Lail Family

Sources: Gresham's KY Biographies/ Collins History/ Research of Carl Phillips-Carl's Homepage

It was June 24, 1780. The Revolutionary War was still raging. Isaac RUDDLE had built a stockade known as Ruddle's Station on Hinkston Fork near present day Cynthiana, KY. George LAIL, his brother Peter & their families were there. British Army Captain Henry BIRD with a contingent of troops & a large body of Shawnee Indians attacked the fort. The settlers held out until the British brought up a six-pounder cannon. The Kentuckians agreed to surrender if the prisoners would be taken by the British & not turned over to the Indians. When the gates were opened, the Indians rushed in & tomahawked many of the settlers. Peter LAIL was killed. His wife was taken captive & transported first to Michigan & later to Canada. She was held 14 years & then released & remarried in Canada. Somehow, George & his wife escaped but their 2 boys, George Jr., 9 years old & Johnny, 6, were taken. How Johnny was released it is not clear. Some say his mother traded him for blankets. Anyway, he was returned to his parents & lived out his life in KY, dying at age 80. Little George was taken where the band of Shawnees eventually settled near present Jackson, Missouri in Cape Girardeau County. George was raised as an Indian & stayed there until as a grown man he returned to KY for a couple of years where a son, Robert was born. He then returned to Missouri where he had acquired some land. He & his wife, the former Louisa WOLFF, daughter of a German farmer, raised a large family. Robert is my gg-grandfather. This story is well documented in several books on KY history. It is also well known in Missouri where it is debated whether George LAIL or a trapper named LORIMIER were the first white men to live in the Cape Girardeau area.----Carl PHILLIPS.

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