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Worth County Georgia 
Marriages of Worth County Georgia 


This information has been scanned from John Ben Pate's book, History of Turner County (first printed in 1933).  I tried to profread entries, but may have missed some scanning errors.

Married by:
J.P.-- Justice of the Peace
M. G.-- Minister of the Gospel
J. I. C.-- Justice of the Inferior Court

Worth County was created in 1852 from the territory of Dooly and Irwin Counties. 

The men appointed to layoff the county and established its boundaries were Jonathan Smith of Irwin County and Elijah B. Pate of Dooly County. 

The records of Worth County were burned, but we find many pioneer citizens of Turner County's territory were prominent in all political and civil affairs. 

Daniel Henderson, Lott Whiddon, the Davis family. the Story family, the Fillyaw family, the Hobby family, were all prominent and served in various positions of trust and honor until the creation of Turner County. Col. Andrew J. Davis was Judge of the County Court of Worth at the creation of Turner County. 

Records of marriages in Worth County were burned and a complete record could not be obtained. 
Those secured are given below: 

1855--Charles Wheelis - Mary Hobby, Danl. Henderson, J. I. C. 
1856--Alfred Story - Pinkney Goff, Wm. Keen, J. P.; 
       --William Griffin - Sarah Thompson, D. Henderson, J. I. C. 
1857--R. G. Ford - Susan Hobby, G. C. Powell, M. G. 
1857--John C. Sumner - Mary Hobby, Thomas Young, J. P. 
1858--Willis Story (son of Richard Story) - Mary Johnston. Wm. Reeves. J. P. 
1860--Alfred Newell - Lucinda Pate, Warren Dykes, M. G. 
1860--Andrew J. Sutton - Mirah Roberts, Thos. I. Young, J. P. 
1862--James N. Hobby - Catherine Henderson. J. W. Rouse, J.I.C. 
1856--Dr. T. W. Tyson - Georgiana Ford, Warren Dykes, M. G. 
1870--Micajah Roberts - Sylvania Blanchard, Ben Barbee, J. P. 
1878--Tillman Fillyaw - Bennie Goff, Isaac Hobby, M. G. 
1878--M. Brock - Rebecca Pitts, W. R. Williams, J. P. 
1878--Daniel H. Davis - Mary Ann Bowman, Rev. J. J. Davis. 
1883--J. M. Pate - E. A. Cone, A. J. Owens, J. P. 
1889--Rev. J. J. Davis (second wife) - Betsey Stephens, W. A. Davis, N. P. 
1889--J. F. Huggins - Polly Cravey, C. L. Royal, J. P. 
1889--John W. Nipper - M. E. White, A. A. Collins, J. P. 
1885--Shep W. Odom - F. E. Kerce, A. A. Collins, J. P. 
1877--Willis J. Odom - Betsey J. Story, S. M. Hunt, J. P. 
1887--Jacob Z. Paulk - Elizabeth Cravey, C. L. Royal, J. P. 


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