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6 June 1820

My wife Nancy,has quit my bed and board...
I forewarn all persons from dealing with her..
signed Jehu Ivie.

Putnam Co...Eatonton
Married  18 May 1820
John Hudson,esq to Miss Nancy Gaither..

Jefferson Co.
Died..20 May 1820
Capt Horatio Marbury ,,formerly Secretary of State..

Sheriff Sale
2021/2 acres of pine land..23rd Dist #160...taken as the property of Nathan favor I.& J Guiton.

13 June 1820

Richmond Co...Augusta
Died..  Mrs. Leonora E.Callis,wife of Capt Callis..

Columbia Co.
Died ..Mrs. Rebbecka Beall,wif of Judge Beall..

Chathan Co. Savannah
Died...John Davis

Hancock Co.
Blister,a black fellow..says he belongs to William Sapp esq..of Burke Co...
Sarah,a negro woman,and her young child,says she belongs to William Wright a Nergo speculator,that he purchased her from Richard Alexander,VA..
signed Abram Alfiend..Sheriff

Admr'. Sale
Jasper Co.
2411/2 acres ..lying on Murder Creek...
Estate of John M'Lemore..
signed John S.Drew,  John Martin..adm'rs...

Hall Co.
William E.Davis of the 26th dist..tolled before John M'Elhannon horse...
Apprraised $70
signed Stephen Reed,Clerk

Twiggs Co.
Reddin horse...appraised by John Durham and Jesse Pope..$40...
signed James Ware..J.P....Edwin Hart ..Clerk

20 June 1820

Baldwin Co.
Married in Milledgeville...on Sun.last...Col. Charles Williamson to Miss Ann Howard..dau of Major John Howard

Jones co.
Nancy and William Shaw have appiled for letters of dismission on the estate of Daneil Shaw..
signed James Smith Clerk..

My wife Juda Gray,has quit my bed and board....Forewarn all persons from trading with her..
signed James Gray...

Oglethrope Co.
Tanken up by Mathew Phillips....posted before John J.Bowls horse..appraised $15
signed Isaac Collier..Clerk

Habersham Co.
William Danforth..tolled befoe me,one horse
signed James Hudgins..J.P.
William Hamelton ,of Capt Walter Adair's dist...tollled before me horse..signed Henry Dobson J.P.

27 June 1820

Putnam Co..
Married  6 June 1820
By Rev C.Pendleton...Jerremiah Lamar of Jones Co. to Miss Susan D.Rhynes of,Eatonton..

Columbia Co.
Died 6th 1820
Mrs. Ann Carey..consort of George She was born in Charles Co. .Maryland...

Putnam Co.
Died 18 June 1820
Mrs Elizabeth Marshall..wife of Capt Stephen Marshall..
Left husband and 10 children.youngest 8 days old....

Laurens Co.
Died 14 June 1820
Mrs. Sarah Montgomery...consort of Capt Samuel Montgomery..Left Husband and 6 children..


4 July 1820

Baldwin Co.
In jail...a bright mulatto fellow....says his name id John and that he belongs to william Dickson,Orangeburg Dist.SC
signed F.Sanford.Jailor,,

Tattnall Co.
Sheriff's sale
Sell to highest bidder....143 3/4 acres..on the Altamaha River...adj. Daniel Kirtland and Joshua Kemp,property of Elias Fiveash,,,,,in favor of wright Flowers and Edmond P. Wester for the use of Reuben Nail...
Signed..J.B Stripling..D.S.

Emanuel Co.
Charles Meeke tolled before Francis Meeke horse..appraised by John.G.Oliver and Jones Meeke
signed E.H.Callaway

Washington Co.
Admr' Sale
Personal property of  James Hale..Sale will be at the plantation of deceased...
signed William and James Hale ...

Abstracts from Georgia Journal and Messenger , Macon, GA

15 April 1847
The name of the paper is changed to "Georgia Journal" and "Messenger"

Wednesday, September 6, 1848

LAW NOTICE Christopher B. Strong, of Perry, Houston County and Theodorick W. Montfort, Knoxville, Crawford County, Attorneys, Counselors and Solicitors, have entered into a partnership in the practice of the Law and Equity in the Superior Courts of the counties of Crawford, Talbot and Macon.

MELANCHOLY DEATH - Frederick Sims, Esq., one of our oldest and most respectable citizens, met with a most melancholy and painful death on the 23rd inst. Mr. S. was acting temporarily as conductor of the passenger cars upon the Macon and Western Railroad, and at the time of his death, had charge of the down train. About 15 miles above Macon and while passing through a plantation, the whistle gave warning of some obstruction upon the tract. Mr. S. anxious to discover the cause of danger, leaned as far as possible out of the car which brought his head suddenly in contact with a post, breaking his skull and killing him almost instantly. His remains were brought to the city by the same train and followed to the grave by a large concourse of friends and the Masonic Fraternity of which he was a worthy member. Mr. S. had filled many important trusts. He was a member of the Georgia Legislature, Post Master and Mayor of the city of Macon, and filled many other stations with credit to himself and profit to the community. He left an interesting family and a large circle of friends to mourn his untimely fate.

DIED - In Houston County, on the 20th inst, Louis Williamson, son of Paul S. and Martha E. Dinkins. Aged 2 years and 3 months.

LIST OF LETTERS remaining in the Post Office in Macon, GA on the 1st September 1818

Allen, John 2
Allen, William
Arnold, James B
Arnold, Miss Sarah
Ashley, James  11
Ausbun, John

Baker, Joshua  2
Barfield, Robert B
Barfield, Richard
Baker, Thomas
Beal, Elias
Berry, Mrs. Helen
Benton, Joseph or J. Stacy
Bebb, George
Bone, William
Bowman, John
Birdsong, Mrs. Rebecca
Brewer, Dr. T.C.S.
Bricker, Leonard C
Brooking, Archady C
Brooking, Miss Catherine
Brown, Peter E
Brown, John
Brown, Mrs. Mary A
Brown, Mrs. M.S.
Brown, Frederick
Brantley, James B
Brasswell, Mrs. Caroline
Brundage, Amerson R.
Burdock, James

Chain, Isaish S
Cherry, the younger butcher
Cheshire, William J
Cheshire, Miss Caroline
Chisholm, William
Colerain, Disey
Cozens, Miss Emily
Carter, John
Carter, Miss Frances
Carter, Samuel G
Cunningham, William A
Curry, Isaiah

Daily, Patrick
Daniel, Mrs. E.C.
Danelly, Mrs. Sarah
Davis, Miss Elizar
Davis, William H
DeLancy, NC
Dickinson, John
Conaldson, Mrs. Marg'ret L
Douglass, George
Dozier, Rev. Allen T
Danman, Miss Celia

Edwards, William L
England, Mrs. Catherine

Faulk, Lucinda
Findley, Janice
Flanders, Milton
Foster, Miss nancy
Fourcade, A
Fowler, Gilbert
Freeman, Henry C
Fulton, Gasper

Gamble, William B
Gentry, Pleasant
Gibson, Robert G
Giddens, James T.
Gilbert, Robert
Gill, Miss Burdel
Gladin, Mary James
Graham, Miss Georgiana
Gray, Miss Nancy
Green, Thomas S.
Gresham, Sarah D.
Gross, Solomon
Gunn, John G

Hamilton, T
Hamilton, Thomas
Hammonds, Abner
Hand, Mrs. B
Hardy, William
Harris, Miss SR
Haywood, Charles
Hearick, James
Heyman, A
Higins, Wiley G
Hines, Treat
Hines, Mrs.Carlotte, care of T. Hines
Hogans, Tom
Hodges, P.F.
Hodges, JohnT
Home, E
Honeyman, Miss
Hoy, Thomas
Huberson, Kit
Humphres, James
Hundley, Anthony
Hunt, Alexander J
Hunter, W.H.

