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Pleasant Hill Baptist Church

History continued.

Lawson Smith was the first Clerk of the Church and was first ordained deacon (October 1876).  He later became a preacher, but the Church records do not show if he was ordained or licensed at Pleasant Hill.

According to Rev. Pate's History Book, Pleasat Hill was a "very strong church numerically."  Most members of the church today have ancestors that were members of the early Church.

Older members of the Church say that the present benches were made from trees taken from the Church grounds and carried to Abbeville to be dressed, and were built by members of the Church.  Present members do not want to depart with them because of their sentimental value.  This year the Church had the benches painted to blend with the carpet and paneling which was added in 1973.

The Church has had a Sunday School off and on since 1876, but the present Sunday School was orgainzed in 1945 with services being held only one week-end each month at that time.

The first Sunday School rooms were added in 1949, and lumber came from trees on grounds of the Church.  The recreation room and the other Sunday School rooms were added in 1958.

In September, 1952, the Church discontinued Saturday services and decided to go half time preaching on the first and third Sundays.  Rev. A.W. Green was the Pastor at that time.  The Church became full time in October, 1959.  Rev. Charles Parker was the first full time Pastor.

Bathrooms were installed in the church in November, 1966.  Also at this time the outside night light was installed.

In the early days of the Church a parsonage was owned by the Church, but it was sold in 1925.  Most of the Pastors have furnished their own homes, but from 1959 to 1963 the Church used A. L. Hobb's tenant house as a pastorium; and from 1965 to 1967 the Church rented a house from Hill Young of Rebecca.  The present pastor, Horace Holcomb lives in Fitzgerald in his own home.

Every fifth Sunday night for the past several years the Church has had a Gospel Sing, which has been a blessing for Church members and visitors as well.

The first Saturday night in each quarter of the year has been set aside as "Family Night", and members and visitors alike all bring in good food and have fellowship with one another.

Easter, 1954, marked the beginning of Easter Sunrise Services at Pleasant Hill shared with Rebecca Baptist and Rebecca Methodist Church, and it has become a tradition since to share Easter Sunrise at one of the three churches.

The Church now has two revivals a year, Spring and Summer, and has Sunday School, Training Union, and Preaching each Sunday.  The Brotherhood and Women's Missionary Society meet onece each month, and conference is held once a month.  Prayer meeting and choir practice is held each week on Wednesday.

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