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Irwin County Georgia
Marriages of Irwin County Georgia


This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.

Married by:
J.P.-- Justice of the Peace
M. G.-- Minister of the Gospel
J. I. C.-- Justice of the Inferior Court

Underlined names are linked to an image of the marriage document.

Edd Dorminey has a a great deal of information, including marriages, at his webpage on Irwin County:
South Georgia & Dorminey Family Genealogy!


Irwin was surveyed in 1819 by Daniel McBride. It was ceded by the Indians to the whites in 1814 and 1818. The first Superior Court held in Irwin County was in session one day (September 21, 1820). Judge Thomas W. Harris presided and Willam Stone was Clerk

The first Inferior Court was held, so the records of Irwin County show, at the residence of David Williams (the regular place of holding Court) on July 8, 1821. 

The Judges of the Inferior Court were David Calloway, Ludd Mobley, David Williams, John Sutton. William Stone was Clerk of this Court. 

July 22, 1822, the Inferior Court while in session changed the place of holding court from David Williams' residence, near the present site of Dorminey's Mill, to Murdock McDuffie's Schoolhouse.

In 1839, a Court-house was ordered to be built. The dimensions were to be thirty feet long and twenty-four feet wide, one and one-half stories high, the first story nine feet high and the upper story five feet high. The two jury rooms were to be twelve feet square. 

July 2, 1821, the first public road was ordered opened, followed up the Ocmulgee River from Ludd Mobley's via David Calloway's on House Creek to the county line near Poor Robin Spring. Many of the citizens of the territory of what is now Turner County, were prominent in all the affairs of Irwin County, in the pioneer days, to wit: Samuel Story, Jonathan Smith, Daniel Henderson, Thomas Musselwhite, Lott Whiddon, Mitchel Fortner, John Watson, Manassee Henderson, A. P. Clements, Jesse Hobby. 

James Allen was the first Sheriff of Irwin County from 1822-1827, but it seems that Murdock McDuffie acted as first sheriff-- perhaps was appointed until an election could be held. The first Ordinary of Irwin County in 1839 was Manassee Henderson, who lived two miles east of where Ashburn is now located. 

The Inferior Court in 1839 ordered the reopening of the old Columbus and St. Mary's road by the homes of Abe Clements, Aaron Chandler and Manassee Henderson, on to the county line. 

(0f Citizens 0f What Is Now Turner County.)