Jackson, Washington
Jackson, William R
Jennison, Miss Helen
Johnson, Charles H
Johnson, Mrs. S.A.
Johnson, Ishaia L
Jones, Samuel L
Jones, M.D.

Kennedy, David
Kennedy, Joseph
King, Hubbard

Lancton, L
Long, Mrs. Nancy
Laytrad, Miss Rebeccas
Lewis, Mrs. Martha
Lightfoot, James
Lirey, John
League, Wilson
Low, John
Lenan, James

Martin, Hugh
Martin, John
Margraph, Peter
Manoney, Jeremiah
Marshin, Joseph
McCrady, Peter
McDowell, Stephen
McDonald, John or John McDaniel
McGee, Hardy
McGrun, Ryem
McKennon, John
McMillan, John H
McKanaias,  Dr. J
Minshew, Col Mattimore
Motell, Miss Mary

N & O
Newsome, Madison G
O'Mailey, Thomas
Owens, Mrs. Mary

Park, James
Perry, Mrs. Susan
Perry, George
Petty, Luke
Pope, Columbus W
Pope, Mr.
Proctor, William
Quines, Garry

Raine, Thomas J
Rape, Milton
Rails, John H
Rees, Mrs. Caroline
Redding, Mrs. Sarah A care of Jas Redding
Rice, Orlando
Richards, J.J
Rives, Dr. William H
Robertson, William
Rogers, EG
Rogers, RS
Rowland, J.B.

Sage, Mrs. Mary
Sanders, Osurah
Sanderlin, Robert Senr
Sanderson, Rie
Sagaes, Samuel
Saimon, John care of Jas Gavin
Sayers, Calvin L
Seamore, Huten L
Seipmour, James
Saater, Charles F
Shannon, Peter J
Sherman, Mrs. Judy
Smiley, R.B.
Smith, John
Smith, Chesterfield
Smith, Thomas
Simz, Miss Mary G
Spencer, William
Stewart, James
Stewart, Samuel James
Steward, John H
Strozier, Samuel G.
Sullivan, Silas N
Suttles, Isaac

T & V
Tapley, Jackson
Taylor, John W.
Taylor, BF
Timberlake, John
Varnedoe, S.M.

Wadsworth, Dan
Wadsworth, James
Walters, William
Walton, John
Warren, William S
Watkins, LF & G F
Watson, Lemuel
Weath, Edwards
White, William D
White, J
White, Martha
White, James F
Wilson, Miss Eliza
Wilson, Miss Frances
Wilson, Bryant
Williamson, J.H
Williams, Joseph
Wimberly, Robert
Wood, Willis
Woodward, Stephen or Nathaniel Skipper
Wright, Lorenzo
Wynn, Thomas M

Yearly, Marthy
Young, Mrs. Judith
Young, Cuyler W.
Young, John care of J.P. Gore
Young, Caleb

Persons calling for letters from the above list will please say they are advertised. There is an 
additional charge of two cents on all advertised letters.  Robert Fleming, Asst P.M.

Between the city of Macon and Walnut Creek Bridge, sometime in February, a small Wallet containing some money and sundry notes and accounts which the owner can have by describing and paying for this advertisement. Lewis J. Groce

Absconded from the subscriber on the night of the 5th inst. a young Negro fellow about 18 or 19 years of age, named JACOB. Jacob is well grown, spare made, very blac, stands erect, has very large feet and hands, arms also long, and weighs about 114 pounds. He is a good Waggoner and will probably aim for Virginia, from where he was brought when young. The above reward will be given for the apprehension of said boy, or such information as will lead to his recovery. The subscriber can be addressed at Blountsville, Jones County, GA Alfred M. George

FOUR MONTHS after date, application will be made to Inferior Court of Sumter Co, for sell of land and Negroes belonging to the estate of Everett Wells, deceased. Eason Smith, Adm.

FOUR MONTHS after date application will be made to Inferior Court of Upson Co, for sell of land and Negroes belonging to the estate of Alpheus Beall, late of said county. Mary C. BEALL, Adminx

FOR SALE or Rent. The Brick House on Walnut Street next to the Episcopal Church, now occupied by A.G. Butts, Esq. Apply to C. Day and Co.

TO RENT - The store formerly occupied by J. Murdock, adjoining Mix and Kirkland.

FINE PLANTATION for sale. The subscriber intending to remove to Alabama, for the purpose of taking personal charge of his interests there, offers for sale his Plantation and settlement in Upson County, situated within one and a half miles of Thomaston, and with in one mile of the Railroad from Barnesville to Columbus, consisting of 607 acres first quality land, 300 of which are cleared and in a fine state of cultivation, having been highly and frequently manured.
On the premises are a good Dwelling and Negro Houses , a superior Gin House and every other building and convenience necessary on a well arranged plantation. E. A. Pearce

PLANTATION FOR SALE. The subscribers having determined to remove to the West, offer for sale their valuable plantation in Fowl Town, Decatur Co, consisting of 900 acres, about 1/2 cleared...two sets of Negro houses, Gin house, cotton press, sugar mill and boilers, and one of the best wells of pur, cold freestone water in the country. The land is well adapted to the culture of Corn, Cotton (both black-seed and short staple) Sugar Cane and Florida Tobacco. Of a favorable year it will produce in cotton per acre from 1200 - 1800 lbs. Within 5 miles of Bainbridge, and only 3 of Flint River, it is accessible throughout the year, through river navigation to Apalachicola.
Fowl Town is eminently healthy and its society the most select in the settlement - added to this the advantages for education and religious worship are superior, there being an excellent Academy and two Churches within a mile of the place. Daniel J. Bruton and George W. Bruton

FOR SALE. 404 3/4 acres good Oak and Hickory Land...3 1/2 from Macon, and on the direct road leading to Clinton; Comfortable dwelling, a well of never failing superior water, also 3 good springs, an orchard of select peaches, plums, etc. F.L. Ellis Bibb County

MACON SHERIFF'S SALE. Will be sold 1st Tues of October, at courthouse door in Lanier, Macon County: one bay horse, 3 or 4 years old; levied on as the property of Elizathan Burke to satisfy a fi fa in favor of John C. Mounger and John Barton vs. said Burke.
One lot No 217 in the 2nd district of once Muscogee now Macon; levied on as property of Jesse M. TURNER, to satisfy two Justices court in favor of G. C. Carmichael.

