Georgia CSA Regiments

If you have any information on these units and or the members of the units please submit to Margie Daniels and I will include the personal information of the unit member on this site. 

Unit Name
1 1st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
2 1st Squadron, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards) (Gordon)
3 1st City Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Columbus)
4 1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Symons')
5 1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves (Fannin's)
6 1st Battalion, Georgia Reserves
7 1st Regiment, Georgia Militia
8 1st Regiment, Georgia State Troops
9 1st Regiment, Georgia Engineer Troops
10 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Ramsey's)
11 1st Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
12 1st Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
13 1st Confederate Battalion, Georgia Infantry
14 1st Battalion, Georgia Infantry
15 1st Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
16 1st Georgia Legion
17 1st Brigade, Georgia Infantry
18 1st Consolidated Regiment, Georgia Infantry
19 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
20 1st Ordnance Battalion, Georgia
21 1st Regiment, Georgia Troops and Defences (Macon)
22 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Local Troops) (Augusta)
23 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
24 1st Battalion, Georgia Reserve Cavalry
25 1st Regiment, Georgia Regulars
26 1st Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Olmstead's)
27 1st Regiment, Georgia Artillery
28 1st Regiment, Georgia Reserves
29 1st Regiment, Georgia State Line
30 1st Battalion, Georgia Reserve Artillery
31 1st Regiment, Georgia Light Duty Men
32 2nd Regiment, Georgia State Troops
33 2nd Regiment, Georgia State Line (Stapleton's) (Storey's)
34 2nd Regiment, Georgia Reserves
35 2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
36 2nd Division, Georgia Militia
37 2nd Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
38 2nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
39 2nd Battalion, Georgia Infantry
40 2nd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
41 2nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
42 2nd Regiment, Georgia Militia
43 2nd Brigade Company, Georgia
44 2nd Battalion, Georgia State Troops
45 2nd Battalion, Georgia Troops and Defences (Macon)
46 2nd Brigade, Georgia State Troops
47 2nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
48 3rd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
49 3rd Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Georgia State Troops
50 3rd Battalion, Georgia State Guards
51 3rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
52 3rd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
53 3rd Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
54 3rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry
55 3rd Regiment, Georgia Reserves
56 3rd Regiment, Georgia State Troops (Johnson's)
57 3rd Regiment, Georgia Militia
58 4th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
59 4th Regiment, Georgia Militia
60 4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
61 4th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
62 4th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Clinch's)
63 4th Battalion, Georgia Sharpshooters
64 4th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
65 4th Regiment, 2nd Brigade, Georgia State Troops
66 5th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
67 5th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
68 5th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
69 5th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
70 5th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
71 5th Regiment, Georgia Militia
72 6th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
73 6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
74 6th Regiment, Georgia State Line
75 6th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
76 6th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
77 6th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
78 6th Regiment, Georgia Militia
79 7th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
80 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
81 7th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
82 7th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
83 7th Regiment, Georgia Militia
84 7th Regiment, Georgia Volunteers
85 7th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
86 8th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
87 8th Regiment, Georgia Militia
88 8th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
89 8th Brigade, Georgia State Troops
90 8th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
91 8th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
92 8th Regiment, Georgia State Troops (Scott's)
93 8th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
94 9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
95 9th Regiment, Georgia Militia
96 9th Regiment, Georgia State Troops
97 9th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
98 9th Battalion, Georgia Artillery
99 9th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
100 9th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
101 9th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
102 10th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
103 10th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
104 10th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
105 10th Regiment, Georgia Militia
106 10th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
107 10th Regiment, Georgia State Troops (Davis')
108 10th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
109 11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
110 11th Battalion, Georgia Artillery (Sumter Artillery)
111 11th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
112 11th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
113 11th Regiment, Georgia State Troops
114 11th Regiment, Georgia Militia
115 11th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
116 12th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Wright's) (State Guards)
117 12th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
118 12th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
119 12th Regiment, Georgia Reserves
