The Madisonian

Madison, GA 1892

MILLEDGEVILLE, GA (March 21 `92)

Dear Madisonian,

Believing that the good people of Morgan County will be glad to have, as a matter of history the organization of the Home Guards, and as I have the original company book in my possession, I propose to publish, through the columns of The Madisonian something of the organization of the Company, so that all may read, and preserve its history.

Early in the year 1859 the subject of forming a military company in Madison was discussed, and a sufficient number of the young men agreeing to enter into anorganization, a call was made, and a meeting held for that purpose. 

The minutes before me read as follows:

"Obedient to a call upon the subscribers of the proposed military company,
there appeared at 3 o'clock this afternoon the following gentleman:

James S. Reid, J. A. Billups, L. T. Campbell, Isaac L. Walton, T. D. Hollingsworth,
James T. Fears, W. S. Meire, G. N. Dexter, Pleasant Wilson, S. J. Saffold, Jr.,
Isham S. Fannin, W. T. Hollingsworth, C. H. Andrews, Louis Schelpert,  W. B.
Fitzpatrick, Louis Solomon, W. W. Shepherd, W. T.. Harris, Eli Awtry, J. H.
Porter. C. M.. Copeland, J. A. Shaw, Francis Golden, M. C. Dye, F. J. Walton,
C. J. Eden,  G. W. Wyatt.
Upon motion of  I. S. Fanning, J. A. Billups was called to the chair, and C. H.
Andrews was requested  to act as secretary. The chairman stated the object of the
meeting and declared the meeting now ready for business..
"J. S. Reid offered resolution that the meeting now became a volunteer military
corps, to be composed of as many privates as the law allows., to be officered
by a captain, three lieutenants, five sergeants, and four corporals, and known
as the Freeman Guards.

W. S. Miere objected to the name and proposed a committee be appointed to select
a name for the company

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