SW Georgia Newspaper Clippings

Montgomery County, Georgia
Thursday, January 19, 1911
Abbeville, Ga., January 10. - Knives, pistols and shot guns were used in a terrible fight at Wilson's mill, five miles from here this morning, and Mathew Wilson, a planter, James Mixon, and Noah White are dead and N. Perry Wilson is seriously wounded.
White was a tenant of the Wilson plantation and the trouble is said to have followed a disagreement between N. Perry Wilson and White over a settlement for wages. White used a knife and lacerated the planter's throat. A short time afterward Mixon and Mathew Wilson on the one side and White and his wife of the other met. Shooting with pistol and shot gun began at once. White and Wilson fired almost at the same instant and both dropped, Wilson dead and White rapidly dying.

Witnesses state that when her husband fell Mrs. White took his shot gun and fired the charge into the body of Mixon, who dropped and died soon afterwards.

Sheriff L. H. Glenn hastened to the scene of the tragedy, placed Mrs. White under arrest and brought her to Abbeville tonight where she was placed in jail to await the outcome of the coroner's inquest which will probably be held tomorrow.

Arriving on the scene, the sheriff hurried away with Mrs. White, fearing violence might be done her or that an outbreak might occur at any time, although everything was quiet when he left. Mrs. White made no attempt to get away nor to resist arrest.

After having been placed in jail Mrs. White in a
statement said that she and her husband killed both of the parties, Wilson and Mixon.

The Wilson were wealthy and prominent. Mixon was their close friend. It is not known whether he fired before Mrs. White is said to have killed him.


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