1838--Thomas Gibbs - Susan McAnally. 
1841--Daniel Henderson - Fareby Whiddon. 
1842--Elijah B. Pate - Mary Smith. 
1841--James King - Elizabeth Gilden. 
1846--George Paulk - Rachel Whiddon. 
1846--Samuel Young - Mary Luke. 
1852--Berrien Hobby - Martha Dorminey. 
1850--Richard Owens - Elizabeth Nipper. 
1852--Allen D. Smith - Martha Mimms. 
1852--J. J. Henderson - Susan Whiddon. 
1851--Jacobs Richards - Mary Boman. 
1852--Zarah Paulk - Rachel Hobby. 
1852--James Owens - Sarah Smith. 
1852--Ernest Courtoy - Zilla Hamans. 
1853--Jonathan Walker - Elizabeth Nipper. 
1853--Andrew J. Bowman - Margaret Hamans. 
1853--Micajah Paulk - Martha Van Whiddon. 
1853--William Whiddon - Elizabeth Ford. 
1854--John J. Gibbs - Martha Fortner. 
1854--Mark Rainey - Sarah Flanders, M. Henderson, Ordinary. 
1855--James Haman - Mary Coleman, Jno. Smith, J. I. C. 
1855--Phillip Gibbs - Mary Williamson, Jonathan Smith, J. I. C. 
1855--Thomas J. Franklin - Sarah Goff, M. G. Fortner, J. I. C. 
1855--Levi Coleman - Mary Anna Nipper, Jonathan Smith, J. I. C. 
1855--Samuel Bowman - Charlotte Simmons, Jonathan Smith, J. I. C. 
1855--Richard Tucker - Juda Hobby, A. P. Clements, J. I. C. 
1856--James W. Whiddon - Lucy Branch, A. P. Clements, J. I. C. 
1856--H. A. J. Gorday - Sarah Jane Chandler, A. P. Clements, J. I. C. 
1861--M. Hobby - Nancy Parsons, M. G. Fortner, J. I. C. 
1858--G. Washington Harrell - Sarah Ann Hogan, J. W. Smith, J. I. C. 
1857--Griffin Smith - Rebecca Douglas, M. G. Fortner, J. I. C. 
1859--William Branch - Louisa Jane Whiddon, A. P. Clements, J.I. C. 
1859--Berry Clements - Nancy Branch, A. P. Clements, J. I. C. 
1861--Walter Bailey-MaryAnn Chancler, A. P. Clements, J. I. C. 
1861--Elbert Paulk - Rachael Clements, James Paulk, J. I. C. 
1863--William Branch - Elizabeth Young, John Ross, J. P. 
1864--John J. Tucker - Sarah Hobby, John Ross, J. P. 
1864--Charles P. Hamilton - Mary McDaniel, John Ross, J. P. 
1864--David Branch - Nancy Fortner, A. P. Clements, J. I. C. 
1865--James Paulk - Millie Whiddon, J. J. Hancock, M. G. 
1865--James D. Pate - Rachel Whiddon, Zarah Paulk, J. P. 
1865--Manassee Henderson - Mary V. Young, James Paulk, J. I. C. 
1865--Joseph J. Covington - Elefair W. Townsend, J. J. Hancock, M.G. 
1865--R. W. Clements - Una Whiddon, George Young, J. I. C. 
1865--David Clements - Susan Whiddon, D. J. Fenn, J. P. 
1865--Jacob Clements - Ellen Ross, T. J. Young, J. P. 
1865--William R. Lamberth - JudaWhiddon, J. J. Hancock, M. G. 
1869--William Turner - Elizabeth Varnadoe, A. R. Chandler, N.P. 
1869--George Suggs - Flora Ann Smith, A. R. Chandler, N. P. 
1869--John A. Ross - Mary E. Fletcher, A. R. Chandler, N. P. 
1870--Samuel B. Pate - Elizabeth Clements, J. J. Henderson, J.P. 
1871--William Warren - Sarah Clements, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1871--J. G. B. Hancock - Mary A. Walker, J. J. Hancock, M. G. 
1871--Mark Luke - Ellen Paulk, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1871--Lott Warren - Millie Sumner, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1871--James W. Whiddon - Frankie Gibbs, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1873--D. J. Henderson - Rebecca Young, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1873--E. L. Hancock - Mary Brown, Zarah Paulk, M. G.
1874--D. F. Avery - Nancy Ross, J. J. Hancock, M. G. 
1875--Thomas Young - Una Henderson, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1876--Tolly Horn - Susan Bass, David Branch, J. P. 
1877--Frances Kea - Lucinda Turner, D. Branch, J. P. 
1877--John Smith - Sabra Clements, D. Branch, J. P. 
1879--James J. Clements - Sarah Henderson, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1881--Jacob Young - Mary A. Henderson, M. T. Paulk, N. P. 
1881--Wm. J. Hancock - Sarah Jane Walker, T. T. Mauldin, J. P. 
1882--Daniel L. Rainey - Mary E. Hogan, T. T. Mauldin, J. P. 
1882--Jesse A. Smith - Jane M. Sumner, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1882--George W. Avery - Scintha Ross, A. E. Clements, J. P. 
1883-- W . S. Rooks - Frances Tucker, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1884--J. H. Pate - Alice Bass, R. M. Booth, M. G. 
1883--Elias D. Whiddon - Mattie Bass, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1883--J. R. Brock - Cora Bass, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1885--A. P. Clements - Mamie Morgan, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1884--James Williams - Sarah Hamans, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1885--Marion D. Young - Faithee J. Paulk, Marcus Luke, J. P. 
1885--William Hudson - Lavenia King, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1885--M. T. Tucker - V. G. Varnadoe, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1886--A. B. Wells - Mary Hamans, W. A. Story, N. P. 
