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Georgia Journal and Messenger


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7 March  1820

Warren Co.  Warrenton
Married 24 Feb. 1820
By H.Pitts esq...
N.W.Pitts to Miss Martha Jones

Green Co.
John Miller..tolls before William M. Gibony esq...
one horse ...appraised $50 by E. Jordan and William Coldwell.
signed R.E.Martin..Clerk

Died...18 JAN..
Fort Dale ,Al.
Miss Susan Tarpley Cook   ..age 17
Dau. of John Cook...formerly of this state....
She professed convictions a Jasper Camp Meeting...1817...

Hancock `Co.
Tolled before Michael Eley Edmund Randle...
signed James H.Jones... Clerk...

Berke Co.
Adm'r Sale
Personal Property of   Summer Green..
Brain O. Bannon..Adm'r..

Elbert Co.
My wife Petunia,has left my bed and board....
signed Stephen Ruff...

Putnam Co.
My wife  Ellender Glover ,has left my bed and board...
Signed Thomas W.Glover...

Montgomery Co.
My wife Holland Merrel..has left my bed and board..
signed Jacob Merrel.

Jones Co. On the Ocmulgee River..
Brought to my horse...Brought from the south side of the river by James Hands,a half breed
signed Zachariah Booth Sr.

Morgan Co.
Tolled before Joseph Vardeman Benjamin Bussey
one horse...appraised $50...
Signed John Nisbet ..Clerk

14 March 1820

Baldwin Co.
Died.. At Charleston,SC..
Rev. Andrew Flinn D.D.
Pastor..2nd Presbyterian Church..Milledgeville

Hall Co.
Mary Johnson and David Hardin..applied for letters od adm'r on the estate of Allen Johnson...
26 Jan, 1820
signed Stephen Reid/Cleark

Warren Co.
William Flake tolls before Benjamin Sandiford,esq.
one horse ..appraised $40...
signed Thomas Gibson ..Clerk

Jasper co.
Adm'r Sale
One lot...lying on Murder Creek..the estate of Bray Warren
signed Joseph Warren..

Oglethrope Co.
Nathaniel H.Smith tolls before John Landrum esq,,,
one horse,,appraised $70
Isaac Collier..Clerk

March 21 1820

Baldwin Co.
Married 8 March  1820
Wiley Armstrong to Miss Jane Rice,dau of John Rice..deceased...

Wilkinson Co.
Personal property of Joseph Benning
signed  Jane L. Benning

Twiggs Co.
Adm'r Sale
Personal property of David Crumpton
signed Mary Ann Crupmton

28 March 1820

Baldwin Co.
Married on Thursday last { 21 March}..
William Minor to Miss Nancy Smith ,dau of Col. Francis Smith..

My wife Alsey, has left my bed and board...
signed Henry Youngblood

4 April 1820

Telfair Co.
Nancy Graham ,has applied for letters of adm'r on the estate of James Graham...
signed Duncan M'Rae... Clerk

Oglethorpe Co.
Philliman Edmondson ,has applied for letters of adm'r on the estate of James Edmondson.
signed Matthew Rainey..Clerk

Franklin Co.
Grand Jury
John H. Dyer,card playing at his store..
Witness Ivy M'Millon

Martin Dyer and John Harmon Sr.for gambling
Elisha and Joel H.Dyer,,,Adam Loony...

Joseph Murdock and Priscilla in a state of adultery...

Walton Co.
Superior Court..
John Wright,was tried for selling,as a slave,a female child,about 2 years,that had been placed in his hands,by its mother...

Clark Co.
Ex'or Sale
109 acres ....on the Appalateha River...also 1 tract of land in Twiggs Co.
also 2021/2 acres lot # 32 orginally Wilkinson Twiggs... estate of John Simmons.
signed Thomas Simmons,,,,

11 April 1820

Walton Co.
Superior Court.
James Morris for selling liquors on the Sabbath Day..
Witness...Jesse Wooten...John A. Hopkins...James Wagnon
signed V.Haralson..clerk

Morgan Co.
Died 3 April 1820
William Swift..age 57...
wife and 6 children
member of Baptist church...40 years..

25 April  1820
Twiggs Co.
Nancy Beaty and John Thomas has applied for letters of adm'r on the estate of Thomas Beaty.
signed Micajah Fulgham..clerk

Washington Co.
Died 7 April
Mrs. Henry S. Taylor.....{she was young} no age given.
to be cont'.

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Abstracts from Georgia Journal and Messenger , Macon, GA

15 April 1847
The name of the paper is changed to "Georgia Journal" and "Messenger"

November 8, 1848 Vol XXVI No 32

ARRIVAL OF CHEROKEE This magnificent Steamship arrived at Savannah early on Saturday morning last in the unprecedented short run of 57 hours from New York. She had on board one hundred and three passengers all of whom spoke in the highest erms of both the sailing qualities of the vessel and her suprior accommodations.
Had it not been for an accident upon the Central Road, the passengers for this city, and point beyound, would have gained two full days upons the land route. As it was, they gained one day.... Our neighbors of Savannah, seemt o have been truly fortunate in their great enterprise. They ahve at least shown one thing: that is is perfectly practicalbe to run a line of steamers between new Yor and Savannah in the same time required to run to Charleston. This will of course give the traveller from Georgia, Alabama and Florida from one to two days advantage.