POSTPONED SALE. Macon County, West half of land lot #2 in first district (Muscogee now Macon), one bay mare and colt; levied on as the property of Reese CAMP, to satisfy a fi fa in favor of James Hunt vs. Solomon Miller & Reese Camp. Thomas Dixon, Dept Sheriff

Also in Macon County, one lot of land #115 in 5th district of formerly Houston, now Macon; levied on as the property of John C. Rogers to satisfy a fi fa issued from Bibb Inferior Court in favor of Joseph Brantley vs said Rogers, Richard Bassett and William Holmes, Securities. C. E. Rumph, Sheriff

MONROE COUNTY. George W. Gilmore applies for Letters of Admin on estate of Mary M McEwen, late of said county, deceased. 29th day of August 1848.

NOTICE TO DEBTORS - CREDITORS. All persons who are indebted to William Haddock, late of Houston Co, deceased, are requested to come forward and make immediate payment. David M. HOLMES, Admin.

Macon Inf Court. leave to sell real estate of Daniel Smith, of said county dec'd. Jacob Kleckly, Admin. June 21.

Sumter Inf Court leave to sell all Negroes, estate of Joseph J.C. Jackson, dec'd Jesse Jackson, Admin. June 7

Bibb Inf Court. Sell real estate Daniel L. Hawley, dec'd. M.L. Graybill, Amdin June 7

Macon Inf Court. Sell real estate of David Coogle, dec'd. Daniel Kleckley, Admin.

Bibb Inf Court. sell real estate of William Stewart, dec'd. Roland Bivins, Adm. May 10, 1848

Macon Inf Court. Sell estate of Timothy Lee, dec'd Elizabeth Lee, Adminx May 10

Macon Inf Court. sell lands and negroes of Samuel F. Jones, de'cd. T. Ragland, Admin July5

Butts Inf Court. sell real estate and negroes of Wiliam Jarrell, dec'd. Polly Jarrell, Admx July 5

Dooley Inf Court. Sell real estate of Echold Hightower, dec'd. Thomas B. Fuquea, Joel W. Hightower, Admin. July 12

Twiggs Inf Court. Leave to sell a Negro Woman of estate of Edmund Swinney, dec'd E.B. Swinney, Executor July 1

Houston Inf Court. sell land and Negroes of James Heard, de'c for benefit of creditors and legatees. William Cherry, Exe. July 12

Houston Inf Court. sell lands and Negroes of William Smith, dec'd John W. Smith, James Smith, Admin July 12

Upson Inf Court. sell estate and negroes of Edward Eubanks, dec'd Nancy C. Eubanks, Admx July 12

Upson Inf Court. Sell lands of Samuel Kendrich, dec'd. Archibald Kendrich, Admr. July 26

Macon Inf Court. Sell whole estate of Mil K. Harmon, dec'd James S. Hollingshead, Admin Aug 23

Houston Inf Court. sell the interested in real estate and Mill and the Factory situated thereon, which are owned jointly by William Haddock, dec'd, and Joseph Tool, John S. Childers and (blank) Parr, and which are known as Haddock's Mills and the Houston Factory. David M Holmes. Aug 23

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Cassville, Cass County, 1st Tues of Oct, Lot #8 in 22nd District, and second section, formerly Cherokee now Cass County and on same day at Ellijay, Gilmer County, Lot #127, 24th District, 2nd section of formerly Cherokee now Gilmer County. Said land estate of George W. Mattocks, late of said County de'cd. Edmund A. Pearce, Adm. July 26

ADMINISTRATOR'S SLAE. Thomaston, Upson Co. 1st Tues Oct One lot of land 15th district, originally Monroe, now Upson Co, now occupied by (blank) Flournoy. Property of Jordan Brooks, dec'd. M.H. Sandwich, Adm. July 26

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Marion, Twiggs Co. Land #155 in 28th district, also 67 1/2 acres being 1/3 lot #119 in said district, for benefit of heirs of Wm. Melton. Clem Melton, Admin Aug 2

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Ware Co. Wareboro. Land lot #314 in 8th Dist formerly Appling, now Ware. Estate of William Yarbrough, dec'd. Sold for benefit of heirs and creditors. David J. Miller, Admin Elizabeth Yarbrough, Admix Aug 23

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Randolph County 1st Tues in Nov Land Lots # 214 and 34 in 5th Dis; #230in 6th; #107 in 10th Estate of Lewis Bond, dec'd formerly of Lee County. Joseph Bond, Admr Aug 30

EXECUTRIX SALE. Pike Co. 1st Tues of Nov. North half of lot #48, 102 acres; 50 acres on west side of #17, both originally in Monroe, but now in Pike Co, estate of Thomas Burnett, dec'd for benefit of heirs, and creditors. Jane Burnet, Extrx Aug 23, 1848

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the late residence of James Heard in Houston County about 3 miles from Harris' Bridge, on Friday 28th October, all the perishable property belonging to said estate, consisting of 700 bushels corn more or less 5,000 lbs fodder; 6 shoats; few articles of household an kitchen furniture. Wm. Cherry. Executor James Heard Houston County Aug 23, 1848

MACON County. Moses Johnson applies for letters of dismission. Guardianship of the minors of John Hewitt, dec'd, having fully discharged his duties. Wm. W. Corbitt, County Clerk of Ordinary Aug 2.

Wednesday, September 13, 1848

Poe and Nisbet for the use of James A. Nisbet vs. Wm T. Wilson, Trustee and Hez'k Thompson and his wife Hester Thompson.
It appearing to the Court from the return of the Sheriff that William T. Wilson, one of the defendants in the above stated case is not to be found in the county of Bibb. And it also appearing that said Wilson resides beyond the limits of this State. It is therefore ordered that service be perfected upon the said Wilson by publication in a public gazette in Macon once a molnth for 4 months. Sept 13, 1848

DIED. On the 19th ult at his residence in Gwinnett County, Absalom Martin, in the 4th (typo?) year of age. The deceased had been for the last thirty years a residence of the same place, during which time his uniform habits of an upright and moral course of conduct, together with his general gentlemanly deportment, had established for himself a character of spotless integrity. No individual in his section of country possessed more warm and devoted friend, or enjoyed a higher degree of prosperity. But "in the midst of life we are in death"-- the despoiler came and with him were blighted all his earthly prospects forever. He has left an affectionate wife and five small children, together with a large circle of friends to mourn their bereavement, but they mourn not "as they who have no hope". He had never attached himself to any visible church, yet on his death bed he gave the strongest evidence to his friends around, of a bright prospect of the rich inheritance of a blessed immortality beyond the grave.

