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Dothan Eagle (Dothan, Alabama) on July 20, 1959, and reads as follows:

"Mrs. Margaret Davis

SLOCOMB--Funeral services for Mrs. Margaret Virginia Davis, 82, who died at her home today, will be held tomorrow at 2 p.m. at the Christian Home Baptist Church with the Rev. R.H. Carswell and the Rev. Dan Wallar officiating. Burial wil be in the church cemtery with Ward-Wilson Funeral Home directing. The body will lie in state a the home until funeral time.

Mrs. Davis, a native of Dale County, had lived in Slocomb for the past 25 years. She was a member of the Christian Home Baptist Church. 

Survivors include her husband, J.A. Davis, Slocomb; one daughter, Mrs. W.T. Peel, Slocomb; three sons, Holden, Adolph and Edward Zell Davis, all of Orlando, Fla.; one brother, Lon Glover, Dothan Rt. 1; 15 grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren and three great, great-grandchildren."        

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  Noel Dowling Obit Southern Star

 Sent in by Terri Tait.

The Southern Star, Wednesday, June 22, 1892, No. 47, Ozark, AL

 "Old Grandma Jernigan, mother of Mr. J.H. Jernigan, who lived two miles above Ozark, died last Saturday and was buried at Post Oak on Sunday afternoon.  She was about 85 years of age."

 Noel Dowling was born in Darlington District, South Carolina, December 25, 1809, and died at 6 p.m. June 15th 1892, aged 82 years, 5 months, and 20 days.

  He came to Alabama, arriving in Dale County, March 1826, two years after the county was formed and has been a citizen of the county for 66 years.  As a citizen, he was patriotic and true.  He helped to civilize this county by his true courage and Christian manhood.

   November 7th 1831 he was most happily married to Sally McDonald and settled the home near where he died.  He had been a married man 60 years and 6

months.  He became the father of 8 sons and 1 daughter, all of whom still live except two sons.  His first child to die was Marcus Lafayette, who died of scarlet fever June 24th, 1843, who sleeps at Claybank.  His next to die was James King, who died a soldier at Pensacola, Florida, Sept. 6th, 1861, and who also sleeps at Claybank.

  By hard work he made an ample living and reared his children in christian culture.  He led them and taught them by consistent example and wise precept.  His pure life was continuously beautiful.  As a legitimate consequence his devoted children loved him with pure hearts fervently.

   Being taught and impressed by a pious father and mother he became a member of the Methodist church in young manhood, and lived a quiet and faithful member 'till called to the church above.  As a christian he was strong in Bible doctrine and upright in practice.  He was liberal and hospitable. Freely he gave to build churches and support the ministry.  He led multitudes and helped to sustain camp meetings.  Never did the poor go from his home unsupplied.  Never did the hungry go from his ample shelter unfed.

  As a husband he was all the word implies.  His stricken and heart-crushed wife called him "that sweet husband".  As a father he could not have done more considering his conditions. As his weeping children look back over his life with them, they see all in the light of harmony and beauty.

  He was a man of "secret prayer".  He had a time and a place for prayer. There and elsewhere he would take off his hat and kneel down in fervent supplication and intercession.  Hence he was fed on spiritual food obtained in prayer.  Therefore when he was death approaching he could say "I am not afraid."  "I am ready".  "I have peace of heart".

Surrounded by his weeping family and others he gently passed from earth to Heaven at 6 p.m. June 15th, 1892, leaving his sweet name among loved ones as "Ointment poured forth".



         Ozark Tribune, Sept. 13, 1904

part of the large section on citizens of Ozark and Dale Co. also has articles about the churches


