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The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

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Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

20 October 1876

Funeral Notices

Hemphill- In consequence of the incessant rain yesterday afternoon the funeral services of Charlie Sanders, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Hemphill, was postponed until ten am today when it will take place at their residence on Pryor street.

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

20 October 1876

Long- Mr. Sarah Long was born in Knapton, Norfolk England, in 1828, and died in Atlanta on the 19thof October, 1876, aged 48.  She was a devoted wife an industrious woman and a warm friend.  Her friends and acquaintances, and all Odd Fellows, are invited to attend her funeral from St. Luke's Church, at three pm, Sunday evening.  oct20-dfri-sat-sun

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

20 October 1876

Ten Cent Column

Strayed or Stolen- From Fuller's Wagon Yard, one black horse. Thomas J. Ball owner.

Lost- Umbrella with owner's name H. H. Parke, Atlanta Georgia printed inside.

To Exchange- A fine plantation six miles from Union Springs, Ala. containing about 350 acres in good state cultivation, balance woodland- timber, chiefly oak, hickory, poplar, dogwood, etc: comfortable log house, sufficient number of tenement houses, gin house, screw, etc. also four mules 350 bushels corn and 3000 pounds fodder on the premises.  All would be exchanged for desirable property in or near Atlanta.  A great bargain can be secured.  Address A. B. Youngblood, Atlanta, Ga.

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

Georgia Gossip

20 October 1876

Ben Park, (colored), aged 82, died in Baldwin county recently.  he was porter at the state house in Milledgeville for many years.

The Fort Valley Mirror is responsible for the statement that the rats on Mr. Davidson's place have rooted up and devoured a patch of potatoes containing about 1/4 of an acre. The patch is situated near the crib, and the rats can be seen at any time during the day rooting and eating potatoes.

Jacob Dowdy of Lumpkin County raised a pumpkin measuring 30 inches in diameter and 40 inches in circumference.

H.A. Wrench has started a dairy farm in Dalton.

E. J. Barksdale has been ordained a Baptist minister at Jonesboro.

Capt. Webb, of Quitman county, will make with two mules on fifty acres of land between thirty five and forty bales of cotton, besides enough corn to run the same next year.

B. T. Swann, of Carrollton has a gourd 5 1/2 ftte in Circumference.

A new post office has established at Phillips' mill in Coffee county with Samuel D. Phillips as postmaster.

Dr. S. F. Stephens, receiver of the Cherokee railroad has entered upon the discharge of his duties.

Willie Clement, son of William Clement, Esq. of Big Creek distsrict, will make this year, farming, with one horse (desc of crop).  HIs father hired help in the spring amounting to  twenty dollars. Willie is only 14 years old.


R. R. Terrell, Jr. to Miss Ida T. Spence, of Mitchell County

W. D. Lewis of Bainbridge, to Miss Sarah E. Lewis of Camilla

M. Brooks to Miss Jennie McCrary of Taylor County.

J. L. Smith of Union Point to Miss Julia C. Phillips of Augusta.

W. A. Weatherly of Athens Miss Lula Calloway, of Oglethorpe county

S. H. W. Smith clerk of the atlanta And Augusta railroad to Miss Ella Hulse, formerly Baltimore.

Jesse S. Thrasher of Habersham county, to Miss lily J. Wilkes, of Gainseville



Miss S. S. Adams of Thomasville

James J. McKinley of Savannah

F. C. McKinley of Savannah

Mrs. C. B. Hudson of Ellaville.

James Hope of Augusta.

Mrs. Jesse Haralson, of Walton County

May Smith of Jefferson County

Mrs. M. G. Willians Greeneville

D. E. Slagle, of Gilmer County

A. M. Smith of Twiggs county

H. D. Smith of Rome

Mrs. F. P. Moody of Fort Valley

Willie Sims of Griffin

Thomas Swinddall of Lagrange

Miss Texas Ray of Washington county

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

21 October 1876

Society News

Dalton has of late developed into a sensational center; but the last and greatest sensation was the marriage on the 19th of Mr. J. W. Chambers of Marietta, to Miss Bettie Prater of that city.  The happy event came off at the Methodist church, the ceremony was being performed by Rev. Thomas A. Seals.

The attendants were:

Miss Lyda Pitner, Dalton, Zach Martin, Q & W Pt RR

Miss Belle Grand, Dalton, John Varness, W :& A R R

Miss Mary Trammell, Dalton, Hansel Stockton, Atlanta

MIss Carrie McCutchon, Dalton, F T Hardwick, Dalton.