TAXES. The Tax payers of Bibb will please take notice that the Tax Books for 1849 are still to be found at the store of Mr. Daniel F. Clarke, in Cherry Street, where all are invited to call and settle. The books will be closed on and after the 15th of September... J.B. Grace TCBC

CAUTION. We hereby forewarn all persons from trading for a promissory note given by ourselves to M.S. Ball or bearer for $50, due 20th Sept, 1848 and dated 22 Aug 1848. The considerations for which said note was given hs failed. E. Barlow, J.S. Morris. Indian Springs, Sept 13

RULE NISI. Sumter Co. Superior Court. May Term 1848
Petition of Jesse C. Jackson, surviving executor of last will of Joseph Jackson, deceased, that he was possessed of the original will...has been lost. Any heirs and legatees shew cause. July 29, 1848
Personally came into Court, Jesse R. Horne, Thomas C. Sullivan and Phillip West, who say they saw Joseph Jackson sign and they witnessed said will.
Sumter County. In the name of God, Amen. I, Joseph Jackson, of the county and state aforesaid, being in feeble health, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, calling to mind the uncertainly of life and the certainty of death, do make, publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament...Imprimus 1st, I give and bequeath to my beloved wife, Mary Jackson, my negro fellow, Jacob, Mary his wife, also Salim and his wife Dinah, a girl called littl Mary, and a boy called Squire, Charles and Dave, a negro woman Julia, also to have her choice of four horses out of my stock of horses, ten cows and calves, the household and kitchen furniture to be disposed of at her pleasure, and all the land which I may die seized of, on the south side of Spring Creek. It is my will that she have the full, free and entire use and occupation and control of said negroes and lands, during her natural life, and after her death, the same to go to my children and their heris who may then be in life.
2nd I give and bequeath unto my beloved grandchildren Jane Brown, Mary Brown, Sarah Brown, Richard Brown and Mecial Brown, lot of land #199 in the 15th district of old Lee, now Sumter county, to have and to hold the same in common, till they shall have respectfully arrived or attained the age of 21, share and share alike.
3rd I give and bequeath to my son-in-law Douglas H. Brown, $25 as a token of my regard.
4th I hereby appoint Jesse C. Jackson, Joseph Jackson, and Thomas G. Coward, my Executors. It is my will and desire that all the balance of my estate be equally divided between my five children, Jesse Jackson, Joseph Jackson, John Jackson, Mary Ann Jackson, and Thomas Green Jackson so soon as it can be conveniently done, guardians being appointed for those of nonage.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal, this the 12th day of July, 1838. (Signed) Joseph Jackson
Made, uttered, and published, declared, signed and sealed in the presence of Jesse R. Horne, Thos C. Sullivan, Philip West. August 9, 1848.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold on 1st Tues in December, at courthouse in Marion, Twiggs Co, the following land belonging to estate of John Everett, deceased; 272 1/2 acres being the place whereon said John Everett died. Sold for the purpose of a division among the heirs. Henry E. Everett, Exe. Sept 13

Application to Inferior Court of Upson, to sell negroes and land belonging to the estate of Nathan SANDERS, dec'd, late of said county, for the benefit of heirs and creditors. Isaac Sanders, Richmond Sanders, Admn Sept 12

Application to Inferior Court of Twiggs, to sell lands belonging to estate of Samuel PATE, late of said county, deceased. James Averett, Admr. Sept 13

POLITICAL. Benjamin Russell is a candidate for Receiver of Tax Returns of Bibb County. Aug 16
John Eans - candidate Bibb County Tax Receiver
James R. McElmurry - candidate Bibb Co Tax Receiver
Joseph J. Holleman - candidate - Bibb Co. Receiver of Tax Returns
Mr. John W. Wooten - candidate - Bibb Co. Tax Collector

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Macon County 1st Tue in Nov. Land: #50 in 2nd district, originally Muscogee now Macon; 202 1/2 acres. Sold as property of James Buzbee, deceased, late of Bibb County. Middleton McDonald, Admr, Elizabeth Buzbee, Admx Sept 6

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Bibb County 1st Tues December. part of Land # 94 in SE corner, 70 acres; part of land lot #95, east side 125 acres; Lot #58 177 acres; land #59 75 acres west line of lot; All lying in 4th District of originally Houston, now Bibb County. James Buzbee, deceased, embracing all his land in said lots, except such part thereof as has been assigned to the widow for her dower.
Also, the following Negroes: Isaac, a negro man about 25 years old; Winney, a Negro woman 35 years old; Edy, a woman about 18 years old and her child, Penny, about 2 yrs old and her infant child not named. Middleton McDonald, Admr, Elizabeth Buzbee , Admx.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Sumter County. 1st Tues Nov. courthouse in Americus. Two lots in 30th District - #215 and #216, belonging to the estate of William M. WHITE, deceased, situated on the Lumphkin road, 5 miles form Pondtown, 160 acres, cleared in good order for cultivation. New gin-house and screw. Comfortable dwelling house. Joseph M. White, Admr.

Wednesday, September 20, 1848

VALUABLE PLANTATION. For sale, the valuable plantation on which he now resides, lying within 5 miles of town of Hawkinsville, containing over 600 acres, 200 of which are cleared and under fence. Lies on Big Creek. Good dwelling, gin and other out hosues. David Linsey (Sept 20)

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Dooley County. 1st Tues December.

#41 - 9th Dis
#16 - 10th Dis
#17 - 10th Dis
#47 - 10th Dis
#48 - 10th Dis
#191 - 7th Dis
#192 - 7th Dis
#222 - 7th Dis
#223 - 7th Dis
#224 - 7th Dis
#225 - 7th Dist
#226 - 7th Dist
Estate of Echols Hightower, dec'd late of Dooley County. Thomas B. Fuquea, Joel W. Hightower, Admins. Sept 20

TO RENT. A pleasant dwelling on Bridge Street, with convenient out buildings, and an excellent garden attached; at present occupied by George Douglass. J.H.R. Washington

FOR SALE. Valuable River plantation 2 1/2 miles from Macon. 130 acres cleared; 400 in woods. J.H. R. Washington

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Floyd County. 1st Tues Dec. 160 acres #95 in 5th District and 4th section. Sold by order of Court. Property of John Rawls, deceased. Charles Taylor, Adm; Caroline M. Rawls, Admin.

