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The Irwin County Courier

Nazery Shot Hogan at Bone Lake 

On last Sunday about 2:30, at Bone Pond, four miles west of here Mr. John Hogan, a prominent man of this county, received a painful, if not fatal; pistol shot wound, at the hands of Jake Nazery. This was the culmination of a trouble that has been existing between these parties for about a year.  Sometime last fall Mr. Thomas Marshall stole Mr. Hoganís fourteen year old daughter and started for Irwinville to get married.  They were overtaken, however, by Mr. Hogan and his friends and the girl were taken away from young Marshall.  Trouble was only prevented then by their friends.  Yesterday was their fist meeting since then and this old trouble was renewed, when Mr. Hogan and Marshall came to blows.  Hogan had Marshall down and was administering a sever beating when Nazery, who was a friend of Mashall, ran up and drew his pistol.  Mr. Hogan seeing this, let go of Marshall and knocked down Nazery, who immediately fired upon him.  He shot him three times only one bullet hitting him, which struck him in the leg just bellow the thigh.


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