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Early American Pioneers Held Captive or Killed by Indians

Welcome to the home of the descendants & relatives of Early American Pioneer Indian Captives!
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The site is not exclusive to Georgia, this site is part of The Georgia GenWeb.  This site has always been and will always be for Pioneers held captive or Killed by Indians. This site is for the genealogy research of those captives or killed during Indian Conflicts and peace.

1835-1842 Second Seminole War Seminole chief Osceola refuses to honor treaties agreeing to the movement of the tribe to the west and launches a general war. More than 60,000 militiamen, volunteers and regulars participate in the campaign; 41 percent become casualties.

I am trying to gather information on the 41% causalities and the civilians that were killed and or captured in Georgia.  Please send any  information you may have to Margie Daniels

Includes Surname Index & History of the Pan-Handle, West Virginia and all other states. 

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I am M. Daniels and I am responsible for this page. Information will be added when obtained.

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Please remember while reading these stories that our Native American Indian brothers & sisters have their own stories to tell regarding the way life was for them among the whites. This web site was created for family historians descended from those who were taken captive by the Indians- a place to share the historically written stories of our ancestors. We are not a forum to discuss issues & our purpose is genealogy research.

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This will probably be the most important part of the site.  A place to post your Queries, Wills, Letters, Bible records of those that were captured.   Please do not post here if you are only searching for your Indian heritage, this site will be for those Pioneers that were captured by the Indians.  There are many great sites on each of the tribes that you will have far more information on the tribes records than we will have here.  I will try to add some links here for the different tribes for those that know which tribe their ancestors were captured by. 

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Below is the Surname Index to aid in your genealogical research.

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Pickett's History of Alabama

The Scalping of Barbara Culp McKinney

German Family added 11/30/2005


The Captives And Their Stories
The Light in the Forest by Conrad Richter 8th grade school project.

1864 Indian Raids

Indian White Bonds

Account of Stephen Holden

Native history of the region

Scalp Bounty

The Hair Buyer of Detroit

Sullivans Expedition 1779

Pieces of Time The Unredeemed Captive


Wyoming Valley

New Berne

Indian Raid


Martydom of Jean de Breboeuf

Tanner - Portrait

Death of Major Walderne

Indian Wars

Mary Jemison

History in the USA

Tanner - Portrait

Colonial Fictions... - Captivities

Siege of Detroit

Overview of History of Cherokees and Creeks

Chief Bull & Descendants In Monongahela Valley

John Windell Brown

Daniel Carr/John Gardner Hadsall/Hadsell

Cynthia Ann Parker

Barnes Prowse

Mary Rowlandson

Olive Oatman  
(picture of Olive)

Daniel Carr/John Gardner Hadsall/Hadsell

Ice Family

Olive Oatman  


Indian Captives released by Col. Bouquet
2nd page- Captives rel by Bouquet Scalping During then French Indian War
History of Native Americans in West Virginia American History Kids Page RW Soldiers & Their Descendants
Hacker's Creek Pioneer Descendants- History of the Pan-Handle, WV Ruddle's & Martin's Ft. Web Site

Creek Letters

Brice Russell

First Settlers of Whites West of the Blue Ridge
Chronicles of Border Warfare

The Story of Frances Slocum

Early Settlement of NW Virginia (WVa)

Pioneer Links

California Pioneer Project Oregon-California Trails Association

California Pioneers before 1850

Missouri Pioneers List California Pioneer List California County Biographical Indexes - with search engine
Ohio Pioneers List Ohio Pioneers Project Limestone Co.,Texas
Pioneer History Museum Iowa Pioneers Project Oregon Pioneer Database
Miami County, Kansas    


Native American Links

Cherokee History pt 1
Cherokee History pt. 2


Index of Native American Sites

Books on Indian Tribes, Lifestyles, Customs, Clothing, Crafts, Weapons

Monroe County Cherokees

Indian Genealogy Links

Native American Genealogy Links

New Mexico Gen Society

Great Tribe search engine

Becham County, Ok.

A must site...for all to understand what live was like in Indian camps.The story of Sacagawea and the Shoshone

Index to the North American Indian

Indian Captives Stories found on these pages may not be printed out to be republished or sold in any form without the expressed permission of the authors/sources as noted on each page. This web page owner makes no claim on owning any story on these pages. This is shared & non-profit on my part. Bibliography is in the form of the sources noted on the top of each story. All are for the general use of family historians & linking together their many descendants & ancestors. If you are the author/owner of any book/source/reference & do not want your article on these pages, please notify me & I shall immediately remove them. Please feel free to contact me if there should be any changes, corrections or deletions. , November, 1996--- 1999 


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