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  Mary Henderson Cemetery
Turner County, Georgia
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Harden Family

I read with interest your information on the Mary Henderson Cemetery
east of Ashburn.  My great grandparents are buried there in the J. B.
Harden plot with the block wall around around the grave sites. I
remember as a young boy going to the grave site with my grandfather,
Joseph B. Harden, to clean the weeds around the graves.  This was in
the time frame of 1947-49.  I also went there later with my uncle,
Joseph W. Harden; this would have been in the early 1950's.
My grandfather's parents are buried in the graves labeled "Father"
and "Mother".

The grave marked "Father" is where Robert Monroe Harden is buried.  He
died in about 1881.  He was born about 1847 and was the son of Henry
Hardin of Sumter Co.  Robert Monroe Harden served in the Confederate
Army having enlisted as a private in Co. B, 11th Battalion, Georgia
Artillery (Sumter Artillery) in January 1864.  (All of his military
records are spelled "Hardin" but his branch of the Hardin/Harden family
later spelled it with a "e".) (Records show that he had three brothers
in the same unit, David, James B., and Thomas Jefferson Hardin.  Two
other brothers served in other groups in the CSA, Henry H. and Drewry
Hardin.  In all, there were 15 children in the Henry Hardin family).
Robert Monroe Hardin was listed as “Present” in all the Company Muster
Rolls until November – December 1864.  At this time he was described
as “Dispatched with musket to Fort Gregg by order of Col. Walker”.  His
record shows that he was captured at Petersburg on April 2, 1865 and
was moved as a POW to Point Lookout, Md. on April 4, 1865.  He was
released on June 13, 1865 on taking the oath of allegiance to the
United States.

The grave labeled "Mother" is the grave of Elizabeth (Betsy) Rouse
Harden Hammond.  She was born in 1840 in Sumter County and was the
daughter of Joseph B. Rouse.  She married Robert Monroe Harden on
12/21/1865 in Sumter Co. Ga.  She later married William Hammmond in
about 1892.  I don't know when she died, but it must have been around
1910.  My mother, Carrie Elizabeth Harden Bacon, was born in 1904 and
she remembered her "Grandmother Hammond" who died when my mother was a
young girl.

I do not know who is buried in the grave marked "Sister", but my
grandfather lost two sisters when they were children, Annie Elizabeth
(b. 3/12/1874) and Zula Rose (b. 12/6/1876).  I was under the
impression that they both died when the family lived in Ocala, Florida,
but that may not be correct.  One of them may be buried at this

Annie Laua Harden was the first wife of Joseph B. Harden and the mother
of Laurel Harden.  Her maiden name was Law.

My grandfather wanted to be buried in the cemetery next to his father,
but the family buried him in the Ashburn cemetery.  I think the grave
stone with his name on it was one he put there in preparation for his
burial.  I remember him telling me that we might dig into his father's
grave when we bury him because he was not sure about the exact location
of his father's burial site.

You are welcome to add any of this information to the web site records
of the cemetery.

Thanks for putting the information on the web and for your efforts in
maintaining the cemetery.

Frank M. Bacon
1013 El Alhambra Cir. NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107
April 6, 2003

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