SERIOUS ACCIDENT. on Friday evening, a gentleman named Troup from Bibb County, GA was riding in a carriage with his wife and a small chiold, along Baronne St. near Julia, when the horses came in contact with a baker's cart, became frightened and efied the efforts of Mr. T. to hold them. They dashed around the corne of Ulia street at a terrible rate of speed, and were finally brought up against a wile of wood near the new Basin. The shock overturned the carriage and Mr. Troup in endeavoring to save the child, fell with great violence upon his left arm, breaking it just above the wrist. He also recieved several severe bruies. The lady and child fortunately escaped serious injury.

DIED at the residence of his father in Pulaski County, on the 15th inst. John M. Booth, eldest son of Theophilus D. Boothe, aged 20 years, 10 months and 15 days.

MARRIED on the 7th inst Pulaski County, by the Rev. David Smith, Mr. Jas R. Boombs of Laurens County to Miss Sarah E. Boothe, eldest daughter of Theophilus D. Booth of the former place.

VALUABLE PLANTATION FOR SALE. I desire to sell my home place in the northern part of Crawford County--the place contains about 1200 acres of rich and productive land, mixed post Oad and Hickory, with considerable lime in the soil. There are 500 acres cleared. I desier to sell because I wish to concentrate all my force and attention on a larger plantation below, on the Flint River. Samuel Rutherford.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold on the first Tuesday in January next, before the Court House door in Perry,Houston County, three lots of land lying in the 14th District of said county, number not know, known as the residence of the late Alatia COLEY, deceased. Sold by order of Infer Ct of said county.
Also sold on same day, in Vienna, DOOLEY County, 400 acres of pine land on which land there are a fine Saw Mill and Grist Mill, known as Coley's Mills. Sold by order of Inf Court. John W. Wilkinson, Admr.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sol din Marion, Twiggs Counmty, on 1st Tues Feb, 5 Negroes belonging to the estate of John Everitt, late of said county, deceased. Sold under the last will and testament of said deceased for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. Henry E. Everitt, Exec

CRAWFORD SHERIFF'S SALE. Will be sold on 1st Tues in Dec, Knoxville, GA, the following property. One cart and oxen, and two cows and calves, levied on as the property of John Knight, to satisfy one fi fa issued from Crawford Inf Court in favor of Bond & Murdock vs John Knights.

Also one lot of land, number 95, in the 1st district, originally Houston, now Crawford County, containing 202 acres, levied on as the property of Alexander Fitzpatrick, to satisfy a fi fa issued from Crawford Inf Court, in favor of John McCrary, vs Alexander Fitzpatrick. Joel B. Morgan Dep Sheriff

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold on Monday 18th Dec, at the late residence of William Haddock, deceased, alte of Houston county, all the perishable property belonging to said deceased, consisting of cattle, hogs, sheep, horses. mules several yoke of oxen and carts, 3 or 4000 bushels of corn, fodder, oats, rye, plantation tools, household and kitchen furniture, and other articles too tedious to mention. David M. Holmes, Atty

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the courthouse in Marion County, 1st Feb next. Lot of land, number 227, 4th district Marion, belonging to the estate of Joel GAMMON, deceased, containing 202 1/2 acres. Sold under a provision of the Will of said deceased for the benefit of heirs and creditors. John Tompkins, Exec

November 15, 1848 Vol XXVI No 33

Much news about the ELECTION results of the Cass - Zach Taylor for Presidency. "The majority in Georgia alone distributed over five states would have given Gen Taylor between forty and fifty more votes in the Electoral college...It proves that he has a deep hold upon the affections and judgements of the American people. Gen Taylor has bribed no one, he has coaxed no one, he has cheated no one into his support. It must be to him a proud consideration that he is not indebted nor his triump either to the abstractionist of the south or the abolitionists of the North.

HORRID MURDER. An old, and inoffensive man by the name of Isaac Sowell, was inhumanly killed in this city on Satruday evening last, by George Bassett, on account of some slight difference in regard to the recent election. Bassett fled immediately and has not yet been arrested.

MARRIED. On the evening of the 8th by the Rev. W.H. Ellison, Mr. John E. Jones to Miss Arabella O. second daughter of Mr. James Dean, all of this city.

MONROE COUNTY. Whereas Asa V. MANN applies for letters of administration de bonis non, on the estate of Stephen A. Mann, of said county, deceased. And whereas John Sharman applies for letters of Administration on the estate of John K. Watson, late of said county, deceased.
Please shew cause why letters should not be issued. E.G. Cabaniss, CCC

FOR SALE. two hundred and fifty acres of land on the Macon and Western Railroad, ten miles above Macon. The situtation of this land renders it highly convenient to person residing in Macon for a provision farm. Washington Poe

NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of the late John Haugabook, deceased, of Macon County, are hereby requested to make apyment immediately. Harried Haugabook, Admx.

