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American Revolution 

Revolutionary War Women



Census of Pensioners for Rev. or Military  Services Rev. War records for the soldiers in the Ga. Militia
Everything you ever wanted to know about the AR PBS site very informative
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Georgia in the AR


Nancy Hart

Revolutionary War Participants in the 1840 Federal Census of Georgia

  Arranged by Counties and then alphabetically. 
   Contains the family information from 1840 census and age of veteran.

  • A short history of Georgia in the Revolution
  • A summary of Regimental Lineages with Engagements
  • A roster of soldiers who served in the Georgia Militia
    Index to Compiled Service Records of Revolutionary War Soldiers Who Served in the American Army in Georgia Military Operations 1775-1783. Source: National Archives Microfilm M1051
  • Look-up: GEORGIA'S ROSTER OF THE REVOLUTION, Lucian Lamar Knight. 
    First printed in Atlanta, 1920 [this is a reprint w/new material in 1997 by Southern Historical Press]. Kristopher L. Swinson  kswin@juno.com
  • A partial list of some members of the Patriots' Liberty Club organized in Savannah


Revolutionary War Pension Records Index

Recommended Sources for Documenting Revolutionary War Service

This lists provides excellent material including Land Lottery Grants which are available at the Georgia Dept of Archives and History.


Additional Resources for Researching Revolutionary War Service

  • Includes Letters about St. Simons as well as lists of Loyalists and "Traitors to the Crown".
American Revolution in Georgia:Chronology
  • July 10, 1775

    Habersham and Captain Bowen accomplished the first seizure of a British ship at sea. They take Captain Maitland's armed schooner which is carrying powder. Georgia retains 9,000 pounds and sends 5,000 pounds to the Continental Army.

  • March 2&3, 1776 Battle of the Rice Boats at Savannah.
  • January 31, 1779 British take Augusta & Sunbury.
  • February 14, 1779 Battle of Kettle Creek. Georgia's favorite military action.
  • March 3, 1779 Battle of Brier Creek.
  • September 16, 1779 General Lincoln and Admiral d'Estaing besiege Savannah.
  • April 1781 Colonel Elijah Clarke & General Pickens began a siege of Augusta. Augusta falls on June 5, 1781, freeing upcountry Georgia of the British.
  • January 1782 General "Mad" Anthony Wayne arrives in Georgia & immediately launches a vigorous offensive which culminates in the British evacuation of Savannah on 10 & 11 July 1782.
  • April 28, 1794, Admiral d'Estaing guillotined by the Paris Mob. Just interesting.


The Red Coats



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