120 12th Regiment, Georgia Militia
121 12th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
122 12th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry (Robinson's) (State Guards)
123 12th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery
124 12th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
125 13th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
126 13th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
127 13th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
128 14th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
129 14th Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery (Montgomery's)
130 14th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
131 15th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
132 15th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
133 16th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
134 16th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
135 16th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
136 17th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
137 17th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
138 18th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
139 18th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
140 18th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
141 18th Battery, Georgia Heavy Artillery
142 18th Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
143 19th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
144 19th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
145 19th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
146 20th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
147 20th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
148 21st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
149 21st Regiment, Georgia Militia
150 21st Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
151 22nd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
152 22nd Battalion, Georgia Heavy Artillery
153 22nd Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery
154 22nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
155 23rd Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Local Defense) (Athens) (Enfield Rifles)
156 23rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
157 23rd Battalion, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
158 24th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
159 24th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
160 25th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
161 25th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Provost Guard)
162 26th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
163 26th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
164 27th Regiment, Georgia Militia
165 27th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
166 27th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
167 27th Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Non-Conscripts)
168 28th Battalion, Georgia Siege Artillery
169 28th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
170 29th Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
171 29th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
172 30th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
173 31st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
174 32nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
175 33rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
176 34th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
177 35th Battalion, Georgia
178 35th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
179 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
180 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Broyles')
181 36th Regiment, Georgia Infantry (Villepigue's)
182 37th Regiment, Georgia Militia
183 37th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
184 38th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
185 39th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
186 40th Battalion, Georgia Infantry
187 40th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
188 41st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
189 42nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
190 43rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
191 44th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
192 45th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
193 46th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
194 47th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
195 48th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
196 49th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
197 50th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
198 51st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
199 52nd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
200 53rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
201 54th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
202 55th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
203 56th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
204 57th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
205 59th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
206 60th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
207 61st Regiment, Georgia Infantry
208 62nd Regiment, Georgia Cavalry
209 63rd Regiment, Georgia Infantry
210 64th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
211 65th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
212 66th Regiment, Georgia Infantry
213 214th Battalion, Georgia Militia
214 Assistant Enrolling Officer, Georgia
215 Alexander's Company, Georgia Infantry
216 Alexander's Company, Georgia Cavalry
217 Allen's Company, Georgia Cavalry
218 Anderson's Battalion, Georgia Light Artillery (Anderson's Battery)
219 Anderson's Company, Georgia Infantry (Anderson Guards)
220 Arnold's Company, Georgia Cavalry
221 Arsenal Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Columbus)
222 Asher's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Murray Cavalry)
223 Athens Reserve Corps, Georgia Infantry
224 Atwater's Company, Georgia Infantry
225 Augusta Battalion, Georgia Infantry
226 Baker's Company, Georgia Artillery
227 Bard's Company, Georgia Infantry
228 Barnwell's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
229 Barney's Company, Georgia Infantry (Richmond Factory Guards)