CAUTION. The public are cautioned against trading for a certain note made yb the undersigned and payable to Wiliam Foster, a Cancer Doctor, for the sum of fifty dollars, dated on the 12th October 1848, and payable six months after date, as the consideration for which said note was given has failed, and I am resolved not to pay it unless compelled by law to do so. James Foreman

CAUTION. All persons are cautioned against trading for a note made by the undersigned some time about the first of October last, for four hundred and forty dollars, payable on the 15th Dec to Lanier, Brown & Co, as the consideration for which said note was given has failed. Paul S. Dinkins

EXECUTORS SALE. Willbe sold on Thurs. 28th day of December, at late residence of James Gibson, Jr. deceased of Upson County, all the perishable property of the said deceased, consisting of household and kitchen furniture, corn, fodder, seed cotton, one horse, hogs, cattle sheep, one Jersey wagon, and sundry other articles. James Trice Rx'or.

ADMINISTRATOR SALE. Willbe sold at courthouse in Macon, Bibb County, on the 1st Tues, Feb., the southeast half of lot number 8 in square number 36, in the plan of the city of Macon, containing one fourth of an acree. Sold by order of court as the property of Daniel L. Hawley, deceased. M.L. Graybill, Admr.

MACON COUNTY. Whereas Abner McCoy applies for letters of administration on the estate of James Leaton, late of said county, deceased. These are therefore to cite and admonish all and singular the kindred and creditors... W.A. Cobb, CCC

FOUR months after date application will be made to Inf Cout of MACON County to sell the real and personal propery to Georgietta Shepherd, minor of George Shepherd, deceased. Wiley T. Wilks, Guardian

RUNAWAY from the subscriber in Houston County, Georgia, on the 12th, a negro man by the name of JIM, who sumetimes calls himself Thalus. He carried with him a new black cloth cap, and a light snuff-colored Tweed overcoat, a Watch, and some thrity dollars in money. Said negro is about 24 years old, ligh complected, pleasant countenance, large whiskers, and fully six fee high. I feel confident that he was enticed away by some white man, as he left to go to a negro quilting, and had not received a censure from the overseer, or a stripe in twelve months. I understand that he was in the company of a notorious villian called Jackson, belonging to Mr. Asa Thompson of this county. In 1842, I swapped for this negro from a man who had stolen him in Giles County, Tennessee from George Malone, and I purchased him from said Malone in the springof 1842. Jackson is about the same age five feet 8 inches high, black complexion and of bad countenance. I will pay a liberal reward for the confinement of my boy in any safe jail--I will likewise pay a considerable sum for the arrest of the person who stole him with evidence to convict him. Edmund J. McGehee. Houston Co, Minerva P.O.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the residence of Altatia Coley, late of Houston County, deceased, on Tues 19th Dec. all the perishable property belonging to said deceased, consisting of horses, cattle, oxen and carts, wagons, meat and stock, hogs, corn, fodder, household and kitchen furniture, farming tools, and a variety of other articles too tedious to mention. John S. Wilkinson

ADMINISTRIX SALE. Willbe sold in town of Jackson Butts County, first Tues in Jan, the following property of estate of William Jarrell, deceased; Lot of land known as the McChuley lot, adjoining the land whereon David Kimbell formerly lived, part of lot number 93, the interst is said William Jarrell in lot number 66, and his interest in part of lot number 67, also will be sold at the same time and place, twelve likely Negroes belonging to easi estate consisting of men, women boys and children. Polly Jarrell

ADMINSTRIX SALE. Will be sold Tues 26th Dec, at late residence of Alphaus Beall, deceased in Thomaston, Upson County, the Perishable property belonging to said estate, consisting of Household and kitchen furniture and one cow and calf, and on the next day, 27th, at his plantaiton, three miles nothr of Thomaston, will be sold a quantity of corn and fodder, 3 mules, cows, hogs one yoke oxen one wagon and harness and plantation tools. Mary C. Beall, Admrx

MACON COUNTY. Wheres James G. Moulton and M.C. Kenneth Taylor applies to me for letters of Adminsitration on the estate of Thomas Taylor, deceased. Please shew caus. W.W. Corbitt, CCC

SALE OF NEGRO MAN. Will be sold in Thomaston on the first Tues of Jan, a likely negro man named Toby, about 40 years of age. Sold on a credit of 12 months, to pay the debts of Joseph McKindley, deceased. R.B. Lisle, G.H. McKindley, Exrs.

NOTICE. All persons indebted to Joseph McKindley, deceased, late of Upson County, are hereby notified to make payment, and those having claims against him will render them in according to law. Richmond B. Lisle, George H. McKindley, Exrs.

November 22, 1848 Vol XXVI No 34

LOST on Sunday the 19th, on the Milledgeville road from this city, a common Pocket Wallet containing a note on Robert Monson, due in Oct 1849 for $100; one on Robert Haraway for $30 due 1st of January; one on Sarah Eldridge for $25 due in October; also a county order in favor of Champion Butler for $12; a receipt from Isaac Scott for $4 and $3.50 in cash. Any person finding the same will please retunr to David Flanders in East Macon, and shall be reasonably reward. Jehu Campbell.