Wednesday, September 27, 1848

Ran away from the subscriber on the 2nd July, Orian, a Negro woman, about 30 years of age - black, ratehr spare made, limps slightly in her walk from lameness in one hip, has a habit of looking down when spoken to, front teeth bad, and one or more gone from the side of her mouth. It is supposed she will endeavor to get to Charleston, where she was purchased. The above reward will be paid by the owner for her apprehension and confinement in jail wherever found, or delivered to me in this place. E.S. Aldrich. Macon. Sept 27

I will expose to sale at public outcry to the highest bidder, before the courthouse door in Union County, land lot #313, in 11th District and 1st section, originally Cherokee, now Union County - 1st Tues Nov. Jesse C. Jackson. Sept 27

1st Tues Nov 1 town of Knoxville. Two lots of land #195 and 222 in 7th dist originally Houston, now Crawford, 400 acres, formerly known as the Meadow and Knight lots of land, but more recently known as the place whereon Elbert M. Davis, late of said county dec'd lived -- adjoining the land of Enoch Matthews, Ezekiel Hall and others; also 40 acres, the place whereon John Isom now lives and in possession of  James L. Harris; also two negroes: Dicey, a woman about 60 years old, and Billy a man about 70 yrs old; all levied on as the property of Elbert M. DAVIS, deceased, to satisfy sundry fi fas issued from Crawford Court house in favor of James Moore vs. Elbert M. Davis. Property pointed out by William M. Brown and Samuel Rutherford, securities. Joel B. Morgan, Dept Sh'ff

UPSON COUNTY. Martha E. Glanton applies for letters of administration on estate of Jonathan. W. Glanton, deceased.
William H. Hicks and James H. Hicks apply for letters of Administration on estate of Andrew W. Baker, deceased. William A. Cobb, C.C.C. (Sept 27)

HOUSTON COUNTY - ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Fri 27th Oct at residence of Jesse Cooper, 6 miles east of Perry, Houston Co, all perishable property of James C. Horn, dec'd, consisting of household and kitchen furniture, 5 cows, sheep, a horse, and buggy and other article. Jesse R. Horn, Admin.

UPSON COUNTY - EXECUTOR'S SALE. Sale in Thomaston 1st Tues Dec. a Negro woman, Matilda about 20 years of age, property of Henry Garland, Senr, late of said county, deceased and sold agreeable to the Will of said deceased, for the purpose of division. William T. Garland, Exec Sept 27

October 4, 1848

MONROE COUNTY. Charles M. Sutton applies for letters of Admin on estate of Aaron A. Sutton, late of said county dec'd.
Philip Heidle applies for letters fo Admin on estate of John Heidle, late of said county deceased. E.G. Cabanis, C.C.C

1st Tues in Nov. Talbotton. 950 acres - #231, 232,236,237, and parts fo #233 and #267 in 16th district. Adjoining the town of Talbottton. Property of Charles W. Smith, deceased. Levi B. Smith, Exer

FOR SALE. A good road wagon for four or six mules will be sold at bargain. Z.T. Conner.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. UPSON. Thomaston 1st Tues in Nov. north half of lot of Land #189, 16th Dist, formerly Houston, now Upson; also one Negro girl named Mahala about 10 years of age. Property of Thomas S. SNIPES, dec'd. John T. Snipes, Admr.

UPSON SHERIFF'S SALE. 1st Tues December. Maria, Albert, Lucy, Emanuel and Mahala, levied on as the property of David BUFF, to satisfy a mortgae fi fa in favor of David O. Smith, assignee vs said Buff. Owens C. Sharman, Sheriff

MACON SHERRIF'S SALE. Lanier, Macon Co. 1st Tues November. The undivided interest of James Russeau in lot land #254 in 13th dist of originally Muscogee now Macon County, to satisfy and execution from Justice's Court Muscogee County, John J. Ridgeway vs. James Russeau. Thomas Dixon, Dept Sheriff.

MACON COUNTY. Harriet Haugabook applies to me for letters of administration on the estate of John. J. Haugabook late of Macon Co, deceased. Wm W. Corbitt. Sept 27, 1848

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Crawford County 1st Tues Dec. Knoxville. 300 acres of land belonging to the estate of Jesse DAFFEY, deceased, lying on the Eachachonna Creek, near Blackstone Bridge. J.A. Miller, Admr.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Macon Co. 1st Tues December. Lanier. Land: 30 acres part of #95 in 2nd dist; 100 acres part of #67 in 2nd dist; Sold for the purpose of effecting a title; also all the rest of land belonging to the estate of David Google, dec'd, this last name sold for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said dec'd. Daniel Kleckley, Admin.

ADMINSTRIX SALE. Macon Co. Lanier 1st Tues Dec. Lot #157 in 2nd district, belonging to estate of Timothy Lee, dec'd. Elizabeth Lee, Admix

FIFTEEN DOLLARS REWARD. Ran away from the subscriber on the 20th inst, a negro boy named, Lewis, about 6 feet high, spare built, of dark complexion, and a little lame in one of his hips. Reward paid on delivery at my plantaion on the Oaky Bend in Twiggs County, 15 miles below Macon, or when he is lodged in any jail. Lewis was hired from William Lockett, living near Hopewell, Crawford County, and may attempt to make his way to that neighborhood. Samuel Hall.

Wednesday October 11, 1848

LOTS ON WINDSOR HILL. Will be sold at public sale on Thursday the 19th of October, on the premises, two Four acres lots on one of which is a Dwelling house. Sold by agreement of the heirs of George RAYMOND, deceased. Gillam Raymond, George Raymond, Eliza Raymond, Tabitha M. Raymond, Mary Ann E. Raymond, heirs of George Raymond, deceased.

BLEACHING. Mrs. Worthington has removed to the residence of Mrs. Green, on Cherry Street, where she is prepared to bleach, alter and trim all kinds of Straw and Leghor Bonnets into the latest style in a neat and superior manner. All favors thankfully received.

A CHANCE FOR LADIES. We are request to state that Mrs. Nelson's Class in Embroidery in cruel and silk and in every variety of palin and fancy needle-work, will meet on the afternoons of Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays of each week at the Lecture Room of the Baptist Society. Ladies desirous of examining specimens of her work or of taking lessons are respectfully invited to call.

MARRIED. Near Travelers Rest on Sunday morning 24rth inst by N.R. Truluck Esq, Mr. Eli C. Thomson to Mrs. Mary A.F. Powell, all of Dooley County.

CAUTION. All persons are hereby forewarned from purchasing a Note for six hundred and twenty dollars made by myself and J.W. C. Horn and C.W. Felder, to John W. Chastain and Wm. Chastain, Exrs of Allen B. Chastain, dec'd, dated on the 4th of Jan 1848, and due about the 1st Jan 1949. The consideration for the same having failed, I am determined not to pay said notes. Abner Burnam Houston Co.

NOTICE TO DEBTORS AND CREDITORS. All persons having demands against the estate of Isaac Collier, late of Upson County, deceased, are hereby notified to present them to us. Charles V. Collier, Cuthbet S. Collier, Exrs.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the court house in Marion, Twiggs County on the 1st Tues Jan next, a Negro woman called Jinny, belonging to the estate of Edmund Swinney, late of said county, deceased. E.B. Swinney, Execr.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold before the courthouse door in Lowndes County, on the 1st Tues, Dec next, lot of land #237, 9th district, of Lowndes, formerly Irwin County, containing 490 acres and belonging to the estate of James B. MORGAN, late of Monroe County, deceased. Sold under a clause in the Will of the deceased for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. Mary S. Morgan, Extx Randal Morgan, Robert M. Bowman, Exrs

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Agreeable to an order of Inf. Court Crawford County, 1st Tues Dec, court house of Lafayette, Walker County, one lot of land #257, 28th district, 3rd section, formerly Cherokee, now Walker County, belonging to the estate of Willis S. Scott, deceased, sold for the benefit of heirs and creditor. Willis B. Scott

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the courthouse in town of Sparta, Hancock County, on 1st Tues Dec. Lot situated in Farmersville, Hancock County, containing 5 acres, more or less, belonging to the estate of Dr. William Stewart, deceased, late of Bibb County. Sold by order of Inf Court Bibb for benefit of heirs and creditors. Rolan Bivins, Admr.

