John Windell Brown

In 1758, a John Windell Brown appeared before the House of Burgesses of Virginia. He stated that he had "lost his all" in the engagement at Great Meadows. The following is transcribed from the Journals of the House of Burgesses, 1758-1761,edited by H. R. McIlwane: "That he afterwards...settled with his Family on the South Branch, from whence, in April 1756 he with his eldest daughter (now a Prisoner in Canada) were carried away Captives by the Indians to Fort Duquesne, where he suffered very severely from the Cruelties of the Indians. From thence he was sent to Quebec, and some time after with other Prisoners to England from whence he is lately returned."
We believe there may be a connection between this John Windell Brown and my husband's family. Our only clues (weak, to be sure) are that both my husband and his father were named Wendell (as a middle name), and that
my husband's grandfather often stated that he was 1/8 Indian (which nobody at that time believed, but it's possible).

If anyone knows of any other connections, or can suggest a source for
further information, we'd certainly be grateful.

Leona Brown

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