How and where to obtain records

  • I know the County where he probably joined up, but don't know the Name of the Regiment?

    Click here for a listing of all GA Counties with Names of regiments from each.

  • How do I obtain Military Records?

  • How do I obtain Confederate Soldier and Widow Pension Records?

      1) Visit or request them from the Georgia State Archives in Atlanta
      The original Georgia Confederate Pensions (soldiers' and widows')are in the Georgia Archives. Their policy is that they only make the original available if the microfilm is unreadable. Please bring your photocopy with you when you come, and the staff will be happy to help you find out the information you need.

      2) Write to:
      Willard Rocker, Director of Genealogy
      Washington Memorial Libary
      Genealogy & Archives
      1180 Washington Ave
      Macon, Georgia 31201
      Ph.: (912) 744-0820

      The library has graciously agreed to provide this service. Please follow the guidelines.
      • Submit ONLY 2 Soldier's names at one time. (Can reorder after receipt of research)
      • 40 cent per page, plus postage, to be paid upon receiving material.

      LOOK-UP Georgia Confederate Pensions, by Virgil D. White, book form.
      Contact Robert N. Hale, Sr.

    • 4) Request from Allen Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN

    • 5) 1835 Georgia Pension Roll
    • 6) Florida Confederate Pension Applications Index of Men Who Served In Georgia

    • REMEMBER, pensions were granted where the person lived at the time of applying for the pension. Most states honored the service of the CSA soldier from other southern states. (VA is one exception) Additionally, widows and sometimes unmarried sisters and daughters may have been eligible to receive a pension.

  • How can I find out where the Regiments fought?

  • Why were so many men captured on May 8, 1865 in Athens, GA?
    This is a notation I have seen quite a bit in my researching men from many different units both cavalry and infantry. I know that Union General W .J. Palmer arrived in Athens on May 4, 1865. I have found entire companies that were captured on this date, I have found a few men from nearly all the different Ga. Infantry and Cavalry units. Does anyone have a record of what was going on on this date? Were many of the men returning home being held in Athens and awaiting their parole? In the O.R. that W.J. Palmer writes on May 7, "Everything has surrendered here, including 2,000 of (President Jefferson) Davis' escort under Dibrell, who we intercepted at Petersburg, on the Savannah River." Answer: The men who were still in the PACS were directed to report to the nearest Yankee establishment and surrender. Of course, in the spirit of the times, this was considered a capture. Since there was a significant Yankee presence at Athens, many men just showed up and were "captured" by the gallant men in blue..
  • The answer is that they were not captured .   The war was over and troops surrendered .



How the Amnesty Oath can help your research
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