STRAYED. From the subscriber's shantees in Houston County, about the 15th Aug, a sorrel horse mule, of ordinary size, and blind in one eye. Any information in Macon or at the shantees. N. Ousley

UPSON COUNTY. John W. White applies for letters of Administration on the estate of Elizabeth White, deceased. oct 6, 1848. Wm. A. Cobb

HOUSTON COUNTY. David Sumner tolls before me, Silas Rawls, a Justice of the Peace for the 765th dist, G.M. one dark bay Horse Mule, supposed to be 12 years old; appraised by William Player and B.T. Marshall at $30. Silas Rawls, JP A true extract from the Estray Book. Joel W. Mann, C.R.C.

HOUSTON COUNTY. Posted by Samuel H.J. Sestrunk, before me, Silas Rawls, J.P. for 756th Dist. G.M. one small Sorrel Mare, supposed to be 20 years old, having marks of the gear; appraised by Giles Monzingo and Lorenzo D. Norwood, at $7.50. Silas Rawls, JP. A true extract from the Estray book. Joel W. Mann. C.R.C.

BROUGHT TO JAIL. In Thomaston, Upson County, on the 19th, a negro boy about eighteen years of age, dark complexion, who says his name is Wesley, and that he belongs to a man named Williamson Sparks of Harris Co, GA. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take him away. Owens C. Sharman. Sheriff - Upson County.

October 18, 1848 - Vol XXVI #29

All of these issues contain a great deal of political material about the Presidential Election - Zachary Taylor vs. General Lewis Cass.

Semi-weekly U.S. Mail. Steam Packet line between Savannah and Palatka, FL by the way of Darien, Brunswick, St. Mary's GA; Jacksonville, Black Creek and Picolata, Fla.
In connection with the Charleston Daily Mail Steampackets at Savannah, the steamer Sarah Spalding from Palatka to Lake Monroe, the U.S. Mail states from Picolata to St. Augustine, and from Black Creek via Newmansville, Alligator, Mineral Springs, and Columbes to Tallahassee.
ST. MATTHEWS, Capt. N. King
WM. GASTON, Capt J. Hebbard
The packets leave Savannah every Tuesday and Saturday mornings at 10 o'clock and arraive at Picolata in time for the Mail States to go through to St. Augustine before night every Thursday and Monday. Returning, leave Palatka every Tues and Fri morning at 7 o'clock, touching as above each way. Brooks & Tupper, Agents. Savannah.

The editor of the Chicago Democrat lately received a call from David Kennison, the only surviving participator in throwing the tea overboard in the Charlestown harbor. He draws a pension of 8 dollars a month. He is 111 and has a son over 60 years old. We consider him the greatest curiosity of the day and almost the last link between the American colonies and the United States.

The body of a negro man was found on Sunday last, near the Clinton Road about 5 miles from Macon. He was shot in the head, and had probably been dead a week. He was apparently 30 to 35 years old, five feet five or six inches high and would probably  weigh about 150 pounds. He was well dressed in Kentucky jeans, pantaloons blue, and frock coat, a light puple or dove color. He had no papers about him. A fiddle was found near by and some fiddle strings in his pocket. A coroners inquest was held over him but no clue has been developed by which he could be identified.

OBITUARY NOTICES. We beg again to remind our friends that all Obituary notices of over 10 lines, must be paid for at our regular rates.

DIED at the house of Lewis Beddingfield, Esq, near this city, Mr. Samuel Tompkins of Albany, Baker County, aged about 55 years. Mr. Tompkins had been to this place on business and was taken sick on Sunday last, and expired on Friday the 13th.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold on Fri the 15th Dec at the plantation and  the residence of Willis S. Scott, deceased of Crawford Co, a lot of corn, fodder, wheat, mules and horses. Household and kitchen furniture, plantation tools and the residue of the perishable property belonging to the estate of Willis S. Cott. Sold by order of Court of Infer Crawford Co for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said deceased. Willis B. Scott, Admin.

EXECUTORS SALE. Will be sold on the 1st Tues in Jan, HOUSTON County, Perry Courthouse. 4 Negroes: Edmund, a man about 24 years old, Mariah, a woman about 27, Caroline, a girl about 4, Sam, a boy about 1 year old; also at the same time 350 acres of land, known as the farm and residence of James HEARD, late of said county, deceased, lying and being in the 5th district of Houston and joining the lands of Dunkins, Sikers and otehrs. William Cherry, Exec of last will of James Heard, dec'd

Four months after date, TWIGGS COUNTY, application to sell the real estate of William A. THARP, dec'd late of said county. William Lundy, Admr. de bonus non

A. C. Clevelnad vs William B. Simmons - Rule Nisi to establish lost Deed
It appearing to the Court by the affidavit of A.C. Cleveland, that he was lately in possession as of his own right, of an original Deed made by William B. Simmons for certain land lying and being in the third district of originally Muscogee now Marion County, known and distinguish by lots numbers sixty two (62) thirty five (35) north half of number thirty, and west half of lot number thirty-four, in said district, containing six hundred acres, more or less; that said Deed was destroyed by fire at the burning fo the Court house in said county. That the copy filed in the Clerk's office of this Court, is a copy in substance of said lost original and it farther appearing that said William B. Simmons resides without the limits of this state: Therefore ordered by the Court that said William B. Simmons shew cause at the next term of this Court why said copy Deed should not be established in lieu of said original, and that said William B. Simmolns be served with a copy of this rule, or publish the same in some public Gazette of this State, once a month for three months before the next term of Court. E.W. Miller, Atty for Petitioner A true extract from the Minutes of the Superior Court of said county, Sept 12th 1848. William Dowd, Clerk.

October 25, 1848 Vol XXVI No 30

The Georgia Journal & Messenger is published every Wednesday morning in the city of Macon. Rate = in advance, per year = $2.50
If not in advance = $3.00
If not paid till the end of the year = $4.00

OBITUARY. Died in this city on the 20th inst. after a severe illness of three days, Miss Mary J. Coleman aged (cut off on microfilm) years. A few days since, the subject of this brief tribute of respect was among us in the enjoyment of apparent vigorous health. but it has pleased Almighty God in hi dispensation of his Divine Providence to remove her from our midst.
She shared largely in the admiration and affection of a circle of relatives and friends, to whom she was strongly endeared by her social, affable and affection disposition....regarded tenderly by her loving brothers and sisters. J.M.B. Oct 25, 1848

In Lumpkin, Stewart Co GA, on Sunday the 8th, after a long and painful illness, Benjamin, the only son of John A. and Anna M. Tucker, aged eighteen months.

