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Family Records of Turner County Georgia

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This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.

J. T. McLendon (1888). Children: Claud, Claire, Mrs. Patton, and Mrs. Ira Teagle. 

Guy N. Maddox (1900). Children: Roy, Carter, Mrs. L. P. Legg, Mrs. J. W. Ritchie, Mrs. J. H. Holliman, Mrs. W. D. Griffith, Miss Reba, and Miss Wilda.

Chap. McDaniel married Tiney Culpepper. Children: W. C., A. D., A. E., L. H., Kittie, and Mrs. Mary Bullington. 

J. C. Means married Carrie Goddard. Children: James C. Jr., and Fain Goddard. 

W. A. Murray came here in 1889 or 90, married Mary Edith Harden. Children: William B., Frank H., Mrs. Lynn Turner, and Mrs. Albert (Cecil) Thorp. 

W. B. Murray married Mary Bristano. Children: W. B., Jr. I and Mary Grey.

F. H. Murray married Elizabeth Daniels. Children: Margery and Patricia. 

T. B. McKenzie married Hattie Dukes. One child, Caroline. 

Dr. G. C. McKenzie married Clyde Shingler. Children: Emily, Cathern, Gordon, and Henry. 

Col. H C. McKenzie married Cathem Beverly. Children: Col. W. H., Dr. G. C., T. B., Mrs. F. M. Mangham, Mrs. J. J. Finch, Mrs. T. O. Heard, and Mrs. L. R. Wright. 

Randolph N. Monroe married Minnie Greer. Children: Dorothy and Greer. 

G. F. Nussell and family came from Michigan in 1898. 

J. L. North married Sallie Wilkinson and came here in 1905. Children: Carlton H., V. A., J. S., and Mrs. J. S. (Janie Mae) Johnson. 

Jake Nasworth married Tina Croombs. Children: Daniel, Wiley, John, Sam, Henry, Judia, Celia, and Viola. 

R. W. Pope married Mabelle Simmons. Children: Kermit, J. T., Riley, Thermond, Abner, Howard, and Mrs. C. T. (Tannie) Harrelson. 

M. H. Pittman married Lula Walker. Children: M. E., N. W., M. H., Jr., Lula Maud, Inez, Tommie, Mrs. Lacy Tyler, and Mrs. James (Gussie) McCall. 

Rev. W. W. Pace married Ola McDowell and came here from South Carolina in 1906. Children: Charles W., J. Monroe, William M., Rufus H., Victoria, Ollie, Cathern, and Ruth. 

J. B. Pye married Emory Douglas and came here in 1896. Children: Lula Myrtle, Ossie Preston, Everett Brantley, Clifford Grady, and Walter Albert. 

Fred Reynolds married Anna Wardlow. Children: Dewey, Harold, Emmett, and Dorothy. 

D. H. Rose married Miss Kent. Children: Harry, Charles, and Clarence. 

ROUSE (1890) : 
Children: Jabe, Isaac, Mrs. J. F. Hamans, Mrs. Lawrence Royal and Mrs. Robert Hill. 

William Henry Ray came from Taylor County in 1898. Children: Chas. L., Lou, Dock, Claud, Hall, Mrs. J. C. Wynn, and Mrs. M. M. Denham. 

D. W. Redmond married Mary Smith. Children: Bettie, Kate, and Dwight William. 

B. K. Reeves came here in 1897 and married Ardella Paulk. Children: Paulk, Roby, Melvin, Kyle, Bennie Eason, Marion, and Nelva. 

Dr. R. D. Rawlins married Mary Odom. Children: Willard Brown and Mary Evelyn. 

Geo. F. Reinhardt (about 1905). Children: G. E., A. E., Robert, W. R., Mrs. Addie Johnston, and Mrs. J. W. Putnam. 

G. E. Reinhardt married Ollie Hughes. Children: Floyd and Clyde. 

A. E. Reinhardt married Mary Watson. Children: Irene, Ruth, George, Watson, Roger, Mrs. E. L. Davis, and Mrs. J. E. Porter. 

Robert Reinhardt. Children: Rosemary, Janette, and Bobby. 

Dr. F. W. Rogers married Willie McGill. Children: Carolyn and Dorothy. 

R. M. Sumner married Hattie Lemons. Children: Roy and Francis. 

W. D. Simmons married Mary Evelyn Barker. Children: Loyd, Thomas, Ernest, and Ruby. 

A. R. Standford married Gertrude Herns. Came about 1908. Children: Leon, R. D., Winton, Wedthur, Mamie, Francis, Mrs. Jim (Imogene) Young, and Mrs. Myrtle Paulk. 

Leon Standford married R.osa Miller. Children: Rufus, Edith, Wilburn, and Donald.