Miss LIzzie McAfee, Dalton, John Anderson, Chattanooga

Milol Ella Pitner, Rome, W. W. Neel, Chattanooga

Miss Bettie Walker, Dalton, Frank Caldwell, Chattanooga

Miss Fannie Emmerson, Tunnel Hill, Chales Little, Airline Railroad

Miss Lollie McCutchen, Dalton, Captain Colquitt Carter, Dalton

Miss Mamie Wood Dalton, Charles Broyles Dalton

Miss Alice Lyle, Dalton, Thomas Shockley, Marietta

Miss Maud Stafford, Dalton, Pone Leek, Marietta

Miss Susie Lampkin, Dalton, W L. Tibbs, Dalton

The brides maids were elegantly and tastefully dressed the popular color of the trimmings being pink and blue (article continus describing wedding and food).

Cupid in Dekalb

At 8 Thursday evening, October 12 1876 at Oak Hall in DeKalb county the residence of Mr. A M Hairston, Mr. Hilliard F Fowler and Miss Alice Hairston were united in wed?.

Many tickets had been issued and at an early hour the guests began to arrive.  They were married by Dr. Fowler (large article describing the wedding).

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

21 October 1876

Georgia Gossip

E. Sauls of Franklin obtained (names all the crops he obtained from 1 1/4 acres of land)

The New Hope (Colored) Baptist assoc. met at Fayetteville, Ga. and re-elected Rev. J. M. Jones of Atlanta , moderator.

F. T. Lockhart has been appointed stenographic reporter of the Augusta circuit.

S. J. Bell, of Waynesboro, broke a leg the other day, but suffered no pain.

W. A. Ellington, of Newton county picked 5/846 pounds of cotton in 24 days.

Mr. W S Alexander of Jefferson Co. is now gathering his forty fourth crop.

Capt. A P Roberts the veteran and efficient sheriff of Whitfield county is just completing a handsome residence on the lot occupied by the one that was consumed by fire last winter.

We learn from Col. L N Trammell that he made (describes crop)- Dalton Citizen

During the days of slavery, Rev. James Kelsey, a colored Baptist minister took unto himself a wife and was married according to the form then in vogue; latterly the Rev. Edward Crumley, another colored Baptist minister has been insisting that the Rev. James was not legally married an that a license must be procured and the ceremony performed over again.  To silence his tormentor, Kelsey procured a license and was married by Rev. F. A. Branch on Monday night.- Waynesboro Expositor.

J. T. Whitman of Dalton Contributed $88 towards buying an organ for the use of Chickamauga Sunday School.

Clayville postoffice in Telfair county is re-established, with Mr. H. McLean as postmaster

Mr. Rickerson, near Douglassville made this year 11 gallons of syrup from one bunch of seed.

William Thomas, seven miles from Marietta had been missing goods from his store.  He loaded a gun placed the muzzle against a window that opened by sliding then attached one end of a string to the trigger of the gun and the other end to a nail in the window.  On last Friday night, about 10 o'clock, two negro boys, living in that vicinity, aged respectfully 17 and 12 years, went out to hunt pine.  The eldest went to Mr. Thomas' store and began working at the window, the gun fired and the negro fell dead, shot through the heart.

William Saucer, charged with horse stealing escaped from Dougherty jail.  He was found under a bed, and a negro woman who escaped at the same time was found in a trunk.

Mr. S. Disheroon and Mr. G. H. Tumilin (describes crop)- Cartersville Express

Married in Georgia

J. G. Johnson to Alice Edwards of Newton County.

T. S. Hall of Greensboro to Miss A. C. Reid, of Taliaferro county.

Thomas Curtis to Miss Susie Russell, of Marietta (at Waynesboro)

J. Frank Walker to Mrs. Martha A Mathis of Washington county.

R. B. Goodwyn to Miss Belle Pound of Barnesville.

R. F. Mann of Griffin to Miss Lucy E. Pound of Meriwether county.

Rev. W. W. Hardy to Miss Nancy A. Foster of Henry County.

Dr. Mark Johnston,, Jr. of Jones county to Miss Kate M. Myrick of Putnam.

R. W. Watson of Lynchburg, to Miss Jennie Holdridge of Macon.

J. H. Winder of Douglasville to Miss Sarah J. Griss, of Paulding county.

J. H. Butler to Miss Emma Gadsden of Sandersville

R S Stephens to Miss Henrietta M. Gilmer of Albany.