230 Boddie's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Troup County Independent Cavalry)
231 Bond's Company, Georgia Cavalry (State Guards)
232 Brooks' Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Terrell Light Artillery)
233 Brooks' Company, Georgia Infantry (Mitchell Home Guards)
234 Burke County, Georgia
235 Georgia Cadets
236 Camden County, Georgia Militia (Mounted)
237 Georgia Camp of Instruction
238 Campbell's Independent Company, Georgia Siege Artillery
239 Caper's Battalion, Georgia Infantry
240 Caraker's Company, Georgia Infantry (Milledgeville Guards)
241 Carlton's Company, Georgia Artillery (Troup County Artillery)
242 Chapman's Company, Georgia Infantry (Georgia Defenders)
243 Cherokee Legion, Georgia (State Guards)
244 City Battalion, Georgia Infantry (Columbus)
245 City Light Guards, Columbus, Georgia
246 Clemon's Company, Georgia Infantry
247 Clinch's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
248 Coast Guard Battalion, Georgia Militia
249 Cobb Guards, Georgia Infantry
250 Cobb's Legion, Georgia
251 Collier's Company, Georgia Infantry
252 Collier's Company, Georgia Infantry (Collier Guards)
253 Conscripts, Georgia
254 Cook's Battalion, Georgia Infantry
255 Corbin's Company, Georgia Cavalry
256 Croft's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Columbus Artillery)
257 C.S.N.D. Georgia
258 Damour's Company, Georgia Volunteers
259 Daniell's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
260 Dorough's Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
261 Dozier's Company, Georgia Infantry
262 Employee, Central lab, Macon & Atlanta Arsenal, Georgia
263 Ezzard's Company, Georgia Infantry
264 Ferrell's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
265 Floyd's Company, Georgia Cavalry
266 Floyd Legion, Georgia (State Guards)
267 Fraser's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
268 Fuller's Company, Georgia Infantry
269 Furlow's Battalion, Georgia Militia Reserves
270 Garrison's Company, Georgia Infantry (Ogeechee Minutemen)
271 Gartrell's Company, Georgia Cavalry
272 Graham's Georgia Artillery
273 Green's Company, Georgia Infantry (State Armory Guards)
274 Grubb's Company, Georgia Infantry
275 Guerard's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
276 Hall's Company, Georgia Cavalry
277 Hamilton's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Company A, 1st Georgia Regulars)
278 Hamlet's Company, Georgia Infantry (Local Defense Force)
279 Hanleiter's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Jo Thompson Artillery)
280 Hansell's Company, Georgia Infantry (State Guards)
281 Hardwick Mounted Rifles, Georgia
282 Harris' Independent Company, Georgia Infantry (Brunswick Rifles)
283 Havis' Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
284 Hendry's Company, Georgia Mounted Infantry (Pierce Mounted Volunteers)
285 Hendry's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Atlantic and Gulf Guards)
286 Hill's Dragoons, Georgia
287 Holmes' Company, Georgia Infantry (Wright Local Guards)
288 Howard's Company, Georgia Infantry (Non-Conscripts)
289 Howell's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
290 Hudson's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Arsenal Battery)
291 Hull's Company, Georgia Infantry
292 Humphrey's Independent Company, Georgia Cavalry (Reserves)
293 Jackson's Company, Georgia Infantry
294 Jones' Company, Georgia Infantry (Jones Hussars)
295 Kay's Company, Georgia Infantry (Franklin County Guards)
296 King's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery
297 Lane's Company, Georgia Infantry (Jasper and Butts County Guards)
298 Georgia Local Reserves
299 Logan's Company, Georgia Cavalry (White County Old Men's Home Guards)
300 Lumpkins' Company, Georgia Artillery
301 Macon, Georgia
302 Georgia Marine Corps
303 Massenburg's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Jackson Artillery)
304 Matthews' Company, Georgia Infantry (East to West Point Guards)
305 Maxwell's Regular Light Battery, Georgia Artillery
306 Maxwell's Battalion, Georgia Regular Light Artillery
307 Mayer's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Appling Cavalry)
308 Medlin's Independent Company, Georgia Infantry (High Shoals Defenders)
309 Georgia Militia
310 Milledge's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
311 Milner's Company, Georgia Infantry (Madison County Home Guard)
312 Georgia Miscellaneous
313 Moore's Battery, Georgia Artillery
314 Moore's Company, Georgia Infantry (Baldwin Infantry)
315 Moring's Company, Georgia Infantry (Emanuel Troops)
316 Nelson's Independent Company, Georgia Cavalry
317 Newbern's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Coffee Revengers)
318 Nitre and Mining Bureau, Georgia
319 Ordnance Department, Georgia
320 Pemberton's Company, Georgia Cavalry
321 Phillips' Legion, Georgia
322 Pool's Company, Georgia Infantry
323 Porter's Company, Georgia Infantry (Georgia Railroad Guards)
324 Preston's Company, Georgia Infantry (Railroad Guards)
325 Pritchard's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Washington Artillery)
326 Pruden's Battery, Georgia Artillery (State Troops)
327 Quartermaster Department, Georgia
328 Ragland's Company, Georgia Cavalry
329 Georgia Reserves
330 Rice's Company, Georgia Cavalry
331 Rigdon Guards, Georgia Infantry
332 Ritter's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
333 Roberts' Company, Georgia Infantry (Exempts)
334 Roswell Battalion, Georgia Cavalry
335 Rowland's Battalion, Georgia Conscripts
336 Rumph's Company, Georgia Cavalry (Wayne Cavalry Guards)
337 Russell's Company, Georgia Cavalry
338 Russell's Company, Georgia Infantry (Newton Factory Employees)
339 Scogin's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery (Griffin Light Artillery)
340 Semmes' Georgia Brigade
341 Sharp's Battalion, Georgia
342 Siege Train, Georgia Artillery (Major Buist)
343 Slaten's Company, Georgia Artillery (Macon Light Artillery)
344 Smith's Legion, Georgia
345 Taylor's Company, Georgia Infantry
346 Thornton's Company, Georgia Infantry (Muscogee Guards)
347 Tiller's Company, Georgia Light Artillery (Echols Light Artillery)
348 Van Den Corput's Company, Georgia Light Artillery
349 Waring's Company, Georgia Cavalry
350 Weem's Detachment, Georgia Camp Guard (Augusta)

compiled by Margie Daniels


added 3/29/2004

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