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Confederate graves information Georgia State Archives
Resource: Roster of Confederate Graves. Georgia United Daughters of Confederacy (E548.U54)

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Aiken County South Carolina Cemetery

The Aiken, SC SCV Camp # 1575 has made their database of 1100+ Confederate graves in Aiken County available. and it is now on line as a part of the Battle of Aiken site. Many of these men were from Georgia, but are buried in Aiken County.
Click on the memorials page.

Atlanta Cemeteries

Many cemeteries in Atlanta have interred CSA soldiers.
  • Oakland Cemetery
  • Westview Cemetery in Atlanta, Fulton County, Georgia . Partial listings
  • National Cemetery in Marietta, Cobb County, Georgia. (Many Union soldiers)
  • Decatur Cemetery
  • Stone Mountain Cemetery (over 150 unknown dead)
  • Jonesboro cemetery

Laurel Grove Cemetery in Savannah

Article in the "Savannah Newspaper Digest Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 1866" page 77 lists those buried. Volume is in the Thunderbolt Branch of the Chatham County Public Library: 2708 Mechanics Ave Thunderbolt GA 31404 (912) 354-5864

Confederate Burials at Myrtle Hill Cemetery, Rome, Georgia

"There are 377 graves. This number includes 81 confederate unknown and two unknown of the Federal Army. These Boys in Gray died at or near Rome; most of them succumbed to wounds or disease in Rome hospitals, while some were killed in defending Rome against Sherman's army in May, 1864 and in skirmishes before and after that date. The dead soldiers sleep with their heads pointed toward the beautiful Coosa Valley and their feet pointed Northeastward toward Rome." p. 622 A History of Rome and Floyd County by George M. Battey

From the American Military History Institute website:

If you find your ancestor that served in the Civil War in
their database, you  can order a picture of him.  The website
is http://carlisle-www.army.mil/usamhi/PhotoDB.html
HODGE (4 records)
HODGERS (1 record)
HODGES (9 records)
Keywords: "HODGE"  4 records found
Photo ID Comments
RG526S-NYSAG.1585 A half seated view of Corp. George Hodge,
Co. I, 95th Regt.,N.Y.S. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP129.54 A bust view of Pvt. Elias O. Hodge, Co. B,
13th Regt., Mass. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP134.43 ? A bust view of 1st Lt. Wilbur F. Hodge, Co. H,
86th Regt., Ill. Vol. Inf.
RG98S-CWP 172.24 Full standing image of Pvt. Edson F. Hodge, Co. F,
1st Regt., Mass. Vol. Hvy. Artillery. He is pictured in a frock coat,
a kepi.
Instructions for ordering duplicate photographs
KIMERY (1 record)
KIMES (1 record)
Photo ID Comments
RG98S-CWP111.35 A bust view of Capt. Joseph Kimes, Co. G,
33rd Regt., Pa. Vol. Inf.
Instructions for ordering duplicate photographs
Brothers Bound: A Source Page for CW Era Prisoners of War

Libby Prison (as well as many newspaper articles from the war years about Libby Prison.)

Fort Delaware Prison
Contact person: Lemenuel Streetman

Names of Georgia Soldiers Buried at Camp Douglas, IL
Originally published in "The Sun" newspaper in Hartwell, CA circa 1923. Reprinted in Central Georgia Genealogical Society Quarterly, Vol 19, #3, 1997. (Over 125 Georgians with regiment and company listing)
Searchable index . Over 12000 Confederates were incarcerated here during the war and over 2000 are buried in the cemetery.

CSA Cemeteries-Other States
Finn's Point National Cemetery
Location: New Jersey shore across from Ft. Delaware where over 2400 CSA soldiers are buried.
Contact person: Lemenuel Streetman

List of Cemeteries with Civil War Burials

Johnson's Island Prison out in Lake Erie off of Sandusky, Ohio.
This prison was operated specifically to contain Confederate officers.

Illinois State Penitentiary at Alton which was converted to a prison for captured Confederates. There are over 1500 southerners buried in this one.

Point Lookout Prison rosters

Manassa Cemetery

Manassas Cemetery in Warrenton, VA. It is a listing of over 500 civil war soldiers who died during the first and second battle of Manassas.
Alphabetical List of all burials
GA soldiers who died and are buried there.

Canton Cemetery, Jackson Mississippi

CSA Soldiers from Georgia buried here This page listed all the Confederate Soldiers killed in battle and buried here in Jackson, Mississippi. It is also searchable by State, and then the names are alphabetical with the name of company and regiment and date of death.

Elmira Cemetery, New York

Searchable Survivor Page It is searchable by surname and gives the name of company and regiment and date of death. Includes burials there as well as survivors from the Prison.


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