      In 1850 Rev. Joel  Sims  was sent as a missionary from the Eufaula Association and he got a few people together and held a meeting at the house of  William Andrews, Sr. ., and there was much interest at that time, and later on Rev. Leroy Sims constituted a church at William Andrew's house.  Mr. Andrews and wife, Mary, Francis and Sallie, his daughters, and his sons, William, Benjamin, Ira and Arter all joined and then they constituted the church on the following Sunday.  In  1851  Rev. Reuben E. Brown  came and held a meeting under an arbor where the Ozark graveyard now is, the meeting was very interesting and asked an arm of the church that was organized as above, set out to be extended to the place where he was holding his meeting, and at that meeting Moses Matthews and wife joined the church, also Gordon Matthews and his wife joined at the same time.  Moses Matthews then offered to give a lot of land if they would move the church on it, and it was done, and this is the way the Union church was brought in existence.  Today there are three charter members of the church still living, they are W.F. Cox, Mary Howell and Francis Whitman who participated in organizing the church at William Andrew's.  There was a church built at William Andrew's place and when the church was moved to where it now is, William Andrews took the building back and a new church was built just east of the present cemetery of Ozark.  Mr. Andrews was an ordained deacon of the church that was organized at his place, and when the church was moved to its present locality Gordon Matthews was made deacon, and Rev. Leroy Simms was first pastor.  Rev. Caswell Smith, Rev. R. Deal, Rev. J.M. Poyner and other noted Baptist preachers have served the church all along.  During 1866, W.F. Cox was made a deacon which position he held a long time.  This handsome cut gives you the likeness (picture in article) of the Baptist church building now.  This building shows what kind of material the little handful of Baptist are made of.  Rev. H.L. Martin, when his health gave way and he retired from doing evangelistic work concluded he would undertake to raise the money necessary to build a new Baptist church.  He was ably assisted by the pastor, Rev. J.J. Hagood,  and many of the noble and faithful members of the church.  It is a monument of sacrifice and love for the cause it stands out to represent.  The building is octagonal shaped with a nice auditorium and has a Sunday school and choir room, all of which can be turned into one very large auditorium by means of rolling partitions.  There are many handsome windows, three memorial windows, one to J.H. Sessions, one to Rev. Caswell Smith and wife and one to Rev. A.L. Martin and wife.  Everyone who sees the interior of the building pronounces it the prettiest in the state.  The pews are of the finest finish, in fact none are scarcely ever manufactured that are any finer than those in the Baptist church.  The membership is compose of some of the very best people of the city.  There are about 180 members, and a flourishing Sunday school of about 150 scholars.  The church is in a prosperous condition and is on the eve of a great upbuilding.  Out of debt and with bright prospects we predict the church will be a might power for good.  The church is elegantly furnished and carpeted all over.  The  second church building was built by  Stephen D. Parker and other good people in 1886, while Rev. J.M. Poyner was pastor and Rev. P.M. Calloway, Sr., preached the dedication sermon.  This last building was erected in 1902, Rev. J.J. Hagood being pastor.  Dedicated in fall of 1903.  Dr. Charles A. Stakely, of Montgomery, preached the dedication sermon.


                                  Southern Star 2



 Date sent to Dale Co., Mailing list: Thu, 17 Aug 2000, By Cathy Van Cleave

 From the Southern Star (on or near Sept. 10, 1884, forgot to write the date but this date is on the cotton statement quote)

 Capt. N. HUGHES with the Wire Grass Bazaar.

H.H.(could be N.) MIZELL, Esq. of Haw Ridge was in town.

Dr.  Jno. C. MOSELY of Geneva....visiting relatives and friends in Ozark.

Prof. McCARTHA opened his school at Newton.....

Rev. W.L. ANDREWS teaching at Haw Ridge......

Mr. and Mrs. S.E. HALLFORD's youngest child died last Monday evening......buried at Claybank church yesterday evening.

Harvey YELVERTON.....been out west returned home

Mr. J.W. FALL, rep. of a stationary house of Marshall & Bruce, Nashville, spent Sabbath in Ozark.

E. MANCILL and J.N. MOSELEY will close books, must have accounts to them settled.

Rev. Mr. GILLIS conducted meeting at the Methodist church.

Mr. and Mrs. D.Y. DOWLING's youngest son, Alva died last Monday, buried at Claybank.

Jack  and Alfred GISSENDANER in county court.


Southern Star (on or about March 7, 1888)


Prof. J.C. HOWELL in town, opening a writing class.

Mr. Henry W. MORGAN, present marshal, candidate for reelection.

Mr. MARTIN and affiliations with republicans mentioned.

J.D. BALIEY, Esq. agent for C.M. Bailey & Co. (have saw mill 2 mi west of Ozark).

MOSELEY & ANDREWS have best and cheapest whiskies.

Mr. BROWN.... at his brick yard....has new machinery....Mr. KELLS the inventor from Adrian, Mich.

Capt. Needham HUGHES, Harris McDONALD, C.A. MORGAN, candidate for tax collector.

Curtis BYRD, Jr.,  John B. YELVERTON,  tax assessor candidates.

Angus  B. BYRD,  T.C. LEE, and C.C. TURLINGTON running for sheriff.

Rob't. J.  DOWLING,  candidate for treasurer.


Newton Messenger, Oct. 15, 1887

 Henry JOWERS took Mr. G.W. ETHRIDGE's watch.....Mr. METCALF found it.

Eld. N.C. UNDERWOOD has not accepted care of our church.

Mr.I.J. STEWART of Haw Ridge...

Mrs.  H. J. SESSIONS visiting family of Dr. BRUNER at Haw Ridge.

C.P. ATKINSON left for the Southern University

A mule belonging to Mr. P.M? CALLAWAY Jr. while attached to a buggy ran away on last Sunday evening, inverting the buggy, inflicting slight wounds upon members of his family and dislocating his shoulder.  Mr. Calloway was brought immediately to town and the dislocation reduced by Drs. SMISSON and JENKINS.  The hurt ones are rapidly recovering.

