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Wilcox County Georgia 
Marriages of Wilcox County Georgia


This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.

Married by:
J.P.-- Justice of the Peace
M. G.-- Minister of the Gospel
J. I. C.-- Justice of the Inferior Court

Underlined names are linked to an image of the marriage document.

Wilcox County was created in 1857 from the territory of Dooly and Irwin Counties.

David Fitzgerald gave sixty acres of land for the county site, moved away and settled on this side of Alapaha River. 

The county site was named Abbeville in honor of Abbie McNally and some say in honor of the wife of David Fitzgerald. The county was named in honor of Captain Wilcox, a noted officer in the Indian battles of this section. 

The first court was held in 1858.

The following names of persons residing in our territory served on the first jury. James D. Pate, Benjamin Rainey, Joseph Rainey, Mitchell Fortner and Jonathan Smith.


1858-- William Hogan - Mary A. Parsons, M. G. Fordham, J. I. C. 
1859--Jasper Smith - Floryann Hamans, James Owens, J. I. C. 
1860--Frances H. Chandler - Catherine Rainey, Wm. McDaniel, J. I. C. 
1866--George W. Haman - Mary J. Pate, James Owen, J. I. C. 
1866--Marcus Luke - Mary E. Lee, J. J. Hancock, M. G. 
1867--John T. Pate - Henrietta Kirkland, James Owen, J. I. C. 
1867--Thomas Marshall - Nancy Hogans, J. C. Luke, J. I. C. 
1867--W. A. Nipper - Zara Taylor, Jonathan Smith, J. I. C. 
1868--Bennett Pate - Mrs. Catherine Chandler, James Owen, J. I. C. 
1868--Mitchell Cravey - Nancy Smith, J. C. Luke, J. I. C. 
1869--Thomas Fitzgerald - Nancy Pate, D. E. Hunter, M. G. 
1869--Hiram Taylor - Martha Ann Nipper, Jonathan Smith, J. I. C. 
1871--Rufus King - Mary Nobles, R. O. Horton, M. G. 
1872--Thomas Gibbs - Sarah Pate, O. D. Mulkey, M. G. 
1873--James Love - Mrs. Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Stephen Coleman, J.P. 
1873--Allen Marshall - Cathern Harelson, Stephen Coleman, J. P. 
1876--John M. Roberts - Susan Rainey, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1877--John Clements - Narcissa Pate, James Fields, M. G. 
1879--Rev. J. E. Wilson - Bettie Gorday, T. R. Bullingham, M. G. 
1880--J. J. Gorday - Catherine Smith. 
1881--B. S. Pate - Nancy Pitts, Israel Johnson, J. P. 
1881--Manassee Rainey - Mollie Roberts, T. R. Bullingham, M. G. 
1882--Thos. D. Mashburn - Nancy Hobby, O. D. Mulkey, M. G. 
1882--Silas Townsend - Mary Smith, J. W. Mashburn, M. G. 
1883--W. H. Wheeler - Jane Bailey, T. R. Bullingham, M. G. 
1883--James Hogan - Jane Mann, T. R. Bullingham, M. G. 
1884--J. L. Hobby - Malissa Smith, O. D. Mulkey, M. G. 
1884--Rev. George W. Hobby - Mary Ann Smith, Zarah Paulk, M.G. 
1885--James Hobby - Martha Ann Smith, C. L. RoyaJ, J. P. 
1885--J. A. Smith - Malissa Harvey, O. D. Mulkey, M. G. 
1885--W. G. Griffin - Sarah A. Gorday, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1886--H. H. Pitts - Bettie Rainey, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1886--James Cravey - Dicey Gorday, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1887--F. H. Taylor - Sallie Luke, Zarah Paulk, M. G. 
1887--John Rainey - Nancy Gorday, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1887--A. J. Wilson - Martha Daniels, J. G. Keen, J. P. 
1888--Elijah B. Pate - Isabel Rainey, D. W. Taylor, M. G. 
1892--J. S. Geoghagan - Oxford Holliman, R. M. Booth, M. G. 
1894--M. Cravey - Lucy Boyd. 
1894--John W. King - Maud Perry. 
1896--A. F. Ranew - Mattie Ross. 
1896--Jesse Hogan - Mary Paul, E. D. Wood, M. G. 
1896--W. E. Durham - Lizzie Roberts, E. D. Wood, M. G. 
1896--William D. King - Ella Gorday, E. D. Wood, J. P. 
1897--S. T. Gordan - Ida Ashley, J. T. Lee, M. G. 
1897--A. P. Spradley - Mollie Wheeler, J. B. Chandler, J. P. 
1897--L. C. Gibbs - Luvenia Calhoun, G. W. Walker, M. G. 
1897--T. A. Ashley - E. M. Gorday, T. B. Fuller, M. G. 
1898--A. Barfield - Mattie Williams, D. W. Taylor, M. G. 
1899--J. B. Chandler - Honor Barrett, E. M. Clark, M. G. 
1899--Rev. B. F. Rainey - Eva Tippett, A. J. Nelson, M. G. 
1900--Rollo Vinson - Narcissa Gibbs, Lawson Smith, M. G. 
1901--James Rainey - Leila Holliman, J. L. Atkinson, M. G. 
1903--J. H. Ambrose - Jennie Roberts, B. F. Rainey, M. G. 
1904--G. W. Hamans - Maggie Williams, J. H. Hall, M. G. 
1904--Fred Hancock - Emma Barrentine, C. W. Littlejohn, M. G.
1904--C. R. Winn - Julia Roberts, W. M. Williamson, M. G. 
1904--T. T. Scott - Mrs. Maggie Hamans, J. B. Pate, M. G. 
1905--Thomas Yarbrough - Mamie Williams, J. B. Pate, M. G. 
1905--Elbert Mashburn - Minnie Reed, D. L. Griffin, M. G. 
1905--Sol Taylor - Missouri Ambrose, W. W. Cowan, N. P. 
1910--Rev. John Ben Pate - Fannie Lee Mitchell, O. V. Fuller, M.G. 


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