It seems that many of the INDIANS feel that this site is a bunch of lies and that their story should also be heard.  That the stories here are lies and written by Europeans that always lied in the news about the INDIANS.  I will share their email messages here as an opposing view.

Many have stated in their messages that Indians did not scalp and that the Whites were the ones that started it all anyway.  

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   "Last night, in any-town USA, a Ms]. Margie Daniels took her own
life. Eye witnesses say that she stabbed to death her husband and four
children after murdering the postman, milkman and the preacher from her
pagan church".
Are you confused, Ms Daniels?? This is a story that could be written
up in your home-town newspaper!!!! What? You say that it isn't true? But
the eye witnesses say they saw it all. THE EYE WITNESSES WERE THERE....
Why not get the story from both sides. Why not research for the facts
before putting half-truths or lies on your web site!
Everyone knows that back many yrs ago the europeans wrote what they
wanted the people to know, they didn't write the truth. Why would they
write the truth about why the army needed to murder a whole village of
indian people at the break of dawn, while they were sleeping and under a
white flag of truce. Why would they write the truth of why they gave
rancid beef to a village of starving indian people. Why write the truth
of why unborn indian children were cut out of the womb of their mothers
and left to die. Why write the truth of why indian women breasts were
cut off.
Why write the truth of what your ancestors did when they could justify
themselves to the rest of the world in killing mad savages. two legged
animals who spoke a devils language, hooted and hollered around like
they were possessed by none other than the devil himself....
Ms Daniels, the truth was NOT written because those that did the awful
deeds in the past needed to cover-up the fact that they were just plain
GREEDY. They wanted what they wanted. It did not matter what lies were
told, who got n the way or who got hurt.
 Ever hear of the Boston Tea Party? Do you think it was real indians on
that boat? They too had eye witnesses that seen men with feathers
sticking out of their heads. It was also reported that it was indians on
that boat. Why was the truth told then? Answer, Because someone wanted
the truth to be known, Period!!!! Otherwise it would be written in
history books today that they were "real indians"
pouring tea into the Boston harbor....
The truth has always been known, by someone, no if's or butt's about it. 
Please don't spread hatred. Spread the facts!!!!
Your heart will always feel heavy until you do. For now my words are in
your heart....

  in struggle,

For-give your enemies, but remember their names.
In the spirit of Crazy Horse,

Sorry you interpreted an analogy as a threat.  I was just asking you to
consider what  a people would do in order to defend themselves, their
families and their way of life against a brutal, invading force.  It seems to
me they would have 2 choices. . .1) roll over and say, oh please anhilate us,
our families our children and our values or 2) fight to defend their home
with any means at their disposal.  I never said that the Indians didn't fight
back.  In fact they did, ferociously!  But that was after they had exhausted
all peaceful means to convince their new neighbors to respect them, their
land and their way of life.  ~  I suspect I will not find this post on your
web site, but will be glad to forward it on to anyone who sends me any feed
back.  It really seems to me that you are not interested in presenting a
balanced accounting of history, nor are you open to the fact that there is
ALWAYS at least two sides to every story.  The perpetuation of such
one-sided, racist thinking is what I consider to be, in great part,
responsible for all the hatred, intolerance and misunderstanding in the
world.  I'm sure it has never occurred to you that your web site, in its
current form, has caused pain to many people and helped to perpetuate
intolerance and misunderstanding.  I hesitate to ask you to put yourself in
our place for fear you will report me to the White House or something.  But I
do ask you to consider how a web site representing the Holocost as being the
fault of the Jewish people (if they had just left when things started getting
bad, all those innocent Germans wouldn't have had to die) would be
interpreted by the Jewish community.  Because that is exactly what you are
saying.  First Nations people were subjected to a Holocost of their own.  And
it was at the hands of the Europeans and eventually (and especially) the
Americans.  And you know something?  They were much more successful wiping
out the Indian than Hitler was with the Jew.  Both events were examples of
human beings at their most evil and most intolerant.  But, in America, our
children are only taught about one Holocost,  because a large percentage of
people such as yourself, consider (and teach) that what happened to us was
really our own fault.  Right?  All we are asking for is a little sensitivity.
 Do we not at least deserve that?  ~  So, I challenge you to post this on
your web site and forward a copy to all the places that serve to protect your
conscience.  In sadness and peace.



Sorry, but it is people like YOU who give the southerners a bad name.  They
were not at these places you are speaking of, anymore than you or I were.And
for your information, if you are going to present history classes, at least
get it right. THERE WERE OVER 4000 NATIVE AMERICANS who died on the Trail of
Tears.  And I would strongly dispute your count of african american slaves
that were even on the Trail of Tears.
And while we are at it, Was it not the SOUTHERNERS who forced these people
to their deaths so they could take their land away from the.
Do not boast so much about being a southerner until you can first be a
A Native American Research Group
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> Oops, am I bad? the racists will be removing me off this list
> like right now... or at least they should.  People like you
> give southerners a bad name.

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Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2000 8:26 PM
Subject: your "geneology" site

If you go public with 200 year old, racist propoganda, you may want to
consider a couple of things. . . .What would those "farmers" have to gain by
publishing lies in public documents?  You must be sure that it wasn't perhaps
to rally support for ridding the area of native people so they could claim
the land and its resources as their own?  And forts?  Could they have
possibly had anything to do with the fact that white men were actually
invading anothers' land and felt a need to protect themselves from the now
unhappy original inhabitants ?  What would you do if an army from "BulaBula"
came to run you off your land and killed your family because they didn't want
to leave? Honey, your arguments/justifications are full of more holes than a
sieve.   Hmmm.  And as for my last point. . .if you submit inaccurate
information into a public forum, you better be prepared for A LOT of
feedback. Smile. . I expect you can look forward to getting more suggestions
on how to improve your site.:)

From: "Dodie" <>
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2000 5:12 PM
Subject: Your site

My children and I have used Rootsweb for several yrs. We have always
found the sites to have the utmost respect for all people. That is why I
 was so shocked to find your site White Captives. In reading the
 different stories we found several that has no place on a Gene. site.
 The description of scalping was especially upsetting to us. The stories
 of the white captives of course is pertinent to the site but many of the
 others seemed to be there for no purpose other than to show how "bad"
 the Indians were.  I believe history shows Indians were defending their
 home and land. The thought occurred to me how offensive this may be to
 descendants of captives who bore mix blood children. I would as that you
 remove these "stories" from the site.
 Thank you,
 Dodie Finstead