Spanish American War

If you have any information or links for Georgians that served in the Spanish- American war please send it to Margie Glover-Daniels.

Spanish American War - Georgia Wendy Mayfield is creating a master web page for Georgia, and welcomes your data.  

Published Resource: Thaxton - "Spanish American War Soldiers from Georgia".


The World of 1898- The Spanish-American War Home Page Spanish American War Centennial Website
1898-1998 Centennial of the Spanish-American War Rough Riders, The
Birth of U.S. Imperialism- An Introduction to the Spanish American War History in the National Park Service- Spanish-American War
Yellow Fever and Spanish-American War Remember the Maine
Kansas Volunteers in the Spanish-American War Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archives
Spanish American War Resources 1898 Roster,10TH U.S. Cavalry, Spanish American War
American Women in Uniform, Veterans Too! Women In The Spanish American War



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