BROUGHT to Jail in Knoxville, Crawford Co, on the 8th, a Negro boy about 18 or 20 years old, five fee, eight or ten inches high, dark complexion, says his name is Dick and that he belongs to Needham Smith of Houston County. Said boy has neight hat nor shoes and rather a scanty pattern of clothing on at this time. Joel B. Morgan, Jailer

LOOK OUT FOR A STOLEN NEGRO. My boy, Henry, left my plantation in Sumter County about the 1st of July last, without provocation, and as I then supposed with the intention of getting to North Carolina from whence he was brought about 18 months since. But from the circumstance of several negroes in this and adjoining counties, having left their owners, about and since the time my boy left, and being afterwards taken, while under the care of white men--I am persuaded that my boy has also been taken off by some white person, or received such papers from them, as have enabled him to pass as free. From information obtained through a boy of Judge Duncan's. who was taken from Dooly county by a man named Seth Mills, then hailing from Jones county, and afterwards arrested in Griffin, where he had been carried by Mills, I am of the opinion that my boy was one among several others in the possession of Mills, In Jones County, sometime sin October last. What disposition Mills amde of these negros, I have not learned, but have ascertained intended taking them near Glennville, Alabama.
Henry is about 23 years old, copper colored, face and jaws very full, and fond of suffering his beard to grow long around and under his chin. He is heavily built and will weigh 160-175 pounds. His countenance is heavy and rarely lighted up by a smile or laugh. I will give a liberal compensation for his arrest and delivery in any jail or to myself near Perry, Houston County. T.M. Furlow.

DIED. In this city, on the 16th Capt A.D. Powell, aged about 35 years. On the 18th his daughter, Mary Elizabeth, aged about 4 years.
On the 17th Mr. Arnold Johnson, aged about 55 years.

FOR SALE. The following Negroes: Woman and child, cook and washer; Girl 14 years old, accustomed to housework and nursing; Man 27 years old, prime field hand and axeman. Sold for no fault, but merely to change the investment. E.L. Shtrohecker.

GREAT BARGAIN. The well known tract of Land known as the old Pindertown possession, lying in the 15th district of Dooly county, immediately on Flint River, consisting of 1000 acres of Pine and Hammock Lands mixed; between three and four hundred acres in cultivation; and in fine repair, with a good framed Dwelling house, gin house and screw, and all other convenient out housese, now offering at the low price of $5 per acres. It is a healthy situation--there has not been a case of fever in my family in five years. Any person wishing to purchase a fine cotton farm, would do well to call and examine. R.G. Forde

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold on the first Tues of Feb, Twiggs County, the following lots of land: 70 acres of lot number 79 in 27th dist, originally Wilkinson, now Twiggs county; and also 130 acres part of lot No 78, in 26th dist; orginally Wilkinson, now Twiggs; 112 acres - lot no 50; all in 27th district. All sold as the property of the estate of Samuel Pate, late of Twiggs county, deceased and sold for the benefit of heirs and creditors. James Averett.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the late residence of Andrew W. Butler, deceased in Upson County on Wed. 3rd day of Jan; the perishable property belonging to said estate, consisting of household and kitchen furniture, wagon and harness, one horse, lot of carpenter's tools, cotton, farming tool. William H. HIcks, James M. Hicks, Adm,

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the late residence of Daniel Lofley, late of Houston county, deceased on 30 day of Ec. all the perishable property ..a horse, cattle, hogs, oxcart, corn, fodder, plantation tools, household and kitchen furntiry, also at the same time and place the Negroes hired and land rent. Nathan G. Lewis, Admr.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the late residence of Samuel Kendrick, deceased of Upson Co, on Thursday 4th day of Jan, all perishable...household and kitchen furniture, horese, cows, hogs, sheep, pork, and the crop of corn, fodder, cotton. Archibald Kendrick, Admr.

MONROE COUNTY. Whereas Bradford T. Chapman and William J. Bryan apply for letters of administration on the estate of Uriah T. Lockett, late of said county, deceased. And whereas Asa W. Chapman applies for letter of administration on the estate of Martha Lockett, late of said county deceased...hew cause. E.G. Cabaniss, CCC

GUARDIAN'S SALE. Willbe sold on Wed, 3rd of Jan, at the late residence of Mary Nolen, Butts County, all the perishable property cattle, hogs, corn and foldder. William Nolen, Guardiana.

EXECUTORS SALE. Will be sold on first Tues of Feb in Perry, Houston county, lot of land no 159 in 9th distric. Sold as the property of the estate of Timothy Matthews, deceased, and agreeable to court of ordinary of Bibb. T.M. Furlow for Martha Matthews, Exetrix.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold on Fri, 29th Dec. at the plantation of Thomas D. Walker, deceased of Twiggs county, all the personal property--horses, mules, two yoke of oxen, cows and calves, stock and meat hogs, one ox woagon, corn and fodder, plantation tools. At the same time the Negroes to be hired and among them a very good blacksmith. George Walker, Senr Exr.