From advertisements.........

A.L. BLIZZARD, real estate, Newton


M.L.  BALKCOM,  dental surgery.

H.J.  SMISSON,  doctor.

Thos. J.  WYNN,  E.W. CLARK, confectioneries.

N.J. PETERS, saddle and harness shop.

WINDHAM and  REESE, wagons and furniture.

         Cathy Van Cleave


sent 8/24/2000 to Dale List -----  Southern Star  June 29, 1910


E.B. Ard , M.D., T.J. Killebrew, Board of Pension Examiners for Dale Co. (Confederate)

Mr. Robert G. Skipper was the first to present the Star man with a watermelon, consequently he gets the paper free for one year.  ...also mentions his truck farm.

Rev. R.B. Arnold delivered an interesting talk at instalation of the masonic officers of the Asbury Lodge.

D.S. Cain also attended.

Prof. W.M. Head and wife spent last Sat in the city.

Mr. Charles Dowling gave the Editor a tomato weighing 19 lbs.

Prof. R.L. Marchman of Daleville was in the city on business.

Henry Sellers gave the Editor some very fine plums  (this Editor is doing good in the food dept.).

G.W. Carter of  Dothan in the city Mon.

Sheriff Andrews has been playing in hard luck lately.  The sheriff has a very fine plum orchard in his pasture, and some low down, mean person was not satisified with getting his plums but killed one of his very finest hogs.  He has an idea who the guilty party is, and no doubt something will develop in a few days.

Messrs. S.J. McEntyre, Y.D. Dowling, J.O. McEntyre and H.R. Thomas spent Sunday at Daleville with relatives.  Trip made in Mr. McEntyre's Ford.


Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2000  Dale Co., Al list----------Southern Star, June 29, 1910


C.F. James spent Sunday in Enterprise.

F.B. Cullens Jr. visited Montgomery.

Miss Bessie Adams visiting friends in Montgomery.

Dr. J.R. Brown spent last week at Panama City.

Deputy Sheriff Andrews was a visitor to Daleville last week.

Mr. R.L. Rollins and family of Enterprise visited relatives in the city the past week.

Mrs. W.W. Kirkland has returned home from a visit to Panama City.

Mrs. J.F. Moseley and children have returned from a visit to relatives in Pike County.

W.D. Hutchinson of Elba was in the city on business.

Miss Lillie Parker has returned from a visit to relatives at Enterprise and other points.

Mrs. A.C. Parker of Cuthbert, GA. visiting relatives in the city.

Dr. C.F. Hayes of Enterprise was here Mon. & Tues. on regular weekly visits.


Officers at the Masonic lodge, Hawridge Lodge # 809, elected June 11th.

J.M. Carmichael   W.M.

W.F. Gunter   S.W.

Louis Snellgrove    J.W.

John Dean    Treas.

P.A. Clark    Sect.

W.J. Hayes    S? D.

D.L. Cain    J.D.

J.B. Carmichael    St. ward

C or O T. Cooper    St. ward

G.T. Hildreth     Chaplain

J.J. Harden    Tyler

Rev. A.L Blizzard delivered the address at the Masonic and Woodsmen of the World officer installation.

H.R. Smith at Smith & Co. lost a silver openfaced watch with chain. Mr. R.A. Goff, wife and little son, Rex Malone of Montgomery are visiting relatives.

W.M. Cooper of Dothan was in the city on business.


Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 ----------------Southern Star June 8, 1910

Mr. J.D. HOLMAN has improved property on West Daleville with cement sidewalks in front of his store.

Mrs. J. ? LEVY is selling chickens and eggs.

Mr. Walker GOFF of Tampa, Fla. visiting his father's family.

Mrs.  J.E. JOHNSON and  children of Donaldsonville, Ga. guest of Mr. J. C or G. Goff.

Rev. C.S. TALLEY and Misses Stell COX and Minnie Lee McNAIR in Union Springs attending a session of the Epworth League.

Mary SOLLIE lost a Kappa Delta sorority pin, reward.

Mr. Walter SIMS with the state, at North Birmingham was here on business last week.

Uncle Lewis MOSELEY and wife returned from a pleasant visit to relatives in Daleville.

Sheriff ANDREWS went to Mount Vernon, taking a prisoner to be placed in the asylum.

Mr. Y. Allen HOLMAN has returned from a business trip to Cincinnati.

Sam MILLER had an accident at Solcomb (will post details if needed).

J.D. HOLMAN has harnesses, whips and robes.  Also making improvements to his store.

H.D. GARNER, for hams call him telephone number 8 (my times have changed)

Mr. J.W. BARNES of Andalusia attending bedside of his father, William Barnes.

Mayor MARTIN has been confined to his bed for a few days.