Moses Timmons, to Miss Amanda Tate of Randolph

E L Hudson, to Miss Kate Williford of Baker County

Dr. Lindsey Johnson to Miss Mary E. Curry of Cartersville

Died in Georgia

Mrs. Nancy Barge of Stilesboro aged 79

Genia Massey of Marietta

Mrs. Taylor Powell of Dawson

 E F Perry of Macon

H C Finney of Washington County

W B Muller of Albany

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

22 October 1876


The West Point State Line Press says, Mr. Fortune N. Chisolm for many years a resident of Chambers county Al. but more recently of Atlanta, died a few days since near West Point and was buried in Pine Wood cemetery on Wednesday afternoon.  Mr. Chisolm was formerly very wealthy, but severe reverses caused a great loss of property.  For several months he had been a great sufferer of a combination of diseases and death came as a relief to his weary frame.  He was the father in law of our esteemed townsmen W C Lanier, Esq. and of Mr. C. A. Ferrell.

Columbus Enquirer: We understand that Capt. F. L. Brooks, an accomplished druggist of Columbus who has been here many years purchased a drug store in Atlanta.

Greenville (SC) News:  A letter from Julius L Brown, Esq., son of ex Governor Joseph E. Brown, of Georgia states that his father is in Colorado, and therefore will not be present at our mass meeting on the 20th.

Mr. J. A. Reese has been appointed mayor of Dahlonega, Rev. A. Margin, Esq., having resigned.

Greensboro Herald:

We are pleased to learn that Miss Pope McLaughlin the accomplished daughter of our worth Union Point editor is convalescent.

Prof. Shirmacher will remove from Lagrange to take up his residence in Atlanta.  He has severed his connection with the Southern female college, but his reputation for music will be fully sustained by those proficient teachers Misses Sallie and Alice Cox.- La Grange Reporter

General Eli Warren of Perry has been stopping with his four children, 16 grand children and two great-grandchildren, besides one son in law and one daughter in law.  The General and his excellent lady are best pleased when surrounded by most of their descendants.

Thomas Francis, a veteran of the war of 1812, died in Forsyth county recently at the advanced age of 90.

Among the attendants at the wedding of  J W Woolfolk and Miss Josie Wilkins of Columbus, were Miss Lucy Irwin and F. H. Richardson of Atlanta

Howard Carroll, of the New York Times is at the Markham

Co. A. C. Wyly and daughter left for the centennial yesterday via Air-Line

C M Goodman and wife returned from the centennial last night.

Pleas. Stovall, the new local of the Augusta Chronicle is getting up a newsy column.

In announcing the list of candidate we omitted to mention that Prof. W M Lewis of Marietta is a candidate fro matrimony.

Gen. A. H. Colquitt and wife, Miss Lizzie Colquitt, Mrs. J R Morgan, Miss. Lizzie Morgan, Miss Hattie Warren of Kirkwood, and Major R. N. Ely of Albany, left by East Tennessee and Virginia Midland route for the centennial and New York last evening.

Mrs. Eugene Thornton of Atlanta left for the centennial yesterday.

There is a general desire to have Hon. M A Chandler address the people of Atlanta during the coming week.

Executive Depatrment

Gov. Smith has offered a reward of $250 for the capture of George Favor, convicted of murder, who escaped from Coweta county jail. George is of a dark copper color, 30 years of age, 5' 10 inches high, and weighs 150 160 pounds.

Gov. Smith has offered a reward of $150.00 for the capture of Henry E. Murph who killed ? ? in Richmond County. (article continues but badly faded could not read)


The magistrates

John Woods, the darkey whose matrimonial troubles were given yesterday morning, was tried before Justice Butt yesterday afternoon for assault and battery on his wife.  The woman failed completely to make out a case and John was discharged.

