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You asked for it!  We now have the 1909 Confederate Veteran Magazine online!

Welcome to Georgia Military Records. We are always adding to this site.  If you know of links or have any information  that you would like to submit please send them to Margie Glover-Daniels,  Chuck Pierce or Gloria Holback   

This site is loaded with information on Georgia Military records as well as links and information to the other states.  Be sure and take plenty of time to look around.  I am especially trying to include all information pertaining to women that served. I would greatly appreciate any information or links that pertains to Georgia and it's citizens who served.   

Georgia Newspapers

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1835-1842 Second Seminole War
 Seminole chief Osceola refuses to honor treaties agreeing to the movement of the tribe to the west and launches a general war. More than 60,000 militiamen, volunteers and regulars participate in the campaign; 41 percent become casualties.

I am trying to gather information on the 41% causalities and the civilians that were killed in Georgia.  Please send any  information you may have to Margie Daniels

A Great Time Line for the Wars/Conflicts in the United States

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Women In War
We salute Georgia's Women in the military and war!

Lt. Col. Guelda L. Hay
Macon Georgia
Guelda's  medals

Guelda Lemma Hay, a native of Macon County, Georgia joined the Service upon completion of her Nurse’s training in March of 1945, receiving the commission of 2nd Lieutenant at that time.

She served for over twenty years in the capacity of Surgical Nurse, and retired in December of 1967. She served during three major conflicts, and was awarded three Southern Crosses by the Daughters of the Confederacy for being a descendant of a Confederate  Soldier, who herself served. 

We honor these veterans who gave their productive years to the service of their country.



United Daughters of the Confederacy Georgia Chapters

Thomas J. Hardeman, Jr.
Georgia Chapter 2170 Macon Georgia



History of Ft. Benning

Confederate Army of Ga.



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Indian Wars

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Flags of the Confederacy
Flags of the Confederacy

Southern Crossroads




Georgia Men Killed in WWI

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CSA Indian Records

War Time Journal First Hand Accounts

Links to searchable databases for World
War I, World War II, and Korea. Listings of those killed and buried overseas during the Mexican, Civil, and Spanish-American wars and 2,504 Vietnam War MIA.




Women's Military History


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