NOTICE. All persons indebeted to the estate of William Hobbs, late of Talbot county, deceased are hereby requested to make immediate payment, and all persons having demans against said deceased will render them in agreeable to law. Wm Mitchell, Exr.

NOTICE. All persons indebted to the estate of Daniel Lofley, late of Houston Co, deceased are requested to make immeidate payment. Nathan G. Lewis, Admr.

FOUR MONTHS NOTICE. application will be made to Inf Court of Butts county leave to sell the land and Negroes belonging to Mary Nolen, an insane woman. William Nolen, Guardian.

BAKER MORTGAGE SALES. First Tues in December in Newton, BAKER County, the following property.

Lots of land: 328, 232 in 1st District

6,7, 14,17,19,48,110,131,205,232,233,234,234,249, 261,263,300, 310, 311, 337, 394 and 395 in 2nd District

21, 134, 135, 148, 160, 186, 187,214,215,224, 225,261,262,286, 4/7th lot 297 (142 85/100 acres), 298, 299, 303,333, 334,3342,373,393,396 in 3rd District

56,59,60,297,340, 380 in 7th District

21,41,79,82,162,173, 204,217, 306, 344 in 8th District

357 in 11st Dist

67 and 238 in 12th Dist.

Each lot containing 250 acres, except lot @297 which conttains 142 and 85/100 acres.

All levied on as the property of John Girard Caster, Charles A. Hecksher, Edward Hecksher, James L. Pettigru, and James Hamilton, to satisfy a Mortgage tim issued from Baker Superior Court in favor of Hope & Co, vs said John Girard Coster, Charles A. Hecksher, Edward, Hecksher, James L. Pettigru and James Hamilton. George W. Collier, Sh'ff

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at courthouse in Macon, Bibb County, on 1st Tues in Feb, the Southeast half of lot no 8 in square number 36, in the plan of the city of Macon, containing 1/4 acre. Sold by order of Court as the property of Daniel L. Hawley, deceased. M.L. Graybill, Adminr.

November 29, 1848 Vol XXVI No 35

SOLDIERS LAND WARRENTS. The subscribers are paying the highest market price for Soldier's Land Warrants. W.B. Johnston and Brother.

NEGRO WOMAN for sale. A first rate Seamstress and house servant, 27 years old with one child, a girl one year old. Sold for no fault but merely for the pupose of leaving her in the City with her husband. Enquire at Graves, Wood and Co. Paul S. Dinkins.

LOST OR STOLEN from the subscriber, residing near Martin's Store, Macon County, the following notes:

S.J. McCrory, Jr payable to R.M. Stewart 	$25.00

H.H. Lumpkin, Jr.	"	S.J. McCrory		47.00

James Beeland	"	S.J. McCrory		50.00

E.B. Oxford			B.J. Head		9.25

Stephen Kemp			B.J. Head		17.25

B.J. Head		"	T.J. Harrell		160.50

B.J. Head		"	T.J. Harrell		56.87

Stephen May			T.J. Harrell		24.00

J.W.B. Harrell		T.J. Harrell		500.00

Isaac Hart		"	Peter Stewart		30.00

Isaac Hart		"	Peter Stewart		30.00

Isaac Hart		"	Kenneth Stewart	 7.00

J.B. Harrell	"		Wm Harrell		200.00

Two on W.L McGee	"	Wm Harrell		28.00

Stephen Smith		Wm Harrell		40.00

Marlin Edge		"	T.J. Harrell		65.00

There are two creidts on Isaac Hart's notes, amounts not recollected, as is also a credit of $50 on J.B. Harrell's note. The dates of the above notes, are not distinctly recollected; and this notice is to forewarn all persons from trading for said notes, and the makers from paying them to anyone else than myself.

			T.J. Harrell

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. 5th day of Jan at the late residence of Thomas Taylor, deceased in Macon Co, the whole of the Perishable property of deceased, horses, mules, cattle, sheep, pork and stock, hogs, wagon and gear, household and kitchen furniture, farming utensils, cotton gin and runnign gear, corn fodder, wheat, cotton, amounting to 15,000 lbs or more. Also the land belonging to said deceased to be renteded at the same time and the Negroes hired for the year 1849. James G. Moulton, M.C. Kenneth Taylor, Admn.

AMINISTRATOR'S SALE. 1st Tues Feb at American, Sumter County, agreeable to Inf Court the following Negroes: George, a man, Amos, a man; Will, a boy, Vina, a woman; Ellen a woman; Sally a woman, and Rose a girl, as the property of Johsh J.C. Jackson late of said county, deceased for the benefit of the heirs and creditors. Jesse C. Jackson, Admr.