At Monticello, GA on the 13th, after a lingering illness, Mr. William Tolefree, in the 47th year of his age. He was from the age of 14 connected with the public press in New York and was known as a member of the Fire Department in that city.

The pews in the Presbyterian Church will be rented on Monday, the 6th of November at the ringing of the bell. By order of the Trustees.

The pews in the Baptist Church for the year ensuing, commencing on the first Sabbath in November, will be rented on Saturday next from the hour of 10 to 12 o'clock.

Lost on the night of the 18th, at the Central Railroad Depot, a Gentleman's Diamon Breast pin also a bracelet clasp, filigree work (purple set). Any person finding the same and returning it to me shall be liberally rewarded. B.L. Burnett

CULLODEN FEMALE SEMINARY. Prof J. Darby, A.M. Principal. The exercises of this Institution will commence on Monday, the 1st day of January. All the departments of solid and ornamental education are filled by the most competent instructors. The Institution is supplied with every facility for illustration. Apparatus of the very best description has been manufactured expressly for the Principal. Board, including lodgeing, washing, fuel and lights, can be had in good families for $8 per month.

FOR SALE OR RENT. The dwelling house near the new Academy and recently occupied by Mr. Moult. Apply to Graves, Wood & Co.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the court house in Walker County, on the 1st Tuesday in January, 160 acres of land, known as lot #40 in the 9th district, 4th section; sold by order of court as the property of John RAWLS, deceased for the benefit of heirs and creditors. Charles E. Taylor, Admin, C. M. Rawls, Admx.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the court house in Lanier, Macon Co, on 1st Tues Jan, Lot #10 in 2nd district, originally Muscogee now Macon county, sold by order of Court as property of George Chandler, deceased, late of Burke Co. William Chandler, Admr.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at Lanier, Macon Co, 1st Tues Jan. parts of Lots #58 and 66 in the 29th district, originally Lee now Macon County, sold by order of Court as the property of Daniel Smith, deceased. Jacob Kleckley, Admr.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Macon Co. the plantation whereon Dr. Miles K. Harman, deceased, recently lived, consisting of 1000 acres, more or less with a good dwelling, gin house and other necessary out buildings; the land being generally of 1st quality. Sold as the property of said Miles K. Harman, dec'd.
Also on Wed 3rd Jan, the personal property of said deceased will be sold on the premises, consisting of household and kitchen furniture, corn, fodder, wheat, oats, horses, mules, cattle, hogs, sheep, carriage, farming utensils, etc. James Hollingshead, Admr.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the court house door in Thomaston, Upson County on the 1st Tues of Jan, the following Negroes belonging to the estate of James Gibson, Jr. Deceased, and sold by direction of the will of said deceased viz; Mark, a negro man about 35 years old, Charles a boy about 5 years old, and Martha a woman, about 17 years old. James Frier, Exec.

NOTICE. All persons having demands against the estate of Samuel Pate, late of Twiggs County, deceased, are requested to present them, attested according to law--and all persons indebeted to said estate, are required to make immediate payment. James Averett, Admr.

NOTICE. All persons having demands against the estate of Henry Wall, late of Twiggs County, deceased, are requested to present them, attested according to law--and all persons indebted to said estate, are required to make immediate payment. James Averett, Admr.

NOTICE. All persons having demands against the estate of Alphaus Beall, late of Upson County, deceased, are requested to present them, attested according to law--and all persons indebeted to said estate, are required to make immediate payment. Mary C. Beall, Admx.

November 1, 1848 Vol XXVI No 31

MARRIED. On the 22nd ult at the residence of Seaborn McMichael, by the Rev. Dr. Dozier, Mr. William B. Stevens to Miss Sarah M. McMichael all of Macon County.

DIED. On the 18th ult at the house of her grandmother, Mrs. Sarah Tounsley, Irene C. Chain, aged about 9 years, daughter of Mrs. Elizabeth Kelsey (formerly Elizabeth Chain) consort fo the Rev. Daniel Kelsey.

In Knoxville, on the 19th inst. Capt. David M. Causey, aged thirty-two years. Capt Causey rode out on horseback late in the evening of the 17th inst. and on his return in this village, his horse became frightened and reared up and fell backwards and crushed him in such a manner that he survived the accident but forty-two hours, he has left a disconsolate wife to mourn his untimely death.
Union Lodge No 14 I.O.O.F. paid tribute to Capt D.M. Causey.

Macon Lodge No. 6. Oct 29, 1848
At a meeting of the Lodge this evening, the following preamble and resolutions were offered by Brother I.E. Wells, as a tribute of respect to our late Worshipful Master, Dr. Abner F. Holt, deceased.

FOUR MONTHS after date, application will be made to the Honorable Inferior Court of Twiggs county, for leave to sell the lands belonging to the Widow and minor heirs of W.A. Tharp, late of said county, deceased. Martha Tharp, Guardian.

UPSON SHERIFF'S SALE. On first Tues of December, Thomaston, the following property: one lot of household and kitchen furniture, beds and bedsteads, tables, chairs, clock, one two horse wagon, barouche, one hundred head of hogs, more or les, six cows and calves, one mule, one horse colt, nine cow hides, ten bee hives, two thousand bushels corn ripe in the field, more or less, fifteen stacks of fodder, more or less, and twenty five bushels of wheat--levied on as property of David Buff, to satisfy four attachments two in favor of John W. Robertson, one William D. Gooch, one Andrew J. White, all vs. said Buff; the above property sold by order of Honorable Inferior Court of Upson County. Owens C. Sharman, Sheriff.

Upson County. Same time and place, one hundred and fifty bushels of corn, fifteen hundred lbs. fodder, levied on as the property of Lewis Howell, to satisfy a fi fa from Upson Superior Court, Edwin C. Turner and Thomas B. Green vs said Howell, also Lewis Howell's interest in and to fifty acres of land, number 129, in the 10th district originally Monroe now Upson county; property pointed out by S. Pace. Alec Pace, Dep Sheriff

ADMINISTRATOR AND GUARDIAN'S SALE OF REAL PROPERTY. By virtue of an order from the Inf. Court of Twiggs Co, will be sold 1st Tues in March, 770 acres of land of the plantation whereon Mrs. Martha Tharp resides in Twiggs County, and known as her dower or third of the real estate of William A. Tharp, deceased, late of said county--said dower having been for valuable considerations relinquished by her. The dwelling on said place, only 8 miles from Macon, is large and commodious, the out buildings are numerous and conveniently arranged, and the plantation is in good repair. The land is productive, the situation healthy, and convenient to good schools and good society. At the same time and place, will be sold 182 acres of land, as the property of the widow and minor heirs of William A. Tharp, deceased. This land immediately adjoins the above plantation, and contains much good woodland. Also will be sold as the property of the widow and minor heirs, 1000 acres of land, lying on Flat creek in said county, eighteen miles below Macon, the place is in good repair, and contains all the appurtenances of a good cotton plantation. Wm. Lundy, Administrator Debonis non. Martha Tharp, Guardian.

