Mary Rowlandson
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Here's what Mark Ludwig says in the introduction of the book "The Captive"
the reprint of her narrative:

"She was probably born in England in 1635, the daughter of one of the original proprietors of Lancaster Massachusetts, John White. She married the Rev. Joseph Rowlandson in Lancaster around 1656 and continued there until it was sacked in 1676."

She was held in captivity for three months. The book lists the year of her death as c. 1678. Also, from the back cover, "this story was once widely regarded as a classic of American literature.

Just did a quick search for genealogy info on her -- these sources say
that she died c. 1710/1711.

One of her children is named Joseph:

BIRTH: Mar 1660, Lancaster, MA, USA
DEATH: 1712, Weathersfield, CT, USA
Married Hannah WILSON

Anita Brubaker

Many thanks to Anita for sharing this information.

Margie Glover-Daniels