Geo. W. Stubbs married Beulah Wickers. One child, Mary Julia. 

SPEIGHT: W. R. Speight married Delphia Pope and came in 1915. Children: J. Reece, Joel, Grady, Wilburn, and Mrs. Rachel Roberts 

In 1888-9, two brothers, J. S., Thomas, and one cousin, W.O., came to this section. 

J. S. Shingler, Sr., married Miss Emma Baldwin. Children: Clinton F., J. S., Jr., H. I., R. E., Mrs. G. C. McKenzie, Mrs. Carl Cannon, and Miss Louise. 

Thomas Shingler. Children: Arthur and others.

W. A. Shingler. Children: Gendron, Margaret, Mary, and Claud. 

H. Z. Strickland married Hester Sapp. Children: Richard S., Hector, Hubbard, Mrs. Vallie Brannon, Mrs. Georgia Smith, Mrs. Ollie Matthies, Mrs. Louise , Gem, and Claudius. 

George L. Shepherd came about 1890. Children: Bert, Clyde, Gordon, Mrs. C. Cox, and Mrs. J. P. Dickens. 

J. A. Smith married Kizan Watson. Children: Jesse J., Charles, Lummie, Harvey, Newton, Fannie, Mrs. Lula Belle Wheeler, and Mrs. Emma Eldredge. 

A. R. Smith married Sammye Robinson. Children: Samye R., Rosemary, A. R. Jr., and Patsey. 

Edwin R. Smith came to Sycamore in 1889. Children: Wilbur R., Marvin, Sidney, Edwin, Arthur R., Barnes, Mrs. Margarette Cross, and Mrs. John L. (Florrie) Evans. 

Dr. T. H. Thrasher (1889) married Miss Jennie Teagle. Children: Mrs. Chester Clark and Mrs. Annelle Murphy. 

C. Emmett Thrasher married Grace Harwell and came here (1902). Children: Tigner Emmett and Annie Lou. 

Mrs. Sallie Thrasher (1905). Children: C. Emmett, Nolan, and Nellie. 

Dr. T. W. Tyson married Miss Ford. (Came 1890). Children: Col. Mark, Col. Robert G., Dr. Thomas P., T. W., Frank M., Joseph, Mrs. J. A. Forehand, and Mrs. G. W. Howard. 

F. M. Tyson married Pearl Perry. Children: F. M., Jr., Joe, Perry, (Mrs. lone Barbee), Aline, and Dorothy. 

Homer L. Tharpe (1900). Children: Albert, Walter, George, Lynda, Gladys, and Drane. 

Dr. W. J. Turner came here and married Miss Cawley. Children: Glenn and Hazel. 

Rev. J. B. Thrasher, Methodist pastor, married Lula Quillian. Children: Paul, Sarah, Helen, Jno. B., Warren, and Mrs. Thurmond. 

Rev. G. B. Thrasher, Baptist pastor, married Miss Price. Several children. 

D. B. Wisham (1902.). Children: F. M., J. B., P. G., Mrs. J. M. Miller, and Mrs. J. D. Whittle. 

Levi Williford came about 1880 and married Bettie Cravey. Children: Mitch W., J. D., Mrs. Clyde (Laura) Shepherd, and Mrs. Dempsey (Maybell) Luke. 

L. Ross Whatley came here in 1908 and married Effie Whelchel. Children: L. R., Jr., Margarett, and Elizabeth. 

F. H. Wardlaw came in 1891. Children: George, Floyd, Lillie Mae, and Mrs. Fred Reynolds. 

Floyd H. Wardlaw married Nora Pickles. Children: Floyd H., Jr., Mildred, and Myrtice.

George Wardlaw married Ella Pate. Children: Frank, Lonnie, James Leon, Nelda, Olivia, George C., and Clifford. 

K. C. West married Lizzie Varner and came here in 1898. Children: Jesse K., Susie Mae, Mrs. W. A. Willis, and Mrs. W. H. Holmes. 

WIGGINS: R. N. Wiggins married Bettie Belflower and was here as early as 1890. Children: Falton, William, Rex, Mrs. Della Thomas, Mrs. Tiney Dupree, and Mrs. Mary Bellflower.

Julius W. Wiggins married Lewellen Lackerman and came here in 1892. Children: Daniel Lee, Leonard, Joseph L., Carl, Mrs. Nannie Belle Dryden, Mrs. Eva Dryden, Mrs. Litha Ellerbee, Ruby Bailey, and Lizzie. 

J. W. Walker married Victoria Fowler and came here in 1889. Children: W. J., Ed., and Mrs. G. T. (Bessie) Brooks. 

Rev. H. G. Wheeler married Mary Griggs. Children: Haywood and H. G., Jr. 


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