PLANTATION AND NEGROES FOR SALE. On from one to 10 years credit. The undersigned offers for sale a plantation with some 20 negroes, stock of every kind, and corn and provisions to support the place for a year. The plantation contains about 1100 acres of which 400 are open and some fresh. On the plantation is every convenience. The dwelling house is comfortable, the gin house one of the best in the country, the place very healthy, the water excellent--a Post Office near. It is near the State line from Mobile to Montgomery. With a steady and practical planter, I would prefer to unite our interest, and own and cultivate the place jointly. I am not able to give the plantation my personal attention. The crops will more than pay for the place before the time expires. Daniel Chandler.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Inferior Court of Upson, ordered to be sold 1st Tues in Jan, the following lots or parcels of land: No 294, 295, 283 and also one hundred one and a fourth acres, it being the south half of lot nu 298, all lying and being in the first district of Houston, now Upson county. Sold as the property of Samuel Kendrick late of Upson County, deceased for the benefit of the heirs and creditors of said deceased. Archibald Kendrick, Admn.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold before the courthouse door 1st Tues in January, Thomaston, Upson County the following negroes: Abraham, a good blacksmith, Joe, George and Thomas, men; Reuben, Lewis, Miles and Jim, boys; and Mariah, an old woman; said negroes belonging to the estate of Isaac Collier, deceased and sold agreeable to the last will and testament. Charles V. Collier, Cuthbert S. Collier, Exrs.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Inf. Court of Upson Co, the following Negroes. Emily, a woman about 25 years of age; and her two children, Jane five or six years old, and Shepherd a boy about two years old, sold for the benefit of the heirs of Sterling Gardner, deceased. John Gardner, Exec.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Twiggs County. Residence of Thornton Perry, late of Twiggs County deceased. All perishable property belonging to said deceased consisting of horses, cattle, oxen and cart, pork and stock hogs, corn fodder, and oats, household and kitchen furniture, farming tools and a variety of other things too numerous to mention. Joel W. Perry, Terrel Perry, Exc.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Waresboro, Wayne County. Following lots of land: Nos 4, 5,42 and 229 all in the 9th distric of said county.
Also Troupville, Lowndes co, Lot No 446, in the 9th district of formerly Irwin, now Lowndes.
Also Gainseville, Hall County, lot No 36, in the 9th district of said county
Also Monroe, Walton County, lot No 178, in the 3rd district of said county.
Also Caton, Cherokee county, lot No 12 in the 14th district of said county.
Also Cumming, Forsyth county, lot No 872, in the 18th district of said county.
Sold under order of Inf Court of Are County, as the property of Simon Howard, late of said county, deceased for the benefit of heirs. Elias D. Waldron, Moses W. Howard, Harriet Howard, Adms

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Monroe County. The premises where one th elate John Mann, of said county dec'd died, lying on the Towalign river containing four hundred and fifty acres, adjoining Daniel Ponder and others. Also 15 Negroes mostly young and likely: Charles a man about 67 years old, Suckey a woman about 55 years old, Juda a woman about 57 years old, Larkin a man about 32 years old, Lewis a man about 32 years old, Perry a man about 30 years old, Hannah a woman about 37 years old and her child a girl about 2 years old, Eliza a woman about 21 years old, and her two children, Jane and Lushus, 3 and 1 years; George a boy about 15 years old, Edmund a boy about 15 years old, Carter a boy, about 7 years old, and Monroe a boy about 4 years old. Allas the estate of said deceased. William L. Fambrough, Adm Deonis non with the will annexed. Many of the above were repeated in the next several weekly issues.

4 July 1820

Baldwin Co.
A bright mulatto fellow...says his name is John...belongs to William Dickson,Orangeberg Dist SC
signed  F.Sanford Jailor..Milledgeville

Tattnall Co.
143 3/4 acres....on the Altamaha River ....adj. Daniel Kirkland and Joshua of Elias favor of Wright Flowers and Edmond P. Wester...

Emanuel co.

Charles Meeke has tolled  before Francis Meeke horse...appraised by John G.Oliver and Jones Meeke..$45
signed E.H.Callaway

Washington Co.
Admr's sale
Personal property  of James his plantation.....
signed William and James Hale..

Walton Co.
Micajah Thurmond has tolled before Wyat Heflin horse
Appraised $40....
signed V.Haralson Clerk

11 July 1820

Jones Co.
Benjamin Buckner..applies for letter of admr' on the estate of John Buckner..
signed James Smith

Baldwin co.
James Morgan,who escaped jail...He is a seaman.......

Hancock Co.
Negro man now in jail
He syas he belongs to Standley Ketling,Burtie Co. NC,,
Was brought to GA by Edward Griffin,who left him at the plantation of  Benjamin Taten,near Ft. Hawkins
signed  Abram Alfriend...  Sheriff

18 July 1820

Walton Co.
Elizabeth Stone ..applies for letters of admr' on the estate of Marble Stone
signed Job Smith... Clerk

Twiggs Co.
William Hamilton,applies for letters of admr' on the estate of James Hamilton...
signed Micajah Fulgram  ..Clerk

Jones Co.
Abner Lockett admr' of the estate of Jesse Veasey,deceased...and as guardian  of Jesse H and Andrew B Veasey,orphans of said Jesse Veasey, applies for letters of dismission...
signed  James Smith..clerk

Telfair Co.
Estate Sale
At the residence of Isaac Jernigain..all  presonal property..
signed Frederick Williams..admr'

Washington Co.
Alexander Morrison..who broke jail...a native of NC ..late of Montgomery this state...Is a hatter by trade
Signed Joseph Sessions..Jailor

Baldwin Co.
All persons are cautioned against trading for a note given by me to Hopson Minor ..about 25th of June last...$15 note was fraudulenty obtained..
signed James Webb

Clark Co.
For Sale
166 acres..lying on M'Nuts Creek..It will sold cheap apply to the W.B.Nutt

5 June 1820
by Rev. Brown....David Hascall of Monticello, Jasper Co. to Miss Frances Butts..dau of Noah Jones Co.

25 July 1820

Hester Barfoot..has left my bed and board...
Signed Miles Barfoot

Hall Co.
Joseph James,of Capt.James Abercrombie's Dist...
tolled before Joseph Gailey, horse..appraised $25
sigmed Stephen Reed..Clerk

Greene Co.
Jonathan Winslett..applies for letters of adr'r on the estate of David Winslett,deceased..
signed Ebenezer Torrence ..Clerk

Jones Co.
John and Wyly Buckner applies for letters of adm'r on the estate of  John Buckner....
signed..James Smith  ..clerk

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