MONROE COUNTY. Whereas Thomas J. Saunders applies for Letters of Administration with the will annexed on the estate of Eliabeth Candler, late of said county. Shew cause. E.C. Cabaniss, CCC

POSTPONED SALE. One buggy and harness levied on the property of Elbert M. Davis, late of Crawford County, to satisfy fifa in favor of James Moore vs said Elbert M. Davis, principal, and Samuel Rutherford, and Wm M. Brown, Securities. Joel B. Morgan, Dept Sher'ff

CRAWFORD SHERIFF'S SALE. Knoxville, Crawford County. Two teaster bedsteads, one bed and bedstead, two trunks, one brass clock, five common tables, one desk, fourteen common sitting chairs, one pair fire dogs, one Jack about ten years old, one black horse 7 or 8 years old, one bay mare about 10 years old, one mule about 7 yrs old, one cotton gin, 500 bushels of corn, 39 pork hogs, 60 stock hogs, one tool chest and contents, consisting of plantation and blacksmith's tools, one bellows and anvil, one vice, 30 head of cattle, one yoke oxen, 8 stacks fodder, two squar bales cotton, 2000 pounds ginned cotton, one Jersey wagon, three cow hides, one lot potatoes, 400 bushels of cotton seed, one loom, one lot barrels, one lot boxes, one lot jugs and bottles, two teaster bedsteads and beds, bed clohting, one safe and contenst, 3 ovens, one spider, one dinner pot, one pair waffle irons, one broiler, two pair post hooks etc. all levied on property of Elbert M. Davis, deceased to satisfy fifa in Crawford Super Court in favor of James Moore v. Elbert M. Davis, principal. William M. Brown and Samuel Rutherford securities. P.S. The sixth part of all the above lot of cotton, excepted, it being the part belonging to Enoch B. Knight, Overseer.
Also one house and lot in north part of town of Knoxville, containing 15 acres, the place whereon David M. Causey, late of said county, deceased, lived; levied on as properyt of said David M. Causey, to satisfy fifa in favor of John W. Leavitt and Rufus Leavitt, partners using the name of J.W. & R. Leavitt, for the use of Isaac Dennis, Jr.
Also 3 town lots on the east side of South Street leading from Knoxville to Traellers Rest and opposite the Baptist Church, containing four and a half acres, the place whereon Henry C. Copelan now lives, levied on as the property of the said David M. Causey, deceased to satisfy fi fa of J.W. & R. Leavitt, the same being transferred to Isaac Dennis, Jr. vs. David M. Cazusey. Property pointed out by G.J. Green, administrator on the estate of said David M. Causey, deceased. Joel B. Morgan, Sher'ff

December 6, 1848 Vol XXVI No 36

HUSK BEDS. An exchange says the husking season is the time to secure the best and most durable of under-beds. All the inner husk of the corn should be saved for this purpose. True it takes a great many to make a bed, but when once the sack is filled it is abed for life, and is the lightest and softed thing of the kind that anyone could desier. The husks curl up as they dry, and never mat down afterwards. Moreover, no insects ever lodge in them, as vermin do in straw. They are perfectly clean and being os strong and gough texture, they will not wear out for years. "Scientic American".

Every state carried by General Taylor has been by an increased majority, whilst every state carried by Gen Cass has been by a reduced one.

A test of genuine tea is a grain and a hlf of sulphate of iron; genuine green tea has a bluish tint; bolica a blackish blue. If adulterated it is all colors.

Cider drinkers, it is now asserted by medical men in England, escape the Cholera. It contains malic and tannic acid.

The last time Gen. Taylor was in Washington, was previous to his going down to Corpus Christi (Texas) whither he was ordered by President John Tyler to take command of the Army of Observation concentrated near the frontier of Texas. He will return on the 4th of March to make his his report in person.

The work of the telegraph. The Detroit Free Press says: The unofficial vote of the city of Boston and the returns from 91 towns in that state were received here on Tuesday evening at a quarter past 8 o'clock, and before the result was known in the first ward of this city. The result in Baltimore and Philadelphia city was received by way of St. Louis via Chicago, in this city, before 12 o'clock at night. The vote of Chicago, Milwaukie, and this city (Detroit) was in New York before 9 o'clock.

Receipts of Cotton. It will be seen that the receipts of cotton in this city for the last 3 monhts , have been unprecendently heavy, and the prospect is, that they will continue so to the end of the season. We would not be at all surprised if from present indications, the total recipe by Railroads and Wagons for the present cotton year, would reach 160,000 bales. If 1/20 part of this were manufactured in this place, Macon would sustain 3 times her present population.

Gen. Taylor's Resignation. We learn that Gen Taylor has sent in his resignation as Major-General commanding the Western Division of our army, and that it will take effect after the 1st of Feb. next. It is a remarkable coincidence that the late order of the War Dept to Gen Taylor, in relation to the transfer of Gen Twiggs from his post on the Rio Grande to the commandlately filled by Gen Kearny, at St. Louis, was dated 7th Nov, the day upon which the people ordered the General to prepar to assume on the 4th of March next, the position of Commander-in-chief.