1888--William Cravey - Judie Smith, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1889--R. T. Maulding - Sarah Ross, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1886--J. C. Hambrick - M. J. Whiddon, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1890--J. C. McMurrian - Minnie Hill, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1890--R. M. Luke - M. M. Smith, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1890--Smith Shivers - Ola Hamilton, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1890--M. A. Howard - S. C. Barrow, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1890--J. H. Rycroft - N. E. Story, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1890--B. E. Smith - Ella T. Royal, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1892--Wm. M. Baldwin - Eliza Tucker, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1892--E. M. Taylor - R. A. Clements, Zarah Paulk, M. G.
1892--W. A. Taylor - M. Clements, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1892--R. P. Clements - Mary Anderson, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1892--Rev. W. H. Massey - Mary Zorn, S. N. Little, M. G. 
1892--D. J. Branch - Clemmie Taylor, J. J. Sumner, M. G. 
1892--A. C. Hogan - Lula Calhoun, O. D. Mulkey, M. G. 
1893--Love Young - Judie Branch, J. B. Whiddon, J. P. 
1893--R. D. Law - Augusta Ponder, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1893--D. J. McLeod - Isabella Whitehead, T. D. Strong, M. G. 
1894--D. J. Luke - Minnie Partin, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1894--J. W. Clements - Mattie Daniel-C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1894--J. Y. Fountain - Annie Johnson, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1894--C. J. Royal - Zollie Taylor, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1895--Geo. K. Wilcox - Blanch Cockrel, J. M. Glenn, M. G. 
1895--W. O. Munk - Mary Luke, J. P. Glenn, M. G. 
1895--E. M. Hogan - Sallie Porter, Lawson Smith, M. G. 
1895--J. J. Clements - Maud Wilcox, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1895--B. H. Cockrel - Jessie J. Royal, J. M. Glenn, M. G. 
1896--R. L. Peacock - Mary J. Pugh, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1896--William Vanhouten - Ida Fountain, D. A. Ray, N. P. 
1896--John Fountain - Minnie Vanhouten, D. A. Ray, N. P. 
1896--J. B. Harden - Cattie E. Ponder, J. T. Hambrick, J. P. 
1896--J. P. Peacock - Agnes NeSmith, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1897--Col. J. H. Williams - Lula Fountain, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1897--M. C. Saucer - Annie Holliman, J. C. Flanders, M. G. 
1897--J. D. Ross - Nettie Ranow, Joe McHancock, J. P. 
1897--R. O. Sumner - Clifford Royal, J. W. Finly, M. G. 
1898--John A. Ross - Ellen Maulden, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1898--Layton Eldridge - Lizzie McElmore, Jno. C. Flanders, M.G. 
1898--Tucker Maulden - Fannie Ross, W. J. Patrick, M. G. 
1898--John L. Evans - Florrie B. Smith, O. H. Stubbs, M. G. 
1898--W. W. Christmas - Marion G. Mott, J. B. Chandler, J. P. 
1898--J. L. Fountain - Almer Conan, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1898--J. M. Winn - Nancy Alexander, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1899--D. M. Ross - Rebha V. Parker, H. W. Cockrel, J. P. 
1899--Jake Ross - Emmie Newton. 
1899--Dr. W. L. Story - Stella Dasher, J. Shirah, M. G. 
1899--A. B. Skipper - Katie Kendricks, J. Shirah, M. G. 
1899--W. D. Fountain - Janie Warren, J. Shirah, M. G. 
1899--E. B. Hamans - Mary Clements, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1899--Lonnie Jones - Minnie Fountain, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1899--Jno. W. Smith - Georgia Ann Walker, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1899--Ed W. Rainey - Pearl Webb, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1899--H. F. Williams - Willie C. Israel, D. W. Taylor, M. G. 
1900--Clark McMurrian - Annie Bell Bussie, J. Shirah, M. G. 
1900--J. L. Royal- Daisy Dyess, R. F. Gordie, M. G. 
1900--William J. Shivers - Amanda Slappy, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1900--Henry C. Fountain - Nina W. Bates, J. Shirah, M. G. 
1900--Henry N. Parker - Cora Royal, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1900--William R. Whitehead - Mary Covington, H. W. Cockrel, J.P. 
1901--George McGlamery - Ola Pate, D. J. Parker, M. G. 
1901--Allen Smith - Lovena Phelps, G. W. Phelps, J. P. 
1905--Henry Henderson - Carrie Jackson, G. W. Stubbs, M. G. 

The following marriage was not included in Mr. Pate's book:

1888-- John W. Hogan and Clora A. Porter, O. D. Mulkey, M. G.


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