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From Dave Davis ERDAVIS3@aol.com
Wednesday, December 04, 2002

I have a great deal of information on Susan Williamson.    She was the mother of Henry Monroe Williamson, who served the Confederate Army from Dooly County.    He is buried in Crisp County at Zion Hope Cemetery.

Susan Williamson was known as "Susie".   I have a photograph of her, and her tombstone's "297 pounds" looks accurate!   A large woman she was!

Susie Williamson was born Susie Weldon.   She married John Williamson, the widower of her sister Nancy Weldon.   (Nancy Weldon Williamson died in child birth....)   John Williamson died in 1847, leaving Susie with several young children to raise.   She married ????? Griffin shortly thereafter, and had two more children.   But Mr. Griffin disappeared......I don't know if they divorced, seperated, or maybe he died.....but Susie went back to calling herself Susie Williamson.    The two children born to Mr. Griffin were also known to call themselves Williamson.....Mary Elizabeth Griffin - one of the daughters - married Mr. Nipper.    She and several of her children are buried in the MHH Cemetery  (Plez Nipper and the Nipper twins).

There are many Poseys in Crisp County, Georgia.....and they are almost all descended from Susie Weldon Williamson.

Henry Monroe Williamson has one or two grandchildren still living - Stella Posey Lewis is the one I know best.   Her husband of 70 years died today.   I plan to go up there for the funeral....Clarence Lewis.....a terrific man....91 years old.   Stella is 92 and going strong.    Many of the Posey children lived well into their 90's.....

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