate, September 10, 1874; Elijah T. Pate, Ju]y 14, 1870; John Pate, Lee Pate. 

Benjamin Samuel Pate married Miss Nancy E. Pitts, July 28, 1881, and their children born as follows: Col. J. H. Pate, July 17, 1882; Ella Pate, November 18, 1883; S. Cleveland Pate, July 23, 1887; Myrtice Pate, January 15, 1897; Pearl Pate, December 9, 1898; Benjamin R. Pate, September 21, 1900. B. S. Pate died January 3, 1917. 

James Hansel Pate married Alice Bass, January 10, 1884, and their children were born as follows: Pearl Stubbs, nee Pate, January 17, 1887; Cecil Pate, July 16, 1888. His wife died, May 12, 1900. He married Mrs. Ida Stubbs Faircloth, February 6, 1901. Their children born as follows: Harrison Pate, May 9, 1902; Hansel Pate, September 24, 1904; Theodore Pate, April 1, 1907. 

Sarah Pate was born in 1819 and was married to David Johnson. 

Elijah Bennett Pate, son of Rev. William Pate, married Miss Mary Smith and their children were born as follows: William Allen, January, 1843 (W. A. Pate was killed at the Battle of Gettysburg, 1863); James D. Pate, April 15, 1845; John Smith Pate, June 27, 1847; Samuel Bennett Pate, December 25, 1849; Mary Jane Cone, nee Pate, 1851; Joseph L. Pate, 1854; Elijah A. E. Pate, September 9, 1857; Sarah Ann Hamilton, nee Pate, January, 1861, Betsy Owens, nee Pate. 

James D. Pate married Rachel Whiddon and their children were born as follows: Mary Story, nee Pate, 1866; John W. Pate, 1869; Zack T. Pate, 1871; James Pate, 1876; Jane Pate, 1873; Ida Collum, nee Pate, 1880. After the death of his wife he married Mrs. McDonald and the following children were born to them: Ebb. Pate, 1883; Thurman Pate, 1885. James D. Pate died January 22, 1917.

John S. Pate married Miss Jimmie Clements and their children were born as follows: Ella Carson, nee Pate, April 1, 1878; James Bennett Pate, June 28, 1876, died April, 1914; Nancy Pate, January 6, 1878, and died March 4, 1889; Bertha Royal, nee Pate, March 4, 1884; Florence Bridges, nee Pate, January 24, 1886; Agatha Rix Williams, nee Pate, November 5, 1892. 

Joseph L. Pate married Miss Jane Davis and their children were bom as follows: David Pate, 1880; Elijah Pate, 1882. 

Elijah A. N. Pate married Miss Sallie Clements and their children were born as follows: Elijah Pate, 1880, and accidentally killed in a training camp of the Spanish-American War; Bertha Hodges, nee Pate, 1883; Ethel Pate, 1893. 

Samuel Bennett Pate married a Miss Clements and the following children were born unto them: William Pate, 1871; Margaret Pate, 1873; Sarah Pate, 1874; Martha Pate, 1876; Susie Pate, 1878; Samuel Pate, 1880; John Pate, 1882; Lydia Pate, 1886. 

Cordel Gorday, nee Pate, daughter of Elijah B. Pate by his last marriage to Isabel Rainey, has several children. 

Rev. John Ben Pate married Miss Fannie Lee Mitchell in 1910. One child, dead.

Samuel Elijah Pate married Eunice McElroy. Children: Bennett, Erline, and John Arthur. 

Arthur Pate, not married. 

Col. J. H. Pate, son of B. S. Pate and Nancy (Pitts) Pate, is unmarried.

Addie Lee (Boy) Pate married Ola Gilbert. Children: Cleveland, Myrtle, Elah Pearl, Montene, Bennett, Odessa Marcelle, and Betsey. 

John W. Pate married Mary Ellen Owens. Children: Allen, Sammie, Mrs. Rachel Gallion, and Mrs. Ruth Garrett. 

W. B. Pate married Victoria Love, first. Two children were born: Addie Lee (Boy) and Mrs. G. C. Wardlow; second marriage to Maud Odom, the following children were born: Betsey, Nelda, John, Vara, and Lera. 

Maxie Pate, an adopted son of Rev. William Pate, married Katie Holt (1830). Their children: James, Edmond T., Elijah, Jonathan, Maxie, Jason, Reuben, John, Samuel, Mrs. James Thomas, and Mrs. Daniel Bowman. 


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