The National President. The National Intelligencer notes the fact that Gen Taylor has received 97 electoral votes in the Free States and 66 in the Slave States, being a majority of the electoral votes in both sections of the Union.....he is more than any other since the days of Washington, a national President--the man for the times and the crisis.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold at the court hosue door in Fayettevile, Fayette county, on the first Tuesday in Feb next, North half of Lot of Land #166, in the 5th District of Fayette County, sold as the property of the estate of O.H. Prince, deceased. Washington Poe, Adm.

EXECUTOR'S SALE. Will be sold at late residence of Robert LOUDON, deceased in Sumter Co, on Frid 29 Dec, the balance of the Perisahble Property belonging to said estate, consisting of meat and stock hogs, one yod of oxen, one bay mare, one grey mare, one mule, ocrn and fodder, plantation tools. W.J. Ronaldson, Exec.

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold before the courthouse door in Macon Co on the first Tues in Feb next, all the Negroes belonging to the estate of S.F. Jones, deceased, late of Macon Co. Thomas Ragland, Adm

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. Will be sold before courthouse in Blakely, Early Co, on 1st Tues March, lot of land #302 in 6th district of Early, belonging to the estate of S.F. Jones, deceased, late of Macon Co. Thomas Ragland, Adm.

TAKEN UP about 1st Nov, Bay mare, supposed to be from 5-7 yr old of common size. From appearance, it is probably she had been rod from a distance, and came to my neighborhood about the middle of Oct. The owner can have her by proving property and paying for this advertisment and reasonable expenses. Macon. Allen R. Stephens

December 13, 1848 Vol XXVI No 37

MARRIED. On the 28th in Hawkinsville, by Judge J.G. Polhill, Maj Henry WOOD of Macon to Mrs. Casander POLLOCK of the former place. "That come what may, while life's gay pulses roll, Indissolubly thus should soul be knit to soul".

On the 23rd November by Dr. W.S. Lightfoot (JIC) Mr. Abraham JOHNSON to Mrs. Sarah G. EATON all of Jones Co.

OBITUARY. Mrs. Sarah A. F. WILLIFORD, wife of Mr. Williams S. Williford, of the city of Macon, and daughter of Joseph FELT, Esq of the City of Savanhha, aged about 27 years.
A brief notice fo the departed is justly due to the memory of Mrs. Williford. As a daughter, she supllied an example of confiding and cheerful obeience to the instructions and guidance of her Father--preserving undimished, after her marriage, the strong and tender Attachment ot her only surviving parent, which she cherished in her earlier years. As a wife, and a mother, she fulfilled her various duties under a sense of her accountability to her Creator, and Redeemer--with a constant regard to the comfort and happiness of those around her. Free from all love of display, she manifested a spirit of benevolence, which was felt beyond the limits of her own domestic circle. Amidst prospects of long continued felicity, she was suddenly removed from her spere of active usefulness; leaving a bereaved husband, and two small children and other realitves, to lament the loss which they have sustained, in her descent to an early grave. The record of her worth is "on high", where it is hoped she may meet all who were endeared to her on earth--and enoy with them the promised blessedness and glory of the "saints in light".

DIED in Macon, on the 18th ult, Miss Emily CARTER. Such was the violence of the disease with which she was seized, that in two short hours she was rendered insensilbe, and so continued till her death. But though thus disabled from having such testimoney in death, in regard to her eternal prospects, as might afford consolation to here friends suddenly bereaved, yet a period of twenty years, about one half of her eathly term of professed devotion to her Saviour, and a life during that time of consistent piety, afford them a still better evidence that she has entered into that rest that remaineth for the people of God. "Many fall as sudden, few as safe".

ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE. UPSON COUNTY. Inferior Court. Thomaston. Sale: three negroes: Alfred a man, Ned a man and Mtilda a woman, also three hundred and seven and 1/2 acres of land more or less, the dower of Mrs. Mary Sanders, taken off. Two hundred and 57 and 1/2 acres of said land being in a body and consisting of parts of lots 261 and 250 in 11st Dist, and 12 in 10th district of formerly Monroe, now Upson Co. and the other 50 acres consistingof part of lot no. 135 in 16th district of formerly Houseton, now Upson Co. Sold as property belonging to the estate of Nathaniel Sanders deceased for benefit of the heirs and creidtors of said deceased. Isaac Sanders, Richmond Sanders, Admr.

December 20 1848 Vol XXVI No 38

A WORK OF SUPER-EROGATION. Governor Towns has issued his proclamtion appointing Christmas Day as a day of Thanksgiving and prayer. This we regard as "a work of supererrogation". The day had already been set apart by a higher power and for higher and more special purposed and his Excellency in selecting it as a day of solemn Thanksgiving and prayer for state blessings has encroached upon the right of Providence as well as upons thos of St. Nicholad and of all the little boys and girls in the Commonwealth.

