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Family Records of Turner County Georgia

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This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.

H. N. Ambrose married Nancy Bailey and came here in 1897. Children: John H., Scott, Thomas, Mrs. Aslee Mangham, Mrs. Lizzie Owens, Mrs. Missouri Taylor, and Mrs. Ida Lamb. 

J. H. Ambrose married Jennie Roberts. Children: J. M., Mrs. Alma Harrelson, and Mrs. Wade Jackson. 

T. D. Ambercrombie. One daughter, Lavane.

Rev. I. C. Aiken (1893). Children: A. V. (Skinny), T. C., and Mrs. Maud Gaulding. 

W. H. Alexander married Mattie Wynne. Children: J. A., H. V., Gladys, Corrie, Louis, and Mamie. 

J. S. Betts (came 1888-9). Two sons, George T. and Sam. G. T. Betts. Children: Maud and Josephine. 

R. L. Betts, first married Miss Dasher. Several children. 

In 1895, four brothers came to our section, B. A., T. E., Greer, Fields, and one sister, Mrs. G. G. Pierce. 

Dr. J. H. Baxter married Miss Stevens (came about 1900). Children: Hubert, Harry, Ed, Florence, and Lucy. 

Prof. C. H. Bishop came in 1906. Married Miss Greene. Children: Clowd, Hawell, Edwin, Eustice, Lanier, and James. 

C. E. Bailey. Children: Irene, Mary Lois, Ruth, Eleanor, and Alfred. 

J. H. Bell married Fannie Waters. Children: W. E., H. D., and C. P. 

K. P. Baker. One daughter, Mrs. Burma Peabody. 

H. Burdette married Harriett Anderson. Children: W. H., J. A., C. A., C. S., W. V., L. L., S. J., T. L., Mrs. Mittie Day, Mrs. Hattie McCord, and Mrs. Alice Taylor. 

S. W. (Fields) Brown married Sallie McFarland and came here in 1896. Children: Lawson and Nellie.

H. W. Bussey married Rebecca S. Wilcox and came to this section in 1889. Children: Col, A. S., J. F., H. W., Jr., L. J., E. 0., Paul, Mrs. W. K. (Maybelle) Brooks, Mrs. J. C. (Susie) Wiley, Mrs. H. G. (Francis) Zorn, and Mrs. C. E. (Ruth) Coker. 

J. R. Burgess came in 1892. Children: J. R., Madison, Evans, J. E., Charles R., and S. L. 

C. R. Burgess came in 1910. 

J. R. Brown. Children: Mary, Jane, and James. 

M. S. Cantey came here in 1889. Children: Morgan S., Jr., Mrs. Johnie Adams, and Mrs. I. N. Duggan, etc. 

Roy Clark. Children: Helen and William. 
E. T. Clark married Miss Jennings. Children: Langdon, Jennings, Mrs. John N. Raines, and Mrs. Hardy. 

Col. J. A. Comer came here in 1890 and married Miss Alma Jessup. No children. 

Dr. George W. Cooper came here in 1897 and married Ora Russell. Children: William Henry, Russell Carlton, George B., and Rebecca. 

Prof. C. J. Cheeves married Latta Speer. One child, Joanne. 

J. B. Durham came here in 1895. One son, W. E. Durham. 

W. E. Durham married Lizzie Roberts. Children: Henry, Harvey, Hoke, D. R., John, Annie, Myrtice, Mary, Mrs. Estelle Roger, and Mrs. John Kelley. 

C. D. Eubanks married Armenta Stevens and came here in 1908. Children: Arlie, Mrs. Ella Humphries, Mrs. A. A. Lord, Mrs. A. E. Newburn, and Mrs. R. L. McNair. 

John W. Evans (came in 1888-9). Children: George S., John L., Samuel J., Miss Vic, Mrs. J. R. Burgess, and Mrs. E. A. Rogers. 

