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  • Arthur James Beach - in honor of James and the many American soldiers left unaccounted for in SE Asia.

  • Bring Home PFC Dennis Ray Carter, USMC - disappeared on August 28, 1966 while on duty in Vietnam.

  • Captain Robert E. Holton - USAF

  • Colonel William E. Campbell - USAF - United States pilot missing in action during the Vietnam war.

  • Dale Brandenburg - E4/US Air Force, missing since February 1973.

  • David Nipper Memorial Page - USMC, POW/MIA VietNam.

  • Don Charles Wood - USAF, MIA in Laos since 16 Jan 1966.

  • Glasson, William Albert Jr. - lost in 1966.

  • Hunt for Master Sergeant Hunt - son's vigilant search for his father, who is still listed as MIA from Vietnam.

  • In Honor of Danny Day Entrican - MIA May 18, 1971. Danny served with MACV-SOG CCN Recon (A-236 Bu Prang before CCN).

  • James Richard Thomas (2)

  • John Charles Keiper - Cpl., USMC, who was lost in the skies over South Vietnam, November 15, 1966. Freedom is not free.

  • John Leslie Ryder - my adopted American hero; dedicated to and the families of the 41 other POW/MIAs from the state of Minnesota.

  • Kenneth Ray Lancaster - missing since January 1968 when he was 22. Today he would be over 50, isn't it time to bring him home?

  • Michael Paul Burns - MIA, 1973. Proud to be an American.

  • Missing Brother - dedicated to the many American soldiers men & woman left unaccounted for in SE Asia.

  • Moscow Bound - LCDR James Kelly Patterson, USN - a naval aviator from the Vietnam War believed to be a POW transferred to Soviet Kazakhstan.

  • SSG James M. Luttrell - classified as Missing In Action when his team did not return from a recon mission.

  • Strait, Douglas Frank - missing in action since October 1970, he should be at home in Moses Lake, WA.

  • Sulander, Daniel Arthur - POW/MIA missing since 1973. Member of unit 281st Aviation Company, 10th Aviation Battalion, 17th Aviation Group.









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