Settlers to Georgia

I am trying to gather information on the settles to Georgia what their lives was like, the Forts, the massacres, diaries, wills, pensions, rosters of those that fought in the Indian Wars.  Of particular interest :

1817-1819 First Seminole War
Seminole Indians attack white settlers in Georgia. US troops move south, capturing the British and burning Spanish forts in Florida, which is ceded to the US in 1819.

1835-1842 Second Seminole War
Seminole chief Osceola refuses to honor treaties agreeing to the movement of the tribe to the west and launches a general war. More than 60,000 militiamen, volunteers and regulars participate in the campaign; 41 percent become casualties.

1848-58 Third Seminole War
Seminole warriors are defeated and moved from Florida.

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