Mr. and Mrs. G.W. WOODHAM had a boy last week.

Mr. W.D. HUTCHINSON of Elba was in town on business.

Fred CULLENS, operated on at Montgomery, doing nicely, home soon.


(The following names were very hard to read, so there may be some errors)

Alma K(E?)LLNER, 8 year old disappeared at Louisville, Dec. 8 found dead in an old cistern.

Mr. E? M. COUSINS returned from a visit to Birmingham.

Mr. J. N. RUSSELL or FUSSELL spent last Tuesday at Dothan.

Lewis MOSELY, W.H or M MARCH???, J.R. EDWARDS, Board of Registers Dale County (voting)

Mrs. Q or O HUNTER of Tamp, Fla. visiting relatives here.

Mrs. H or M. N. HUNTER and children returned after a visit to ? Fla.


 Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 20:28:56 0400------Southern Star  June 20, 1910 (just a small section)

 W.N. Galloway attended services at the Primitive Baptist church in Ozark.

On his return was accompanied by Elder Jenkins of Albertville-Brundidge News.

M. A. Creel was in city Sat.  Marion says he wishes he had an automobile.

Mr.  Jas. Andrews came near loosing his home one day the past week by fire which caught at the stove flew .  After Mrs. Andrews had cooked breakfast the menfolks all left for the work and Mrs. Andrews was in the garden gathering her dinner.  She looked back at the house, and saw the smoke boiling up from the cook room.  So by heroic work carrying water up the ladder, Mrs. Andrews finally succeeded in putting out the fire.

G. M. Hathaway had a fine jersey calf to go mad and had to kill it.

Mr. R.Y. Dowling, Dr. Bob and Lenn Reynolds was up in.......(don't have the rest copied)

Mr. W. I. Casey bought from Judge Morris at Daleville, and from Daniel Martin of the western portion of the county about 150 bales of cotton............They are among the very best farmers in Dale County, and the fact that they are able to hold their cotton indefinitely is evidence of  their independence.


 letter from Enterprise, Ala July 18th, 1910

Mr. T.E. Weeks plans to move to Ozark and take charge of the Old Alliance Cotton warehouse.

June 22, 1910

From Beat 2

Miss Estelle Mosely of Haw Ridge, elected teacher for the next scholastic year by Trustees at Union School.

Rev. Register filled his regular apt. at Pleasant Hill Sunday.

E.W. Parish, Sheriff elect has been sick but now improving.

Sacred harp singing----------president S.J. Byrd, singing 95th song, Isom Byrd, Alphius Waters, and Early Caraway gave a lesson.


The Banner, June 30, 1892 (Ozark, AL)

Wednesday evening, the 22nd inst., at 8:30 p.m. marked an important epoch in
the life history of W. A. HILL and Miss Tee DOWLING.  'Twas then the twain
were made to realize the full meaning of the sentiment - 'two souls with but
a single thought, two hearts that beat as one".  At the hour designated, the
elite of Ozark assembled at the Methodist church to witness the nuptial
ceremony of this happy couple.  The chancel of the church had been elegantly
festooned and garlanded by Cupid's fair representatives.  The altar was
transformed into a veritable Hymeneal Arcadia and lover's rosy bower.  Into
this enchanting retreat marched, with queenly step, Miss Jimmie YARBROUGH,
who beguiled at the organ all earthly cares with the dulcet tones of
Mendelssohn's wedding march, as the bridal party filed up the aisle, and
while Rev. A. HOOD "tied the knot there's no untying."  The file march of
the lady and gentlemen attendants, separately, up opposite aisles, and the
cross march before the altar, was unique and exquisite.  The ceremony over,
the bridal party and invited guests repaired to the residence of the bride's
father and mother, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. C. DOWLING, to partake of a superb
wedding supper that had been tastefully and artistically spread for the
occasion.  After partaking of the elegant repast, the ladies and gentlemen
mingled in social converse in the parlors and through the halls.  The
witching tones of the organ, in aid of "sweet music and her sister, Song"
lent pleasure and enchantment to the occasion, and made all present feel
that "it was good and pleasant to be there."  The bride was the recipient of
many handsome and costly presents.  The Banner wafts congratulations to the
happy couple.  May they "bear one another's burdens and live long, lovingly
and prosperously!"

If you want to know more about the Dowling's I can send that on.  I know
nothing about Williams parents.

NOTE:  Tamsey "Tee" C. Dowling married William A. Hill 22 Jan 1892 in Ozark, Dale
Co., Alabama.  Tamsey "Tee" C. Dowling HILL is the daughter of Elisha
Mathias Conners DOWLING and Tamsey Jane Britt.  Elisha Mathias Conners
DOWLING is the son of John DOWLING and Charlotte Brackin.  John DOWLING is
the son of Dempsey DOWLING and Martha Stokes.




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