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Pleasant Hill Primitive Baptist Church 
Royal Family
Sycamore, Turner County, Georgia
Larry Royal   submitted this information and pictures.
Lottie McMurrian Royal   1851-1832  Charles Lafayette Royal   1853-1917

Lottie McMurrian Royal   1851-1832
Charles Lafayette Royal   1853-1917

Bobbie Nells Royal 1903-1910; Harry Lamar Royal 1916-1984; Janie Mae Royal Unk-1956; Charlie Lawrence Royal 1885-1944; Rmetta Rouse Royal 1887-1944
       Bobbie Nells Royal                 1903-1910
       Harry Lamar Royal                 1916-1984
           Janie Mae Royal                  Unk-1956
Charlie Lawrence Royal                 1885-1944
      Rmetta Rouse Royal                 1887-1944

John Liewellyn Royal, Jr.1903-1949;  Sarah Iola Royal 1876-1954;  C.F. Royal 1881-1944; C.L. Royal 1917-1937; Willie Royal  No date; Ruby Royal  No date; Daniel Lee Royal No date; Oscar Royal 1904-1909;  Estell Royal No date
John Liewellyn Royal, Jr.    1903-1949
       Sarah Iola Royal         1876-1954
               C.F. Royal          1881-1944
               C.L. Royal          1917-1937
             Willie Royal           No date 
             Ruby Royal           No date 
     Daniel Lee Royal           No date
            Oscar Royal           1904-1909
             Estell Royal            No date


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