CALIFORNIA GOLD. Washington Correspondent. The engrossing subject of conversation here is the California God. Hundres of persons have visited the President's House to see the specimens of gold sent from California by Col Mason, our military commander there to the Sec of War. The specimens are very richg and are worth about four thousand dollrs. They are mostly in small scales, but some are in grains and in dust.....Lieut. Loser, of the Navy, brought over the specimens with Col Mason's despatches. He says he had to take a small craft to the Isthmus and pay nine hundred dollars for her use". Mr. Carter, merchant of Boston, came with him. He had taken goods out to California and at exorbitant prices had sold them for gold, taking the gold at eight dollars an ounce, which is worth seventeen dollars.
The quick silver mines are believed to be even more profitable than the gold mines....14th of August, "in the spring, Messr. Marshall and Bennet, in opening a ditch for a tailrace for a saw mill which had been built on the American fork of the Sacramento, found some gold which the current had collected in the bottom of the race,"....persons left their homes and went to work in the mines...there are now more than 4,000 white persons, besides a number of Indians, engaged at the mines and from the fact that no capital is required, they are wokring in companies on equal shares, or alone with their baskets....The epidemic was universal. The crews of whale ships and other vessels had deserteed for the enchanted region, as well as the enlisted men in the United States Service.

CAUTION. All persons are forewarned against trading for a certain promissory note made by the undersigned, dated about 15th of April last, and payable on 1st Jan (1849) to A.H. Hansell, administrator, and Ellen Bryan, Administratrix on the estate of Blackshear Bryan, deceased for $350. J.H. R. Washington

CHRISTMAS TOYS. A large assortment of German and Sugar Toys of all kinds will be received from New York per Steamer Cherokee, also candies, raisins, currants, grapes, prunes, cranberries, etc. which will be sold at prices to suit the times and customers. W. Freeman

CENTRAL RACE COURSE. The members of the Central Club are requested to meet at the Club Room, Floyd House, Macon on the 1st day of Jan next at 8 o'clock to attend to business of importance connected with the April Races.

UPSON COUNTY. Thomas W. Goode appleis to me for letters of administration on the estate of Mrs. Mary E. Beall, late of said county deceased.

BIBB COUNTY. All person indebted to Josiah F. Askew, late of Bibb Co, deceased, are hereby notified to make payment at once. Green B. Haygood, Exec

TO SELL. Six Negroes, cheap for cash. A first rate young man 25 years old, his wife, a fine mulatto woman about 22, accustomed to the house and field; 4 mulatto boys from 10 to 1 years, all the children of the woman and the fellow, except the oldest. I will sell the family together, and the older boy separate. E.A. Nisbet

LAURENS COUNTY. Rule Nisi. Andrew Y. Hampton, Exe on the estate of John G. Coates, late of said county, deceased, is missmanaging said estate and has removed out of the limits of said County. Ordered that said Hampton appear at next regular term of court to show Court may expedite securing better management for estate and the education and maintenance of the orphans of said John G. Coates.

TO SELL. 100 acres of timbered land lying 3 miles above Macon on the Forsyteh road, next to river. E.A. Nisbet.

December 20 1848 Vol XXVI No 38

OFF TO CALIFORNIA. A number of enterprising and adventurous young gentlemen left this city yesterday morning for the "El Dorado of the Pacific". They go direct to New Orleans whence they will take the regular stearm to Chagres. From Chagres they will cross the Isthmus of Panama where they will have to take their chances for a passage to some port in California. The gold fever is evidently raging more violently than the cholera and we should ntot be surpirse if it were equally feted in the hopes and prospects of thousand. Thos those who have gone hwoever we wish health, happiness, fortune and a sonsummation of all their wishes.

GEORGIA SUGAR CANE. We have received from Mr. Isaac Johnston, Postmaster at Marshallville, Macon Co, two specimens of Ribbon Cane which are acknowledged on all hands to be equal to any hitther to raised in the State. One of the speicmens shows 19 matured joints measuring altogether 7 feet 3 inches....give ample evidence the can will reach quite as great perfection in Southwestern Georgia as in Louisiana. The quantity produced has increased ten fold in the last few years and many of the planters are now porducing sugar not only for their own use but for sale to their neighbors and friends. This branch of industry we feel ought to be encouraged especially in the southern counties as it promises to become a more profitable crop than cotton.

STRAYED from the subscriber about the 15th Nov last, a small by Horse, about 7 years old, and a light by mare colt about 2 years old. Peter E. Dennis, Talbotton GA Dec 27, 1848

CAUTION. On or before the first day of January next, I bind myself, my heris to pay Abijah Thomas or bearer, One Hundred Dollars for value received Dec 20, 1848. The above is a true copy of a note given by the subscriber to Abijah Thomas. I hereby warn all persons from trading for said note, as the consideration for which it was given, has failed. Jeremiah Walters. Traveller's Rest.

NEGROES WANTED. To work on the Western and Atlantic Railroad for the ensuing year. For prime able fellows, we will pay one hundred and forty dollars per annum. We will insuree all negroes hired to us against accidents occuring rom theri work. J.D. Gray & Co.

NOTICE. Will be sold TWIGGS county, 140 acres Lot # 27 ___ Dist, originally Wilkinson now Twiggs cou. Sold as property of Samuel Pate, late of Twiggs county deceased. James Avrette, Admr.

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