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Columbian Herald or the Independent Courier of North America

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Columbian Herald or the Independent Courier of North America (Item from
2/14/1788 issue):
Charlestown, Feb. 4.
By a gentleman from St. Mary's we are informed, that on the 6th December last, a party of Indians came down on the main (Georgia) in the county of Camden, and carried off two women, and three children and a Negro man.---A party from Cumberland island went in pursuit of them, but before they could arrive, the Savages had made off.

On the 17th of January an alarm was given at the island of a party having come down to the same place, and that they had murdered a Mr. Taylor and Mr. Fordyce, and carried off about twenty head of cattle.

Georgia Department of Archives and History  (Georgia Indian Depredation Claims):
Appendix Document  # 175
State of Georgia
A General Return of the Losses sustained in Glynn County in the Indian War.

Georgia Department of Archives and History  (Georgia Indian Depredation Claims):

Appendix Document  # 175

State of Georgia

A General Return of the Losses sustained in Glynn County  in the Indian Warr.


No. Killed What Name
or Family
Men Women Children Negores Killed Negores  Stole Horses
 1   John Tompkins  1           
2 John Burnet         2 5 25
  Unity Goff              2
  Jeremia Brantley           1
  John Cole         1 1
  George Jenkins           3
  Martin Palmer           11
  Stephen Carker         1 1
  Hillary           2
  Samuel Harris           1
   Edward Pilcher           4
  Lenard Harper 1         2
  Stephen Dampier             1
1 Jacob Havilston 1          
  William Williams           1
  Ray'd Demere           2
  Edward Carker           2
  Sumerland     1      
  John Johnston   1       2
3 Wm McCormack 3 1        
  McFee 1 1        
  John Scart 1          
7   7 4 1 2 7 61

Additional losses in Glynn County              (Values given in Pounds Sterling.)


John Burnet  - 20 cattle lost, 30 hogs lost, 25 houses burnt, 15,000 feet lumber, 3 of family wounded Value of property destroyed:  867:10

John Tompkins  - 9 houses burnt, Value: 100

Unity Goff  - 17 hogs lost, Sundry goods lost or stolen, Value: Sundry goods: 14:3:8 - hogs 50:8:8

T. Spalding  & Wm Steven  - Lumber: Value: 150

Jeremia Brantley  Value of horse lost: 20

John Cole   value of stolen Negro and horse: 100

George Jenkins  - 2 houses burnt, Value: 30

Martin Palmer  - 60 hogs, 2 houses burnt, Value: 135:14:12

Stephen Carker , Value lost 75

Christopher Hillary  - 2 houses burnt, Value: 150

Samuel Harris  - 15 cattle, 25 hogs, Sundry Goods Value: 53:20

Moses Cru  - 140 cattle, 30 hogs, Sundry goods, Value: -:5:6, Other loss - 300:-:6

Elizabeth Harris  - 10 cattle, Value: 33

Edward Pilcher  - 61 cattle, 88 hogs, Value: 267 2 members of family wounded

Lenard Harper  - Value: 42:12:6

Stephen Dampier  - 1 cattle, 15 hogs, Value: 35

Jacob Halviston  - 2 houses burnt, 11 sheep lost, Value: 80

William Williams  39 cattle, 1 house burnt, Value: 100

Ray'd Demere  - 2 cattle, 16 hogs, Value: 34

Edward Corker  - 24 cattle, Value: 44

William Sumerland  - 1 cattle, 11 hogs, Value: Sundry goods: 14:17, other: 19:17

John Johnston  - 14 cattle, Value: 58

Total Value of Losses in Glynn County : 2744:1:25

Island of St. Simon

Before James Spalding  one of the Assistant Justices for the County Glynn , Personally appeared John Braddock , Commanding Officer of the County Regiment Militia who being duly sworn  maketh Oath that the above general return is truely, justly and literally taken as far as respects  Substance from the Particular returns so made to me previous to digesting the same under one General return were duly attested and vouched for, which vouchers now remain in my hands

Sworn to before me

this 15th day of July 1788                                             John Braddock     Major  G Cm

James Spalding  A. J.

personally appear'd before James Spalding  one of the assistant Justice's for the County of Glynn   William Steven   Esquire, who being duely Sworn says he assisted Major Braddock  in digesting the annexed General Return, which this deponent declares is truely, Justly and Literally taken as far as respects substance from the particular return of individualls

Sworn before me                                                           William Steven

   15 July 1788.    James Spalding  A. J.



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