Markham House arrivals

Atlanta, Oct. 21

 H. W. Johnson, Griffin; A J Blair, Air-Line railroad; A J Gwynn, NY; W J Branan, Augusta; G L Johnson, Newnam; P R Yonge, Savannah;  A Marable, W & A railroad; H H Marshall, Richmond, Va.; Charles C. Ayers, Philadelphia; John J. Deay, Rome; J H Beadie, Cincinatti; WM K. Hye, A. Hye, Martin H Hye, Pensacola, Fl; F L Freyer, Marietta; B J Curry, Huntsville, Al.; C G Samuel, Rome; Wm M. Lewis, J H Crowder, Marietta; J B Shaw, St. Louis; HOward Carroll, New York Times; R M Mitchell, Ackworth, Ga.; L H Alexander, Ga. Wm C O Driscoll, Ackworth, Ga; L H Alexander, Ga., Wm C O Dirscoll, Savannah; J Whitaker, England;  J F Randolph, Indiana

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

26 October 1876

Roundabout in Georgia

Rev. Moses Mathis, colored, of Montezuma, has been bound over for stealing a coat. If it had been a chicken nothing would have been said about it. Is there nothing in our common law that recognize the fact that even colored ministers must have clothes.  Even pagans are provided with red flannel ulsters.

Mr. S. Olmstead of Newnan fractured his leg recently by falling through a trap door in the store.

Mr. J G Beasley, of Dalton was badly bitten by a dog in the jail yard the other day.

The Dalton Enterprise says that the murder of young Edgar Willis has been captured near Augusta, "where he awaits the offer of a reward to secure his presence at the bar of justice".

Dr. William Brown, formerly of Covington is seriously ill at his home in Florida.  His disease is said to be of a character unknown to medical science.

The dwelling house and out buildings on the place of Mr. John M B Moore, of Walton county were burned recently.  Also the house of a Mr. Vandiver.

Messrs. A. C. & Thomas Troutman of Stewart county, lost their gen house and eight bales of cotton on Monday night.

The Brunswick refugees are warned by the mayor not to return hom.  The fever has abated but the danger remains.

The gin-house and mill of Mr. Bill Hendricks of Coweta county, together with 12 bales of cotton were destroyed by fire last Friday.

The gin-house of  Mr. P. L. White, of Butts county, was burned, by an incendiary on Monday night.  The loss is $1,000 with no insurance.

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

28 October 1876


He says the North Carolina Guards "Give Him Away"

The report that the negro claiming to be Wiley Redding was here, naturally created a sensation in the city yesterday and scores called at the jail to see him.  All who had ever seen the notorious Wiley, as soon as they saw the pretender cried out "He's not Wiley". Several recognized him as an old offender known as Ben Allen who has a mother in this city.  A careful survey of Ben shows that his is not Wiley.  He is too young, 7 to 8 inches too low and does not have two teeth out in front as Wiley.  Ben in 1869or 70 stole a gold watch from Mr. Talley and was sent to the chain gang.  He served his time out and went to Madison. Here he was sentenced to the penitentiary for 5 years.  He served his tome out and went to North Carolina, where by his diligence he was soon promoted to 5 years service.

Ben says he succeeded so well in escaping in North Carolina that the guards thought that he was indeed a shrewd fellow.  When they captured him under persuasion he owned up to being Wiley Redding.  He says that the guards "Gave Him Away" in order, as he thinks, to get the reward.  We capitally doubt his story, however.
    As the cast stands at present there is no charge against him here, and he will have to go back to NC if the authorities there send for him.

Personal Points

Capt. Henry Jackson has just returned from Henry superior court where he tried sixteen cases.

Colonel S. K. Johnson, superintendent of Georgia railroad was in the city yesterday.

Prof. M. V. Calvin of Augusta a polished writer and accomplished teacher at the Markham.

Major George T. Jackson, of Augusta ws in the city yesterday.  Hi is one of Augusta's most solid citizens, and the coming railroad man of Georgia.

C. R. Stone of Augusta was in the city yesterday.

M. P. Caldwell of Jackson County who represented the "baby lodge" of Good Templar's in the grand lodge, returned yesterday.  He was kindly cared for by a fascinating widow at West Point.  Although he was in the city, last night he did not attend the female minstrels.

Judge W. C. Howard, the efficient ordinary of Jackson county returned home from West Point yesterday.

Henry Durand agreed yesterday to check baggage through to Paris France whenever the owner produced through tickets.

Messrs J P Harrison and John E. Shadrick of England are at the Kimball house.

Col. Sabin Robbins of Cincinnati is registered at the Kimball

Yesterday W. Fulton was arrested by policeman for assault and battery.

Policeman Brooks yesterday arrested John T. Morgan on the charge of larceny after trust.