J. L. Evans married Florrie Smith. Children: Mrs. R. A. McDona]d, Mrs. H. A. Miller, and J. L., Jr. 

Four brothers came here about 1890, Enoch, Jim, John, and Mose Fountain. 

Mose Fountain mauied Eugenia Greer. Children: Charles, Elsie, Alice, and Mrs. Beulah Skipper. 

James Fountain married Lottie McKenzie. Children: Archie, Henry, Will, Miss Minnie Jones, Mrs. Ida VanHouton, and Mrs. Johnie Williams. 

Children: Jack, John, Albert, William D., Mrs. Bettie Williams, and Mrs. H. D. Smith. 

E. Forshee came here about 1890 and married Ella Jeter. Children: J. Preston, W. Maxie, R. L., C. H., A. L., and Mrs. Aurena Jordon. 

W. G. Fields (came here in 1917). Children: William T. and others. 

Tom Fields came to Rebecca in its early days. Children: William, Aubrey, and Louise. 

GAMBLE: J. D. Gamble came probably about 1900 or before. Several children. 

W. A. Greer came in the early days of the turpentine and lumber industries. Child: Mrs. Minnie Monroe. 

E. R. Garner married E. E. Saffold. Children: Emily Elizabeth, Ernest Walter, Margaret, James W., and Everett Allen. 

James Hodges (came in 1889). Children: Hoyt, James, and Mrs. P. W. Bolden. 

HUDGINS: J. M. Hudgins (came in 1917). Children: Clifford, Ernest, and Oscar. 

John F. Jenkins (came in 1896). Married Hattie Redding. Children: C. H., J. F., Martha, Mrs. F. J. Cawley, and Mrs. Sarah Seitz. 

W. K. Jenkins (came in 1890). Married Eva Hattaway. No children. 

T. A. Judge (came in 1890). Children: Eugene B., L. R., Thos. A., H. E., Ida and Mrs. James (Laura) Bohannon. 

E. B. Judge married Maud Miller. One child, Bryan. 

J. G. Jackson (1906). Children: William, Hugh, Elna, Elvira, Ethel, and Eva. 

G. T. Humphries married Ella Eubanks and came here in 1910. Children: Weyman, Clyde, Roy, and J. D. 

J. W. Haley married Mary Johnson. Children: Wilson, Joseph, and James. 

A. A. Johnson (1900). Children: John S., Ruby H., G. H., Rosa, Mrs. Ethel J. Greer, Mrs. J. W. Haley, Mrs. J. A. Howard, Mrs. B. L. Rosier, Mrs. Harry Metcalf, and Mrs. S. R. Amoss. 

Mikuel Wesley Lamb, the son of Thomas Lamb and a descendant of N. C. and Emmerline Wiggins Lamb of Emanuel County, Georgia, came to this section in 1893. Children: Webster, Leister and Lester. 

Joe Lawrence came from Ireland in his young manhood and married Maggie Wilcox. Children: Mrs. Nora Lawrence Smith and Mrs. E. A. (Mary) Lambert.

Capt. A. C. Lawton (an officer in the Confederate Army) came here in 1894. One daughter, Mrs. Dr. C. E. Walker, now Mrs. J. W. Long. Mr. J. W. Long came in 1923. 

Rev. S. N. Little married Delilah Miller and came here about 1890. Children: Rev. Joseph H., William B., Rev. James D., T. J., J. A., Mrs. Harriet Huckabee, Mrs. Nancy Jane Culpepper, Mrs. Georgia Bass, and Mrs. Lula Lawson. 

L. P. Legg married Guyula Maddox. One child, Guy Powell.

G. W. Miller married Leona Jenkins. Children: William G., Frank, John Bert, Mrs. E. B. Judge, and Mrs. Ethel Edge. 

C. F. Maddux came from Butts County in 1900 and married Miss Nussell. 

Four brothers, Sam, Bud, George, and Frank, came about 1905-10. 

Bud McCard. Children: Pleas. Quil, Herschel, Mrs. Kin Hamans, and Mrs. Paul Bussey. 


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