R. W. Clements letter to Jehu Fletcher

Mr. Jehu Fletcher,
Dear Friend:
   I, this evening avail myself of the opportunity of writing you a few lines
which leaves me in the enjoyment of better health than I've enjoyed since I've
been in camp. I have not been able to drill five days since I've been in camp. I
received your very kind letter of April 9, today and was glad to hear that you
were still improving in health and glad to hear that your family was well, but I
was sorry to hear of the hard times in old Irwin but it has turned out about as
I expected so far. Isaac M. Young, Joseph R. Sumner, William Fletcher, George A.
Luke and your son, Joseph, arrived here today about 12 o'clock. I went to Col.
Manning as he is the commander-in-chief of the Regiment at this time. Col. Lane
left here yesterday on furlough to go home for ten days. I went to him and done
all I could to get Joseph in your place, but it was all in vain, he informed me
that Joseph could join this company or else bear his expenses home and be
subject to the conscript law but he told me if you would send a man that was
exempt from the conscript law that was sound, he could take your place, if not
you would have to come yourself immediately. I think if you are not able to do
military duty if you will come and undergo an examination you will get a
discharge, as they have discharged several men from this regiment and some men
have come here since the conscription law became enforced and brought
substitutes and paid them as high as $500 to take their places.
  I will now tell you something about the condition of our company. We have four
men in Augusta. Benjamine Watson died in Augusta a few days ago and we have some
sick at a place called Wilson in this state and several in the hospital in
Goldborough and 12 sick in camp, they have not recovered from the measles and
mumps. John Roberts is sent to the hospital and says he has the rheumatism, he
limps very bad in walking. G. W. Haymans was sent to the hospital this morning,
he has disease of the liver so the Dr. says. There is 200 returned sick in the
Regiment every morning upon an average so the Adjutant told me this morning, our
men are not dangerous but it appears they can not get hearty. Twelve or fifteen
of them has been in the hospital over a month and I can not tell how much longer
they may remain there. Give my respects to all inquiring friends. Please say to
Mr. Fenn to write me if his bond is for P. M. yet or not, I wrote him today but
forgot to mention it. Tell Jacob to write me as I am going to write. him a long
letter in a few days. Believe me to still remain yours as ever,
                             Signed, R. W. Clements.
   Joseph has concluded to join this company.
Source:  "History of Irwin County" by J. B. Clements (1932)



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