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

2 November 1876

We are sorry to learn that Miss Mattie Reynolds of Atlanta who had on exhibition at our fair some very beautiful crayon sketches for which sh received a ten dollar premium had the misfortune to lose her pocketbook just before leaving Newnan.  The book contained as sum of money and a return ticket to Atlanta.  The finder will address Miss Mattie Reynolds, 169 Mitchell street, Atlanta.- Newnan Blade

Gov. Smith yesterday commissioned J. M. Briscoe a notary public in the 75?th district of Coweta county and ordered an election to be held in Richmond county for captain of the Richmond Huzzers, vice J. B. Cumming, resigned.

W G Gramling, deputy grandmaster IOOF for Georgia accompanied by 20 members of the order left yesterday evening to organize a lodge of Odd Fellows in Smyrna, Cobb County.

A letter from Savannah, to a refugee says: "On no account let any of your friends return here for at least a fortnight.  Fever is still very prevalent.  Mostly all the new cases are those who have returned, Mrs. Hull is very bad, also Bachus, Gardiner, D. J. Ryan, Dwight Roberts, Cronin, Gowan, Etc.  Miller of Boughton street, no hope."

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

9 Nov. 1876

Executive Department Notes

Gov. Smith has offered a reward of $200 for the capture of the unknown parties who killed Hiram York (colored) in Baker county on the 28th October.

Personal Points

Col. J. D. Williamson of Dalton was in the city.

Miss Lizzie Quigg of Conyers had gone to the west on a visit.

Miss Carrie McCutchen is visiting some of her friends at Cartersville and Fairmount.

Miss Missie Trammell of Griffin who has been visiting her cousin, Miss Mary Trammell, at Dalton has returned to her home.

Miss Maud Calloway has returned to Oxford, accompanied by Miss Mamie Wood of Dalton.

Miss Carrie M. Gates of Ware, Mass, has returned home.

Mr. B. W. Wrenn, genreal passenger agent Western Atlantic railroad, left yesterday for the west and northwest on business.

Police Pickings

Policeman Manly arrested Amos Butt for burglary in the night. Justice Butt committed Amos for the charge. Amos was indicted by the grand jury and pled guilty but learning that Judge Peeples would send him to the penitentiary and not fine him withdrew his pleas and will stand trial.

Policeman Starnes arrested Jackson McCoy for cattle stealing.

Policeman Connally arrested Ben Haynes for larceny from the house.

Policeman Sausberry and R?pp arrested Bryom Rogers and Sallie Perryman (col) for living together as man and wife without a permit from Judge Pittman.

Transcribed by Margie Daniels
The Daily Constitution
Atlanta Georgia

10 November 1876

Felton isn't 52 years old as much as we thought he was
It will be remembered that we always said Felton was a good man.  Some of those who sat in the seat of the scornful acccused him of being 52 years of age but when the proof was called for there was not forth coming.

Dippery Slick in the second district was martyred in the house of his friends.  Decautur county rather upset his caclulations.

John B. Gordon of Talbot county wrapped himself in a United States flag on Tuesday and put in a little vote for Uncle Sam.

The Macon Telegraph pays an eloquent and deserved tribute to the memory of Dr. Juriah Harriss, of Savannah

Mr. DeWitt Hines was killed recently in Lumpkin by the town marshal. Hines resisted arrest and was shot.  The marshal has flet.

Mr. Barton Scroggins, an old and highly esteemed citizen of Coweta county is dead.

A little son of Mr. Thomas Moore of Carroll county, was smothered recently while playing in a pile of cotton.

Mrs. Elizabeth Lumpkin, of Columbia county fell one day recently and broke her arm.

Mr. A. L. Hillman, of McDuffie county has invented a new railroad bar, and has applied for a patent.

Mr. H. M. Chastain, a prominent citizen of Thomas County, has removed to Liberty.

Sweet Water Grange, of Gwinnett county planted two memorial trees recently one to the memory of Miss Mary Ann Coney and the other to the memory of Thomas H. Mitchell members of the order.

Savannah News:
In the closing days of the deadly pestilence which has decimated our city, we are called  upon to chroincle the death of one of Savannah's brightest medical intellects. Dr. Juriah Harris Born in Columbia county Ga. and son of Dr. Harris of that county, he pursued his professional studies under the direction of his father, and graduated at the Augusta Medical College, subsequently completing his medical education in Paris and locating in Savannah in 1857. (Skip treatment of pestilence victims).
Dr. Harris was married to Miss Sue Dowse of Burke county a niece of the late Judge Berrier and was also a brother of Mrs. D'Antignac of Augusta, Ga.  He was about 50 years of age at the time of his death. (Article continues no genealogy related informatioin)



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