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Family Records of Turner County Georgia

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This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County.  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.


D. F., J. C., and G. C. Avery, three brothers, came here in 1872. 

Zack Bass from Sumpter County about 1873. Children: H. C. (Clay), J. Logan, Wesley T., Zack T., Mrs. E. T. (Rebecca) Israel, and Mrs. Talley (Sudie) Horn. 

H. C. Bass. Children: Homer, Addison, Council, Mrs. Rob- ert (Corra) Brock, and Mrs. Dan Brown. 
Wesley Bass married Miss Royal. Several children. 

J. Logan Bass married Miss Royal. Several children. After her death, married again. Several children.

Coleman M. Barfield married Jackie Ann Barfield and came here in the early 80's. Children: Green, A. J., C. M., Vera, A. H., Lee, Mrs. Lillie Passmore, Mrs. Eula Smith, and Mrs. Orah Eldridge. 

Ebenezier Brown married Mary Young. Children: Ben, Ed, Mrs. Dan Wiggins, Mrs. Sam Epperson, Mrs. Martin Dunn. Mrs. Daisy Barfield, and Mrs. Mel Cromer. 

Charles Bass. Children: Realeas, Ed, Mrs. J. H. Pate, and Mrs. Dan Clements. 

Accus Bass. Children: Jesse, Quinn, and Mrs. Elias D.,Whiddon. 

W. M. Bryan came about 1888. Several children. W. R., Rosebud, Willie, and Ethel. 

Deering Barfield (1890). One son, Wesley Barfield. 

F. K. Coleman came about 1883. Children: J. A., J. L., C. R., W. A., Silas, Mrs. Joe Watson, Mrs. John Davis, and Mrs. Ben Watson.

H. W. Cochrell. Children: W. T., Benj. H., S. T., H. W. Jr., Mrs. John Scovill, Mrs. Wade Merritt, Mrs. G. K. Wilcox, and Mrs. J. W. Spencer. 

Dr. G. W. Cooper (D. D. S) came here in 1897. Children: William H., R. C., George B., and Rebecca. 

J. H. Gilmore married Fannie Murray and came here about 1892. Children: R. C., W. S., Mrs. P. C. Everett, Lilian, and Mrs. Grant Roberts. 

R. C. Gilmore, first wife, Augusta Kemp. Children: Mrs. Nellie Rogers, Mrs. B. H. Piper, Mildred, Mary, Faye, and Norma. 

W. S. Gilmore married Leslie Mims. Children: Eleanor and W.S.,Jr. 

J. S. Geoghagan married Oxford Holliman in 1892. Children: Two nephews, Lamar and J. S. Jr.

Lamar Geoghagan married Lena Belle Zorn. Children: Grace, Lamar, Jr., Anne, Earl, and Bettie.

Joseph S. Geoghagan married Clara Peacock. Children: Roy, Calvin, Dorris, James, J. S., Jr., and Harold. 

Henry Hobbs married Mrs. Samantha Barfield and came from Macon County in the 80's. Children: Tebe F., Mrs. Rosa Sumner, Mrs. Nancy Dowdy and two step-daughters, Mrs. Cole Barfield and Mrs. Green L. Fountain. 

Richard Horn (in 1830). Children: Richard, Henry, Aaron, Greenberry, and Tollie. 

Henry Holliman came in 1888. Children: Mrs. J. S. (Oxie) Geoghagan, Mrs. J. M. Rainey, Mrs. Annie Saucer, and one son, Walter. 

P. R. Hudson married Marion Jackson. Children: Mrs. Dorothy Talbert and Russell. 

J. E. McElmurray married Sarah Toole and came here in 1911. Children: J. E., Jr., T. L., C. E., M. P., M. J., Gladys, G. 0., Mrs. M. B. Simmons, Mrs. J. J. Oneal, Mrs. Rosa McGlammery, Mrs. Lois Brown, and Mrs. Sarah Brown. 

C. E. McElmurray married Anna McCall. Children: Anna Clair, Mary Linda, Jamie Caroline, and C. E., Jr. 

Rosa McGlammery. One child, Lovelia. 

W. M. Massey (came in 1885). Children: Rev. William H., Rev. R. M., Lonnie, J. M., J. D., and Mrs. J. M. Courtoy. 

W. O. McNair married Josephine Phillips and came here in 1901. Children: R. A., R. L., F. A., and Mrs. Frank (Hilda May) Tuggle. 

R. A. McNair married Berta Tomlinson. Children: Thelma, Louise, Evelyn, R. A., Jr., Otho F., and Earl. 

R. L. McNair married Eveleen Eubanks. Children: Hazel, Robert, Harrell, W.O., Calvin, and Gene. 

T. H. McMurrian married Cathem Hammond. Children: Clark, M. M., Mrs. Lillian Vance, and Mrs. Ola Zorn. 

D. J. Newton (came about 1880). Child: Enos, etc. 

Jake Newton came about the same time (1880). Child: Mrs. Jake Ross. 

C. L. Royal (came as early as 1880). Children: C. F., C. L., D. C., Mrs. B. E. Smith, Mrs. B. F. Cochrell, Mrs. H. N. Porcher, Mrs. J. E. Gardner, Mrs. Will Searcy, and Mrs. A. B. Freeman. 

Thomas C. Roberts came here in 1874. Children: John M., George, Ella, Mrs. M. Rainey, and Mrs. John Davis.

John M. Roberts married Susie Ramey. Children: G. T., Elbert, Mrs. Lizzie Durham, Mrs. Jennie Ambrose, Mrs. Julia Dimsdale, Mrs. Ida Cribb, and Mrs. John (Francis) Winn. 

G. T. Roberts married Lilian Hobby. One child, Hazel. 

Barney H. Shivers married Emmerline Bass and came here in 1870. Children: D. Newton, S. M. (Dock), Henry B., and Mrs. Jesse Bass. 

D. N. Shivers first married Tiney Ponder. Children: James, Burrell, Forrester, Reason, Estell, Emmie, Nancy, and Edna. His second wife was a Miss Eldredge. 

S. M. (Dock) Shivers married Mary Bailey. Children: John H., Silva, Maggie, Bertha, Emma, Rosser, Lee, and Maybelle. 

John Southwell came here about 1872; married Mary Jane Low. Children: William, Benjamin, Thomas, Carlton, and George. 

Dr. W. J. Turner married Julia Cawley and came to Ashburn in 1895. Children: Lynn and Mrs. Hazel Kerns. 

Jack Sumner came about 1878-80. Children: Hence, Horace, Thomas, James, Thelma, Elwood, and others. 

John T. Ward came in 1885. Children: W. Pat., J. E., Mrs. A. L. Hobby, Mrs. A. L. Massey, and Mrs. J. E. Dupree. 

Elijah Zorn came from Upson County in 1886. Children: John, Jeff, Emmett, Elijah A., A. F., Jas. T., Mrs. William Massey, and Mrs. W. T. Smith. 


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